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Vocal Training Tips from a Professional Singer

My name is Rex. I have sung professionally for over 16 years.

I have a Master’s degree in Music for singing.

I am also a certified voice teacher (

As for now, I am still singing on the professional stage.

All of my vocal tips for you are tested on the professional stage.

In other words, You can trust me!

“Rex is a gorgeous singer of Classical and contemporary techniques. As such, he is speaking from real experience. I have found Rex’s review website to also be very high in integrity. Rex wants to do right by singers, and give them his honest feedback on reviews. I find this trait refreshing and respectable. He is a great guy and the vocal training industry is lucky to have his help”

Robert Lunte

Renowned Vocal Coach/Author/Voice Expert

Jaime Vendera

“I’ve known Rex Wee for many years. Not only is he a great singer, but an amazing coach as well. His understanding of the voice, his patience in working with others, and his caring nature towards his students are why I consider him a colleague.”

Jaime Vendera

Renowned Vocal Coach/Singer/Author

Jack Cao

“Rex opened my eyes to the world of vocal training. His profound knowledge of the voice and effective vocal methods changed my voice as a marketer and presenter.

Jack Cao

Digital Marketer


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