ArtistWorks Review – ArtistWorks Vocal School With Jeannie Deva

There are a total of 3 complete singing courses that presents, and this is the main singing course that covers all the fundamental and advanced skills and training for singing.

This complete singing course is taught by celebrity vocal coach Jeannie Deva who died of cancer in 2016.

Although Jeannie is no longer with us, her legacy and contribution to the singing world continues to help students around the world through this singing course.

ArtistWorks Vocal School Review Summary

ProductArtistWorks Vocal School

Description: This is one of the three complete singing courses presented by, taught by celebrity vocal coach Jeannie Deva. This is a singing course that covers every important aspects of singing, from warm-ups, fundamental and advanced vocal technique, vibrato training,  embellishments, stage performance, and many more.

Price: $29/month

Best for: Singers of all levels

Product Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

What’s so Special about the ArtistWorks Vocal School by Jeannie Deva

This course is so extensive and complete that one might feel overwhelmed by the rich content of hundreds of video lessons and training offered at the platform.

And this is only one of three singing courses offered by

(As a side note, there are numerous music courses for other instruments taught by the top world-class instructors at the training platform.)

One of the first things I noticed about this singing course is that the instructor Jeannie Deva was actually a good singer!

I know that sounds weird, but you’d be surprised at how many vocal coaches aren’t really great singers. That’s a big problem for me!

In order to teach great singing, you need to be able to do it yourself.

And Jeannie Deva could sing!



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So now we know she was great performer with a powerful voice, the next thing we look at is – Could she teach?

One of the Most Complete and Extensive Singing Course

This singing course taught by Jeannie Deva covers everything that has to do with singing – from basic warm-up, advanced high note training, to singing riffs, runs, and licks, and many more.

The content is so rich I don’t even know how to start sharing with you the things that’s being taught.





In each of the modules above, there are sub-menus that includes hundreds of video lessons and training exercises for you to learn and practice from.



Each video lesson is taught by Jeannie Deva herself with a vocal method called The Deva Method that she taught for 40 years before she passed away.



After taking the video lessons myself, I have found out that Jeannie taught a solid singing method that really works. Why do I stress this? Because there are singing methods that absolutely don’t work and will never work.

For instance, she talked about breathing in her lessons – she stressed that high notes actually needs less air, and excessive breath support can actually hurt the voice, which is something I totally advocate.

You will hear some coaches that encourage you to tighten your stomach as much as you can while you sing. Stay away from those teachers and their methods unless you want to blow out your voice quickly.

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Video Exchange System – The Coolest feature for learning singing!

One of the greatest features at the ArtistWorks learning platform is that they have a system called Video Exchange in which the student turns in a video of them singing or practicing, and then the instructor will send video responses to the student.



Basically, each video response from the instructor is a singing lesson by itself, so apart from the hundreds of video lessons from the main curriculum, you get another few hundreds of lessons from the video exchange platform.

You get to watch all of the video exchanges on the platform and learn from real problems and how to solve those problems practically.



The Video Exchange System closes the gap between theories and practical uses.

Sometimes, the theories and methods that are taught in lessons are more general principles that work for most people, but each individual instrument is different, especially the voice, and we run into different problems.

Although Jeannie Deva passed away earlier, she has left a wealth of knowledge in the hundreds of video exchange she has done with students, and you get to watch and learn from them as much as you want.



As I said, each video exchange is a lesson by itself. As you watch the video exchanges, you would feel like she’s giving you a private lesson, which it actually was for the students who sent their videos in.

What’s interesting is that Jeannie seemed more comfortable in the video responses she sent to the students than she did in the official video lessons.

You can truly learn so much practical singing applications from the hundreds of video exchanges inside the course.

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What I Do Not Like about this course

No matter how much I like a product, I will always talk about some of the negative sides to make the review as objective and fair as possible. So here it is!

1.  Jeannie wasn’t very good in front of the camera.

I don’t feel very good talking anything negative about someone who passed away.

I’m sure she was a fabulous teacher in private, and she’s loved by many students. After all, she had taught for 40 years.

But, just from the video lessons I’ve watched in this course, I feel that Jeannie was not very good in front of the camera.

Her camera delivery was not very smooth. She talked very slow and seemed at times to be thinking about what to say as the recording goes.

You almost have to be very patient as you listen to what she’s teaching.

Funny thing is – You can choose the playback speed from the video panels. As soon as I chose 1.5X speed, the video lessons are much easier to watch and learn from.

2. Lack of visual aid.

This is one of the weaknesses I’ve noticed from this course. There’s no visual aid in the video lessons, just Jeannie talking and teaching.

What’s worse is that Jeannie’s slow delivery in front of the camera could drive an impatient guy like me crazy.

I’ve seen other courses offered at that don’t have the same problems here. It all depends on who the instructor is. As I always say in my reviews, the instructor is the soul of the singing course, muck like the chef is to the restaurant.

( As a side note, if you like learning the piano, I strongly recommend you check out Popular Piano by Hugh Sung – it is one of the best piano courses I’ve ever seen taught by a world-class piano teacher at Read my review HERE.)

3. No more moderator for Video Exchange.

It is unfortunate that Jeannie died of cancer in 2017.

And this is nobody’s fault, but there is no more active moderator and instructor in the course for the video exchange.

You cannot turn in videos anymore for the instructor to critique and help you.

Finally, My Conclusion – Should You Invest In this Singing Course?

Without a doubt, Jeannie Deva is a qualified vocal instructor who had been teaching for 40 years.

If you’re a beginner and intermediate student looking to gain more knowledge and extensive training for your singing, this course is perfect for you.

It may even be good for advanced singers. The reason I say this is because usually advanced singers don’t have patience to go through a singing course like this. But, if the advanced singer is humble and still very passionate about learning, the course would definitely benefit any singer.

Just look at the hundreds of video turned in by students all over the world. It just further shows that this course has helped singers of all levels.

Since Jeannie is not longer with us, ArtistWorks is offering this course at a discount price of $29/month for this basic package.

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On the other hand, if you would like to look for other great options for an online singing course, check out my top recommendations HERE.

Your singing pal,








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  1. hey ive been working with jeannie’s program
    for quite sometime now it has drastically
    improved my vocal capibilities im still
    working with it till this day, i was wondering
    can i work on another vocal program at the same
    time such as robert lunte’s program or john henny’s
    vocal science program ?

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