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30 Day Singer – Reviewed by a Real Vocal Coach!

When I first saw 30 Day Singer when it first came out, I didn’t think too much about it. I thought, ” A singing program from GuitarTricks.com? How good can it be?” 

After a year of launching this singing program, I became curious about what they have done with this product and decided to take a look. Boy, was I impressed with their training program.

This is by far the most challenging and complete singing program for “beginners” I have ever seen on the Internet.

I will take you on a tour into this most “advanced” beginner course – 30 Day Singer.

30 Day Singer Review Summary

30 Day Singer Review

Product30 Day Singer

Description: This is an online singing program developed by the top guitar-playing training platform GuitarTricks.com. It is a very sophisticated, yet comprehensive beginner singing course that includes basic to intermediate vocal training, as well as advanced style development.

Price: $29.95/month

Best for: Beginner to Intermediate level singers

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

5 out of 5 Stars
5 out of 5 Stars
5 out of 5 Stars
5 out of 5 Stars
5 out of 5 Stars

Recommended: Yes

One of the Best Online Beginner Singing Program!

Forgive me! When I saw and hear the word “Beginner” in their promotion, I thought it was going to be a very simplified and “boring”(sorry!) training programs for beginning singers.

When I finally decided to deep dive into the 30 Day Singer training platform, OH-MY-GOSH, I was blown away with what I saw! (As a professional voice teacher, I don’t say this lightly.)

The quality of training offered on the 30 Day Singer platform is very professional and well-rounded, which includes basic vocal training courses, style development, song interpretation training, improvisational training of riffs and runs, and many more.

The HOME page starts with a simple design like this – I wasn’t too impressed at first…

30 Day Singer review

When I took a detailed look at the beginner courses, the first thing I discovered was that they are applying a similar format as GuitarTricks.com, and that is – having multiple teachers teach the same level of training.

At first, it felt a little odd for me, because, for example, why would you have several beginner courses in the same program? But when I analyzed what they’re doing, I realized that was a brilliant idea…

30 day singer review

Why so many teachers teaching the same level? You’d be surprised!

The fact that 30 Day Singer has several teachers giving the same level of training only benefits the students. The reasons are the following:

1. Different teachers have different strengths.

For vocal training, even the gender of the teachers could make a difference in the training because of the ways the voice teachers would demonstrate vocal tones to the students. 

If I would demonstrate the high notes for female students, I could only imitate the female sound in the high registers.

Also, some teachers are really good at explaining the science behind the vocal technique, while others are more talented in guiding students in song interpretation.

2. Different teachers work for different students.

No matter how professional the teacher is, people communicate differently with their individual teaching styles. 

What works for one person may not work for another. I fully appreciated that students could pick and choose which teacher to learn from in the 30 Day Singer program.

3. Students could work with the teacher they like.

From my own experience as a professional voice teacher and singer, it’s very important that the students like their teachers.

 As a voice student, I had studied with teachers that I did not like which sabotaged my progress as a singer. You are not going to listen to someone you don’t like, plain and simple.

The Most Effective Vocal Method for Beginners

The first course I examined was the introductory course by singer-teacher Camille van Niekerk. 

Camille is a young artist, performer and voice teacher based in the Los Angeles area.

Her introductory course – 30 Day Beginner Course with Camille, starts with the most basic vocal exercises, such as lip trills, semi-occluded exercises, stretches, etc., to get the students warmed up for the challenging 30-Day training.

30 day singer review
30 Day Singer Review

Before examining this program, I thought I was going to see another re-packaged version of Speech Level Singing.

While there are some resemblance, Camille has a more creative approach in her vocal exercises and methods.

For example, she uses 1-5-1 intervals in the lip trills instead of the classic 12-tone arpeggios that are over-used and, I think, vocal students are pretty bored by them now. 

And also, the development of belt voice is also introduced in this training, which is something SLS tends to shy away from.

Simple and neatly designed training platform! Great user-experience!

The training platform of the course is very simple and easy-to-use. It is not overly sophisticated, but it has all the necessary content and notes about the lesson. 

30 Day Singer Review

Since the 30 Day Singer is a training program especially designed for beginners, I was expecting the lessons and exercises to be very introductory and easy all the way through – in other words, BORING. 

However, as I first went through the entire 30 day introductory course by Camille, I was really amazed by the quality of the training. It is one of the most challenging “beginner” course I have ever seen.

You will not be bored because the essential vocal science concepts, such as cord compression, TA and CT musculature, and many more are explained in a very comprehensive way for students.

