Chris Liepe Review – Impressive 6 Singing Courses!

In recent years, Chris Liepe has become a very popular vocal coach on YouTube.

His YouTube channel has more than 800 videos with 220K subscribers.

Chris Liepe

Chris’ popularity and success is well-deserved with the immense values he’s provided through his videos to the singing community.

If you are interested in Chris Liepe and his courses, you are going to enjoy this review.

I will offer you my professional analysis and review on Chris’ vocal methods and singing courses. 

If you’re ready, let’s get into this:

Who is Chris Liepe? Is He a Legit Vocal Coach?

Chris Liepe has a very well-rounded musical background.

Not only is he a singer and vocal coach, but also an electric guitarist, songwriter, producer, and studio owner.

But the big question here is this – Is Chris Liepe a legit vocal coach?

The first thing you look for in a vocal coach is – Is the teacher a good singer?

Well, let’s find out:

Yes, definitely.

Many vocal coaches do not show people their own singing, including some big-name teachers.

Hmm…make you wonder, doesn’t it?

So, Chris Liepe is a great singer. I hope you see that.

The next question is – what is he teaching? Is it effective and safe?

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Chris Liepe’s Unique Vocal Approach

Chris had his major vocal breakthrough when he discovered various ways to bridge vocal registers.

Some of the vocal techniques that he teaches include the mixed voice, belt, extreme sounds, riffs and runs, and many more.

Those are the standard things that we see in other singing courses.

What’s unique is how Chris Liepe is approaching these vocal topics.

In his singing courses(more on these later), Chris Liepe doesn’t teach boring exercises like others do. 

He trains singers through direct musical applications, like exploring the mixed voice by feeling out the rhythm and notes first.

Or, he has students go into body awareness in his Discover Your Voice course.

Also, he teaches funny “bridge sounds” to connect vocal registers.

In addition, teaching takes talent. 

Chris has a way of explaining vocal concepts very clearly that make it easy for students to understand.

Instead of copying other singing courses, Chris Liepe puts together original vocal training curricula with his unique approaches that I believe are very effective in vocal training.

A List of Impressive Singing Courses

So, what kinds of vocal training is Chris Liepe bringing to the table?

Chris offers a variety of singing courses that focus on different aspects of vocal training.

They include beginner to intermediate training, advanced stylistic development, mixed voice and extreme sound training, etc.

Here are a list of Chris Liepe’s singing courses:

Discover Your Voice

Price: $97

Description:  This is a complete training program for beginning to intermediate singers to build the technical and artistic foundation of their singing. Over the course of 12 weeks, the training will be released week by week, so you can follow the curriculum in the order designed by Chris Liepe.

My Recommendation

I really love how Chris Liepe has designed this course, not just to train singing techniques, but to establish beginners and intermediate students’ identity as a singer. Students are learning how to sing through musical applications, feeling the music while applying technique, and finding the right sound while really singing. This is a very special approach to vocal training.

The Aggressive Vocalist’s Master Plan of Attack

Price: $147

Description: This is Chris’ singing program for training singers to make extreme sounds for rock and metal. Due to the aggressive nature of extreme singing, this course offers a training plan to safely guide singers technically, musically, and artistically into the development of extreme sounds (Growls, grit, fry, screams, etc.)

Chris Liepe Review

My Recommendation

I believe this is a must-have for all you Rockers and Metal dudes. Chris Liepe is an expert in producing these extreme sounds. He gives superb vocal demonstrations to prove to people that he really knows this stuff.

The Mixed Voice Method & Madness Practice Pack

Price: $87


This is a singing program that goes into the details and nuances in training the mixed voice. Chris reveals a lot of his technical secrets to singing a great mixed voice, and how to apply it to more aggressive styles of singing.

Chris Liepe

My Recommendation

I really like how the course is teaching singers how to sing mixed voice by feeling it in the music and songs. Chris is really good at taking the singer to experience the feeling of mixed voice, instead just doing boring vocal exercises. Students are learning the advanced skills of mixed voice singing while having fun with music.

The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan!

Price: $87

Description: This singing program complements the foundational Discover Your Voice course. After week 8 of DYV, this separate course gives the singer further practice plan and intensive training routines to develop vocal stamina and agility. Training on riff and runs is also one of the main highlights of this program.

Chris Liepe

My Recommendation

Once again, Chris is taking students to practice through musical grooves, pentatonic musical phrases, and songs, to further develop their techniques as well as artistry. It is a great approach to tackle very challenging practice routines by feeling the groove and really singing, instead of just making sounds.

The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan!

Price: Free

Description: This is a neat mini-course that solves a major problem of annoying neighbors and families during vocal training sessions. It introduces vocal exercises that are either non- vocal or not as loud and annoying, but very effective at the same time. For a free product like this, this course is very high-quality.

Chris Liepe

My Recommendation

This is a very useful course for every singer to have. Singers are lazy, and annoyed neighbors are not going to help with motivation to practice. You really should get this course because it is free.

Sing Together 365

Price: $67/month

Description: This is a small group coaching program with weekly live training sessions, Zoom calls, personal feedback, student interaction, and practice plan. It is an effective way to get on-going interactive coaching from Chris himself. Note that the price is a monthly recurring fee of $67.

Chris Liepe group training

My Recommendation

I think this is a great option to get direct training from Chris without spending so much money on private lessons. Is it worth $67 per month? I think so. That is less than the price of a single voice lesson. You are getting a lot more value than you would from a one-hour lesson.

Chris has other courses and training that he collaborates with other teachers.

They are not included in this review.

If you’re interested, you can visit his site at

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Should You Get Chris Liepe’s Singing Courses?

Since he has many singing courses, I will answer this loosely.

Chris Liepe is an impressive vocal coach that has a lot to offer to singers.

The best proof of the effectiveness of his singing methodology is his own singing.

The stuff that he teaches – he can do them!

I will say that Chris is a trustworthy vocal coach with immense talent in vocal coaching.

So, YES, I do recommend him.

And for rockers and you metal guys, Chris’ expertise in extreme sounds will take your singing to the next level.

However, if you are a very technical-minded person, you have to know every technical details to learn effectively, then I think Robert Lunte’s The Four Pillars of Singing is a better option for you.

Robert has a detailed vocal training system that explains the mechanics behind every workflow of each exercise he gives. It is one of the best vocal training system in the market now.

So, What Do You Think About This Review? Let Me know…

I hope this review has been helpful to you.

If there’s anything I missed, please leave a comment.

Also, let me know what you think about this review and everything I shared.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section as well.

Best wishes to your singing,


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  1. Loving your singing course reviews, Rex! Your insights are invaluable. Thanks for investing so much time to help us hone in on what matters most. After keeping this passion on the back burner for a long time, it is nice to feel more confident pursuing it — thanks for making something I have been reluctant to explore; safe and easy to experiment with —
    I really want to make supportive decisions, so comfort zones remain a thing of the past.
    In your wrap up section, your other reviews include a handy pros and cons list that I really appreciated. I noticed it was missing from this one, and I’m curious to hear more from your perspective.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Sherice,

      Ha, ha, honestly, I love Chris Liepe’s work that I feel that it’s hard to come up with the “cons.” Overall, I feel that he is a really good and legit vocal coach, and I think you can trust him with your voice.


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