Best Online Singing Lessons – Top 5 Reasons to Learn Singing Online

The Internet has changed the way we learn in a revolutionary way.

My singing teacher once said that earning money by giving singing lessons used to be a breeze for him, but not any more.

There are simply more options for students to choose from when it comes to taking lessons, particularly online lessons instead of traditional in-person lessons.

I have been taking singing lessons for 25 years. From the traditional singing lessons to online singing programs, I have done it all.

I want to share with you why I think online singing lessons are one of the most effective way to learn singing.

I will also give you my top 3 recommendations for online singing lessons.

The Top 5 Reasons to learn Singing Online

I started encountering online singing courses since its dawn more than ten years ago.

I have spent a decent amount of money on singing courses – a lot of it is wasted and some well-spent.

Despite the fact that there are many low-quality courses out there, I want to share with you some of the great benefits of online singing courses.

1. It saves you a lot of time – no more commuting!

Let’s face it – most of us are busy! Commuting to the singing teacher’s studio is very time consuming.

Online singing courses solve this problem of you wasting an hour or two just to get to the teacher’s place.

You can enjoy the singing lessons at the comfort of your own home.

No more scheduling, cancelling, or rescheduling lessons with the teacher.

2. It saves you a lot of money

I have spent so much money on traditional singing lessons that I don’t even dare to think about it.

Is it money well-spent? To be blatantly honest, NO!

Good singing teachers are so hard to find. Some of the teachers I’d spent so much money on ended up screwing up my voice ( I couldn’t get into music grad school because of that).

Traditional singing lessons cost an average of $50-100 per hour. With the price of one or two lessons, you could purchase an entire online singing course for you to keep FOREVER!

3. Freedom to learn at your own pace and will

With traditional singing lessons, you often times develop an intimate relationship with the teacher, much like a father-son connection.

Although I have enjoyed the relationships I’ve developed with some of my teachers, I also dread the pressure that comes out of them.

Teachers can very forceful in what they want you to do. It’s like they are deciding for you what’s best for you as a singer.

It’s always a bad thing when the singer stops thinking critically and let the teacher completely take over their voice.

I have had some bad experience with a few of the bad teachers I’ve had in the past. It’s just emotionally draining.

With online singing courses, you get to set your own pace and learn according to your current situation.

You won’t have the relational pressure from your singing teacher.

4. Learning from the best!!!

Great singing teachers are extremely hard to find. Chances are, there are no good teachers in your area, city, or even country!

It’s no surprise that some students fly all the way to Italy to learn from the best teachers there.

With online learning, you don’t have to do that anymore.

Some of the best singing instructors have put together high-quality programs for you to learn at a very, very low price comparing to traditional lessons.

Time and geographical constraints no longer exist for students wanting to learn from the best.

5. Receiving the most complete singing education

Let me ask you one question – what can you learn from one hour of lesson from a traditional teacher?

Truth be told, not very much. That’s why we spend a ton of money and go back for weekly lessons.

With online singing courses, you get the whole package. You get exposed to the entire system and theory of the best singing coach in one complete package.

You don’t get that in one vocal lesson. You need at least 3-6 months of weekly lessons to grasp a complete idea of the teacher’s singing philosophy and method.

My Top Recommendations for the Best Online Singing Courses

Having been a victim of poor vocal instruction for many years, I resent with a passion singing programs that are of low or mediocre quality.

Being a professional singer and vocal coach myself, I have very high standard for singing courses.

Let me share with you my absolute Top 3 Recommendations for the Best Online Singing Courses. All of these I have tried personally:

1.  The Four Pillars of Singing – Robert Lunte

Description: This is most complete and all-around singing course I have seen online. World-renown vocal coach Robert Lunte has put together a very rare original vocal system that covers in-depth all the crucial elements of vocal training, including coordination training and vocal strength building.

Price: $199 for basic package

Complete Review

2. Roger Love Singing Academy

Description: This is a complete singing course presented by one of the most successful vocal coach in the world – Roger Love, who has coached countless celebrities in Hollywood including Collin Farrell, Jeff Bridges, Maroon 5, Joaquin Phoenix, and many others. Roger is very technical with his teaching and he himself is a great singer, which proves what he teaches works.

Price: $197


Complete Review

30 Day Singer Review

3. 30 Day Singer

Description: This is an online singing program developed by the top guitar-playing training platform It is a very sophisticated, yet comprehensive beginner singing course that includes basic to intermediate vocal training, as well as advanced style development.

Price: $29.95/month

4. Voice Essentials – Dr. Dan’s Awesome Beginner’s Course

Voice Essentials Review

Description: This is an online singing program produced by Australian award-winning artist and voice teacher Daniel Kay, a.k.a. Dr. Dan. This training program covers everything from the development of twang, belt, breath management, range extension, and other important technical aspect a beginning and intermediate singer needs to know and execute.

Price: $147 AUD (approx. $100 USD)


 Complete Review

5. Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

Description: This is one of the most invaluable singing course on the Internet right now. Superstar Christina Aguilera reveals all her secrets to singing in this online singing course. Why would a superstar like her take the time to teach a course like this? She definitely doesn’t need the money. Take advantage of this singing course while you can.

Price: $90


 Complete Review

My Final Conclusion

I want to stress again that great singing teachers are difficult to find, because they are very rare.

Thanks to the Internet! You now can  try out the best singing courses out there in the market with having to spend so much time and money in the traditional way like I did.

You don’t have to travel to Hollywood or Italy to learn from the best teachers.

Save your money and learn singing online from the best teachers in the world.

To great singing,


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