30 Day Singer Review

The Most “Advanced” Beginner Singing Course

While the training starts off with warm-ups and exercises that develops muscular balance and coordination, it does get more challenging in the weeks to come. 

For example, Day 18 focuses on the training of the belt voice.

I was a little surprised that a “beginner” course would include belt training, because it is usually more advanced and could be a little unsafe if mishandled.

To my satisfaction, the Day 18 lesson is delivered with care and precision.

Camille categorized the belt voice into 2 groups: CHEST BELT vs. MIX BELT, which is a brilliant way to explain to students who are interested in training the belt voice.

Basically, chest belt sounds more solid and could be harsh at times, and mix belt is a little warmer in color and intensity.

Each has its strengths and characteristics, and it all depends on which one is the more desired sound for each individual student to train for.

30 Day Singer Review

The most well-rounded beginner training program for singing!

Other than a very solid training curriculum on vocal technique, the 30 Day singing course also includes the development of song interpretation, stage presence, management of stage fright, song analysis, etc.

Please take note that what I have shared so far is just on one single beginner course.

Remember that there are a total of 3 complete beginner singing courses taught by 3 professional teachers, each with their own specialties and nuances in teaching.

Something that’s really interesting is that although 30 Day Singer is a singing program for beginners, there is an Advanced Courses section on the training platform. 

How interesting is that!

Advanced Courses:

As I looked into each of the courses in the Advanced section, I discovered that those are really short and concise courses with 5-6 lessons addressing the essential topic of advanced singing.

Although not as complete and extensive as the 30 Day Singer beginner courses, these are more like bonus training that are very refreshing and beneficial to the whole 30 Day Singer training curriculum.

In addition to the Advanced Courses, there is also a bonus Singing Tricks and Techniques section that contains the following short training courses by different teachers.

30 Day Singer Review
30 Day Singer Review

Singing Tricks and Techniques:

We’re not done yet.

There is one more additional training section that adds on to this already very well-rounded “beginner” training program – Warm-ups and Vocal Health. 

The entire module is taught by the very talented young teacher Camille. After watching her lessons, I find that she has some pretty good nuances and unique perspective on vocal training. 

Really impressive for a young voice teacher and artist to be so knowledgeable in the art of singing.

30 Day Singer Review
30 Day Singer Review

Warm-ups and Vocal Health:

Although the Advanced, Singing Tricks and Techniques, and Warm-ups and Vocal Health courses are all very short and concise, the lessons are very effective and to-the-point.

Honestly, who has all the time in the world to go through long and tedious courses. You already have that in the Beginner Courses!

30 Day Singer  Review
30 Day Singer  Review

The Pros and Cons of 30 Day Singer

The 30 Day Singer singing program came as a surprise for me.

I’m really happy to see a great singing program like this come on the market. I believe this product is going to benefit a whole lot of singers.

Although this is a very positive review for a singing program like this, I usually try to present both the pros and cons of the product, so you can make a more accurate decision for yourself whether or not to invest in 30 Day Singer.

Since I love this program a lot, coming up with the negative side is challenging, but here it is:

The Pros:

  1. High-quality video production for vocal lessons.
  2. Effective and healthy vocal methods.
  3. Most well-rounded and complete vocal training for beginners.
  4. Most professional voice teachers and artists as instructors.
  5. Most effective and in-depth 30-day curriculum for developing singers.
  6. Very affordable price of $29.95 per month.

The Cons:

  1. Some advanced courses maybe too challenging for beginners.
  2. No downloadable materials – mp3, PDF, or video downloads.
  3. Monthly recurring fee (extremely worth it for the values provided)
  4. Some style teachers are more instrumentalists than voice teachers.(Just my suspicion!)

Not much for me on the negative sides of this program. In a nutshell, 30 Day Singer is one of the best singing programs for beginners.

Finally, I love singing…should I invest in a program like this?

Yes. Yes, and yes!

The quality of training and the superior design of the teaching curriculum provided on the 30 Day Singer training platform is one of the most complete ones.

After going through the program myself, I wouldn’t limit this product to just beginners. I think it is good for singers of all levels. Seriously! 

I’m a professional, and I have even benefited after taking the lessons on the program.

Please do not worry about the monthly fee of $29.95. It is nothing compared to one single traditional voice lesson that costs anywhere from $50-150 USD.

I think it is very fairly priced, and if you can get yourself to make such a small and consistent investment, you will commit to the training more and became a better singer in the future.

If you have anything you would like to discuss about 30 Day Singer, comment below and I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you.

To great singing,


(Note: This is a professional review site and if you buy anything recommended from our website, we may receive a commission.)

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