Cheryl Porter Vocal Method Review – Innovative and Inspiring!

American Vocal Coach Cheryl Porter has become a YouTube sensation in recent years with over 3 million subscribers, which is unheard of for an online vocal coach. (Singing Success has only 174 K subscribers.)

The interesting thing is that she only has a little over 100 videos on her YouTube channel and half of them are in Italian. Like many classical singers, Cheryl furthered her vocal studies in Italy after graduating from music school and has been singing and teaching there since then.

After looking into some of her work, I can understand why she became such a sensational and popular vocal coach in Italy, U.S., and now in the online world.

I have decided to be the first one to write an online Cheryl Porter Vocal Method review. I have to say I am quite impressed with her work. So, keep reading.

Cheryl Porter Vocal Method Review Summary

Cheryl Porter Vocal Method review

Product: Cheryl Porter Vocal Method / Sing Those High Notes Baby!

Founder: Cheryl Porter

Description: 2 online vocal training programs developed by International vocal coach, singer, and YouTube sensation Cheryl Porter with her innovative teaching styles and inspirational approach to vocal training. 

Price: US $199 for both courses 

Best for: Beginning to Intermediate Singers

Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

4.5 out of 5 Stars
4.5 out of 5 Stars
4.5 out of 5 Stars
4.5 out of 5 Stars
4.5 out of 5 Stars

Recommended: Yes

Cheryl Porter – The Radiant Personality!

What’s the personality got to do with a vocal coach’s teaching? More than you think.

Vocal coaching is a very private and personal matter. The relationship between a vocal coach and a student can even be as deep as father-and-son, because the vocal coach is not just developing the singer, but also dealing with insecurity, fear, and confidence in a singer.

Almost every student I have had walks into the first lesson with some level of uncertainty and embarrassment. Students need support and encouragement from the vocal coach. It’s a must-have quality of a great vocal coach.

In terms of being inspirational, Cheryl’s definitely got that. Her positive energy and radiant personality make the students feel warm and safe, which is extremely important, because the student is sharing their vulnerability with the teacher.

cheryl porter vocal method review

Is Cheryl Porter’s Singing Method Legit? Does It Work?

I have had many voice teachers and vocal coaches over the last 27 years. Most of them are very encouraging and supportive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can teach. 

Fortunately, I do think Cheryl Porter has a very solid vocal methodology. Now, I personally think it’s very distracting when vocal coaches are too hypey and “overly-supportive” when they teach. I prefer to focus on solid vocal instruction and honest feedback.

But as I watched Cheryl Porter teach, I think she is the real deal. Cheryl does a very good job of encouraging students and giving solid instructions at the same time. She can even be vocally demanding while keeping that positive energy towards students.

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What is Included In Cheryl Porter’s Singing Courses?

Cheryl Porter has launched 2 vocal training courses online – Cheryl Porter Vocal Method and Hit Those High Notes Baby!

As I am going through the teaching curriculum in these 2 vocal training courses, I am very pleased with what I see. I’m going to review these 2 courses for you together, because they do come in one bundle at a very reasonable price.

First of all, Cheryl’s training system includes the training of full voice, mixed voice, falsetto, and whistle voice. She uses the terms chest voice, head voice, belt, etc. –  the ideas are similar.

I feared the vocal instructions of female classical singers teaching a head-voice(falsetto) based singing method, because that’s what they use 90% of the time in classical singing. But, Cheryl does not have that problem.

Many of her students in Italy come to her for Gospel and R&B training, which are very full-voice (chest-voice) based styles of singing.

Coming from a rich gospel musical culture growing up in Chicago, Cheryl is no stranger to full voice singing, or belting, and she can sing and teach it as well.

The training curriculum of Cheryl’s online singing courses – Cheryl Porter Singing Method and Sing Those High Notes Baby! are not terribly extensive, but every lesson is – some of them are over 20 mins, which is similar to an in-person private voice lesson with her.

This is the training curriculum for Cheryl Porter Singing Method:

Cheryl Porter Vocal Method Review

The following is the curriculum for Sing Those High Notes Baby!:

cheryl porter vocal method review

In these 2 courses combined, you will get more than 90 vocal exercises for male and female singers, full backing tracks, one vocal exercise ebook, five songs to practice for your vocal classification, and others. 

What is the Cost? Should I buy?

The price for Cheryl Porter Vocal Method training system is $99 after discount, which is the average price of a full hour traditional voice lesson. What’s so great about online vocal courses is you get to keep it for good after purchase.

Cheryl’s newer course Hit Those High Notes Baby! is priced at $129 with no discount. However, you can get both courses in one bundle at $199. I think that’s a great deal.

If you are interested in Cheryl’s training, I suggest you get both courses together. Honestly, it’s not expensive at all.

The Pros and Cons:


  • Fun and motivating. Not boring at all.
  • Very, very reasonably priced. 
  • Well-rounded training including Belt, Chest, Mix, Head, and Whistle voice.
  • Proven and effective vocal training system.


  • Could be too hypey for some people.
  • Might not be suitable for more “analytic” students.

My Conclusion – This Might Not Be For Everyone

Cheryl’s vocal exercises remind me of the fitness program Tae Bo, if you’re old enough to know what it is.

I would never do it, but it seems to work for Cheryl’s teaching.

It is obvious that Cheryl Porter’s teaching style might not be for everyone. Many singers learn by understanding the theory behind vocal training to get a solid technical foundation.

If that is you, then I would recommend John Henny’s flagship course New Science of Singing 2.0, in which John breaks down vocal science in an easy-to-understand way, so you understand fully how the voice really works.

John Henny trains your voice by applying practical vocal science so you get the most results out of the work you put in. New Science of Singing 2.0 is the one of the most efficient vocal training programs in the singing industry.

That’s all I have for this review. Let me know if I left anything out in the comment section.

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  1. Thanks a lot. She thought I would go through this course. I bought the Robert Lunte course and personally it was a disappointment for me. When you ask him his answers are quite rude. And I feel that his explanations are quite repetitive and do not get to the point. I will go for this or for 30 days singer. Thanks Rex.

    1. Lover what she does helping other people to fine there tire voice
      I would love for Cheryl Porter help me find the iner voice in me

  2. my daughter is 7 years old and my concern is stressing her voice beyond her age capabilities! Is there a course that is not a “0ne size fits all” approach? A 7 year old is different than. 12 year old!

    1. Warrwn,

      The best recommendation I can give you is 30 Day Singer singing program. Once you subscribe to this program, there are many courses you can choose to train with on their platform. And it’s inexpensive. Hope this helps!


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