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Bathroom Singing Crew

Vocal Training Tips from a Professional Singer

My name is Rex. I have sung professionally for over 16 years.

I have a Master’s degree in Music for singing.

I am also a certified voice teacher (

As for now, I am still singing on the professional stage.

All of my vocal tips for you are tested on the professional stage.

In other words, You can trust me!

Jaime Vendera

I’ve known Rex Wee for many years. Not only is he a great singer, but an amazing coach as well. His understanding of the voice, his patience in working with others, and his caring nature towards his students are why I consider him a colleague.

Jaime Vendera

Renowned Vocal Coach

Jack Cao

Rex opened my eyes to the world of vocal training. His profound knowledge of the voice and effective vocal methods changed my voice as a marketer and presenter.

Jack Cao

Digital Marketer


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