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Hi, I’m Rex – a singer, vocal coach, actor, and vocal nerd obsessed with the voice and vocal methodologies.

I have tried, tested, and trained with most of the vocal methods – I KNOW WHAT WORKS!

If you want to build your voice for singing or speaking, I can save you years of your time.

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How I Found My Voice in Singing & Life

(And how you can find yours as well…)

I grew up in Taiwan during the 80s. My Dad was a successful businessman. As the oldest son, I was expected to follow his footstep…

My mom was a pop singer in the 60s. The last thing she wanted for me was to become a singer, which was considered a low-class profession in some Asian traditions (think “Geisha”).

However, I discovered I had a very special instrument when I was in middle school, and God had put in me a secret desire to sing.

Rex Wee

During the late 90s, I went agasint my family and majored in Music (Vocal Performance) when I studied in the U.S.

“You will never amount to anythying!” My mom yelled furiously when I told her I wanted to become a signer. This curse haunted me for years, and I wanted to prove her wrong.

I often practiced until midnight on weekdays. I put in incredile amount of time, effort, and money to become the best singer.

Upon graduation, my worst nightmare appeared – I lost all my high notes due to improper vocal training from the music school.

I returned to Taiwan with a shattered dream and broken heart.

For 20 years after that, I tried the most popular vocal methodologies and studied with high-profile voice teachers…I even went to Italy in search of “vocal truth.”

Rex Wee
Crochita, Italy (near Venice)

None of them really worked…until I found a special training method from the pre-Bel Canto era

This singing method transformed my voice completely – I’m hitting crazy high notes, expanding my vocal range, singing songs I never thought I could…

I have now sung professionally for almost 18 years, toured more than 15 countries around the world, sung at national music halls, and having a great career as a professional singer.

I have learned that it is not talent that limits people from having a great voice – it is the vocal training. With the right method, almost anyone can BUILD A GREAT VOICE!

I have also witnessed that your voice matters. When you have a great voice, your confidence will grow in all areas of your life, and that’s when success begins.

Now, I am using my voice not just in singing, but in speaking as well, influencing people on a deeper level.

In short, your voice is a weapon. Use it and your will experience success!

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Robert Lunte

“Rex is a gorgeous singer of Classical and contemporary techniques. As such, he is speaking from real experience. I have found Rex’s review website to also be very high in integrity. Rex wants to do right by singers, and give them his honest feedback on reviews. I find this trait refreshing and respectable. He is a great guy and the vocal training industry is lucky to have his help.”

Robert Lunte

Master Vocal Coach/Singer/Author

Jaime Vendera

“I’ve known Rex Wee for many years. Not only is he a great singer, but an amazing coach as well. His understanding of the voice, his patience in working with others, and his caring nature towards his students are why I consider him a colleague.”

Jaime Vendera

Master Vocal Coach/Singer/Author

Jack Cao

“Rex opened my eyes to the world of vocal training. His profound knowledge of the voice and effective vocal methods changed my voice as a marketer and presenter.

Jack Cao

Digital Marketer

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