Are talents that important for singing? What’s stopping you?

I think this is probably the biggest reason why most people quit or never start singing. They THINK they don’t have the talent.

Maybe this is you. Maybe you think you have a horrible voice and would never sing in front of people.

I saw a really funny old video on Youtube showing the late James Brown on stage with the mighty Michael Jordan and his champion team the Chicago Bulls.

In the middle of a song, James Brown suddenly shoved the mic to Jordan that scared the crap out of him.

No matter how hard Brown tried – he was literally forcing Jordan to sing on stage – he would not do it and squished through his teammate to hide behind the team.

Imagine – the mighty Jordan we see on the court scared like a little boy when asked to sing.

What was the reason behind Jordan horror of singing in front of an audience? I suspect the biggest reason is that Jordan doesn’t think he has the talent to sing.

Talent is not that important…there I said it!

Why would I say such a thing? Everyone knows singing is all talent. Or is it?

Let me show you a clip of me singing at the National Recital Hall in my hometown Taipei, Taiwan:

Do you think I’m talented? I bet you do. Or I wouldn’t have been singing at such a prestigious musical stage.

The truth is…I was so bad in college that I was rejected by all the graduate schools I applied to.

Let me tell you from experience that talent is really overrated.

What more important than talent – you might ask? My answer is…training. Not just any kind of training, but superior training from a superior voice teacher.

The main reason most singers fail technically is that they couldn’t find a good teacher to train them. The truth is most voice teachers are bad. Real bad! Even if you travel to Italy to train, you might not find the right teacher for you.

Pavarotti’s teacher Arrigo Pola once said to my teacher (She just told me last week about this) that many people come to Italy to learn how to sing, spend all their money, and returned home completely broke, and they still can’t sing.

The Best Solution to find Great Vocal Training

Fortunately, our chance of finding great vocal training in the internet age has increased exponentially comparing to the past.

Unless you are lucky, very lucky that you have a great voice teacher living in your area, your chance of receiving superior vocal training are slim to none.

Fortunately, I personally think that online vocal lessons from a distant vocal master are the best option for a vocal student. But since they are really good they usually cost a lot of money (USD $100+).

The best alternative is quality online singing courses. More than 10 years ago, online singing products have not yet matured, but today it is a very different story. You would usually pay the price of less than one private lesson to purchase the entire singing course to use permanently.

In this day and age, there’s really no excuse for singers to not perfect their singing technique with so many options out there to train their own voices.

To great singing,


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