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How to Practice Singing for Best Results – Surprisingly Simple!

We all like to chase after “the secret they don’t want you to know” and have the feeling that we know what others don’t.

It gets people excited and compels them to make irrational buying decisions.

When it comes to singing, I have come to realize this one biggest secret – “There are no secrets!”

Vocal training is about a few key training tips and routines. Once you learn about what to practice, the rest is up to you.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the surprising truth about how to practice for best results. The answer might be simpler than you think.

The Key to Becoming a Great Singer is the Boring Stuff!

I used to think that the key to becoming a great singer is finding the secret sauce that only the elite singers know about, and you have to spend a lot of time and money to attain it.

I was wrong. 

Vocal Training really comes down to building strong vocal muscles and coordinating them to make good sounds.

You need to train and build up the vocal muscles used for falsetto, mix, and full voice – these “voices” are nothing more than vocal colors you use to interpret a song.

There are training routines and vocal systems designed to build your falsetto, mix, and full voice. I’m not going to get into the technical part of training routines.

If you’re not sure where to start, here is one of my recommendations for the best online vocal training. Click HERE to find out.

Once you have chosen a good training program, here is the key to becoming a great singer that I want to pound into you in this post – DO IT!

You might be rolling your eyes and think this is some old-fashioned cliche here. But keep reading. You might be surprised how many singers overlooked this one simple truth.

The #1 Reason Singer Don’t Improve

Singers are lazy…there you have it!

You don’t need 20 different training programs or the latest vocal discoveries to become proficient. They can be helpful, but sometimes more is not better, more is just more.

I have always wondered why some of the greatest singers in history come from the first half of the last centuries. They didn’t have the Internet and many started out with no money.

I think hard work used to be a highly regarded value for the working class in the previous generations. Somehow we’ve lost it.

Overcome laziness

Here is the truth –  Vocal training routines are boring! 

And, you need to spend countless hours doing them…alone.

That’s the biggest challenge that’s stopping people from becoming great singers.

What You Can Do to Overcome this Challenge

You need to recognize the fact that you probably don’t need more vocal tips and tricks – you need to practice. A lot.

You need to practice the basic vocal exercises that train the falsetto, mix, and full voice.

Vocal training is more about doing it above all things.

Of course, you need to be smart about what to practice. If an exercise hurts your voice, you need to stop doing it, or learn how to do it correctly.

But, nothing beats hard work when it comes to vocal training. This is what most singers overlook. 

So many people think singing is about talent…It is not. Vocal training is hard work.

You need to put in the work.

My Shocking Conclusion…

Here is what I believe – with the right training method and the right effort, anyone can become great at singing. And I truly believe that. 

If we singers can practice like pianists, there will never be a shortage of exceptional singers in the market.

If you were to ask me, what should I do to get good at singing? I would give you the most boring answer in the world – work hard!

Work hard to find the best singing method, work hard to practice them everyday, and work hard to keep on doing them.  That’s the way to become a great singer!

One of my friends who had a music degree in classical guitar told me once that he stopped playing because he didn’t like the feeling of being alone in practice sessions.

overcoming laziness

Getting yourself to practice is the biggest challenge a singer or musician has to overcome in order to reach excellence. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way around it. You gotta do it.  Fortunately, I believe anyone is capable of overcoming laziness and attaining greatness. 

You are your biggest enemy, and you can overcome your own laziness to become the exceptional singer that you dream to be. I truly believe that.

Best wishes,


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  1. Hello sir , your website is very good and bring up a lot of points that are necessary for actual consumers of products. I’d appreciate if you did reviews of THE VERY BEST ones out there instead of these SLS influenced courses like Roger Burnley , Brett Manning , Roger Love , Adam Mishan and many more. Would you consider reviewing any these in future?
    #1. Phil Moufarrege’s The Pro Singers Vault , #2. Chris Liepe Discover Your Voice ; #3. Michael Rose Voice Mastery. I don’t know if you saw them but they all subscribe to full voice approach. Taking chest voice all the way up and it gradually tapers and tapers into thin sound about and beyond 5th octave but resonant shifts occurs. It’s very close to actual singing. I feel these are the methods that are closer to pop and musical theatre belting style. Full voice only. No switching registers. One voice approach.

    1. Babu,

      Thanks for your great suggestions! I will check those training programs out. These are great!


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