How to find the best online vocal coach
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How to Find the Best Online Vocal Coach

Online vocal coaching used to be an idea that people have doubts with.

The response that comes up in people’s mind would likely be…

“Come on…does it really work?”

For someone who started receiving online vocal training since the late 2000s, I can honestly say a big “YES!”

With online vocal coaching available these days, you have a whole world of elite vocal coaches for you to choose to learn from at your fingertips.

The big question for you would be – How to find the best online vocal coach, and in this post, I will try to share what I learned from years of dealing with vocal coaches – good and bad ones!

Online vocal coaching

The Five Qualities of a Superior Vocal Coach

I started vocal training more than 25 years ago.

I have had about 8-10 vocal coaches during my vocal training career, and still going…I have also observed many online vocal coaches on the market.

Heck, I’m a vocal coach myself.

In my experience, there are five traits that qualify a person to be a great vocal coach.

Here they are:

1. They need to be great singers.

There, I said it.

I didn’t use to believe this, because I thought vocal coaches are like doctors and trainers.

They just need to know how to help the singers sing better – the science, theories, and training routines, etc.

The problem is…how do you verify what they are teaching is true?

The answer is…they need to prove it with their own voices.

Now, I’m not saying Beyonce’s vocal coach (if she has one) has to sing better than her.

We are all born with different voices, but the vocal coach has to be a great singer.

If you want to train to hit a high C in full voice, test the vocal coach to see if they can hit that note.

If you do not like the sound they are demonstrating, like they are straining or sound like a duck singing high notes, move on.

Chances are – they are not teaching the right vocal technique!

I don’t care how famous the vocal coaches are. That doesn’t mean a thing when they can’t sing. 

2. They do not have the “star mentality”

A vocal coach’s role is to help you become the best singer you can be.

They are not the star, even if they are famous.

It is understandable when vocal coaches market themselves as celebrities. That’s all for attracting students, which is understandable.

But, as soon as you are in a skype lesson with them, if they are still acting cocky, that’s probably not the right teacher for you.

YOU, the singer, should be the focus in vocal training, not the teacher.

If the teacher wants to be a star, they are in the wrong business – they probably don’t have your best interest in mind.

3. They truly care about your progress as a singer

There are vocal coaches who would say things to get you to come back for more lessons.

More lessons = more income.

Nothing wrong with that, but if that starts to affect the quality of their teaching, then you need to think about whether they have your best interest in mind.

I have a vocal coach who would not hesitate to chew me out if I start to get lazy with practice.

4. They are inspiring and patient.

I don’t take the word “patient” lightly. 

It takes countless hours of hard work and quality vocal training to produce a great singer.

Also, students get lazy, rebellious, and even negative walking down this singer’s journey.

Does the vocal coach have the tenacity, patience, and care to “shepherd” the student into a great singer?

how to find the best online vocal coach

These are really noble human traits we are talking about, and not everyone’s got it!

Avoid vocal coaches with big egos. They don’t help!

5. They have a superior vocal training methodology.

Let’s get technical.

Your success as a vocal student hinges on the quality of vocal instructions given by the vocal coach.

My first voice teacher Eunice was extremely loving and patient, almost like a mother to me. 

However, she knew that she didn’t have all the answers and encouraged me to study with other great teachers.

What constitutes a great vocal training method?

(I’m getting really technical here, so bear with me)

The two things – vocal muscle development and muscular coordination training.

In other words, vocal weight training that makes your voice strong, and vocal skills that teach you how to use the muscles.

Imagine athletes such as NBA players are so skillful in their moves and shots, but they do very heavy weight training as well.

You need both.

Here’s my conclusion…

There are so many online vocal coaches who are marketing themselves like crazy on Youtube.

Which one should you choose?

One thing you should take note of is that the best online vocal coaches don’t have to market themselves like crazy.

They market only moderately, letting people know they are there to help.

Avoid the cocky ones – even if they have a good method, they might not have your best interest in mind.

Everything that is said, there is one coach that best matches my 5 qualifications of a great coach – John Henny. 

John is a pioneer in practical Vocal Science that works magically for singers looking to take their singing to an elite level. 

I have personally interacted with him and studied his online vocal training courses for years.

John Henny review

I am a big fan of his work because he is taking vocal training to a new level.

More importantly, he is so humble and patient with people. He is the one who taught me that vocal coaching is a business that serves and helps.

If vocal coaches are in it solely for the money, they are in the wrong business. Love that!

Check out some of John’s work HERE.

I hope this has been helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Best wishes to you,


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