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How to Sing with Freedom – The Most Powerful Singing Technique

Do you want to be able to sing for hours without getting tired?

Have you ever dreamed of hitting those exciting high notes with minimal effort?

Do you want to sing one long phrase (4-8 measures) on one single breath without any hint of suffocating?

Would you like to sing with power, range, and beauty easily, and earn the respect and admiration from colleagues and audiences?

If you have been struggling to achieve the results mentioned above, let me tell you that all of the above are possible and realistic.

I have been studying singing for the last 25 years and singing professionally for the last 13 years.

I have been with so many singing coaches who all contradict each other in their teachings. It was quite a nightmare and tough journey to great singing.

Fortunately, I have found the most powerful secret to great singing, and I’m going to share with you how to sing with vocal freedom.

Most Powerful Secret to Great Singing – The Power of Vowels

This is the most overlooked factor in vocal production of all kinds, either
singing or speaking – The Power of Vowels.

The concept of vowels probably sounds elementary and basic to you, therefore extremely boring, but hear me out – if I have to focus on one skill while singing on a stage performance that will determine life or death for my professional singing career, I would focus all my attention on my VOWEL TECHNIQUE.

In my opinion, this is the #1 most important skill a singer has to master.

Without superb Vowel Technique, you are heading down a technical path of struggle and disaster. Your singing will always be constricted, and you won’t be able to attain vocal freedom.

What are Vowels? Why is it so important?

Without getting into the science behind vowels, let me just simplify in plain language that vowels are resonant spaces.

How you form the vowels has a determinant effect on whether or not you will successfully execute on stage.

Your Vowel Technique will determine whether:

1. You will nail or crack that high note.
2. You will have a consistent vocal color throughout your range.
3. You will gain the maximum amount of vocal power without extra effort.
4. You will have beauty in your voice.
5. You will have more power in your voice.
6. You will be on your way to become an advanced singer.
7. You will be healthy vocally or develop nodules over time.
8. You will can sing for hours without tiring out your voice, or lose your voice
after 3 songs.
9. You will have a long lasting singing life well into your 70s and 80s (Your
whole life basically).
10. You will be able to sing different styles of music at the same time (I can sing
pure pop and pure opera without conflict).

How do we use the vowel technique?

Now I will reveal to you in the simplest language how to use the Vowel Technique.

1. The secret to the Vowel Technique is #1 – KEEP IT ROUND!

Whatever vowel or word you are singing, keep it round.

Even if you are singing an ee (as in “geek”), keep it round! You might think you
sound a little dumb and dopey, keep it round!

Remember, out of all the people in the world, you suck the most as the judge of your own voice, so KEEP IT ROUND!

2. The secret to Vowel Technique #2 – KEEP IT DOWN!

Whether note you are singing, high or low, you should feel a deep feeling in your throat.

The bump in your throat, called the larynx, should be relatively down all the time.

Take a yawn and feel that deepness in your throat. Although not exactly the same, but that deep feeling is similar when you are singing.

The fact that your larynx is down means that you are in a good place muscularly to produce a good tone.

If your larynx starts rising, it means you are activating the wrong muscles (for swallowing ) and will greatly limit your ability to produce a good sound.


3. The secret to Vowel Technique #3 – KEEP IT OPEN!

Whatever note you are singing, your mouth should be relatively open.

The place in your mouth is one of the most important resonators of your voice, much like the speaker to a stereo system.

Giving it more space will amplify your voice without extra effort.

The Most Awesome Benefit of Vowel Technique

One of the greatest challenges a singer has to face in a real performances is vocal endurance.

I mean – can you sing for one hour without feeling any vocal fatigue?

Can you sing loud and powerful without straining?

During my graduate studies, I would very often walk into the studio and find my classmate who just had a vocal lesson vocally hoarse.

To my horror, our voice teacher think that is normal in the development of a singer.

It is not!

If you are hoarse after 3 songs, or even an hour of singing, you are doing something wrong.

There is a method that allow you to sing for hours without losing your voice.

You’ve guessed it – Vowel Technique!

If you can master your Vowel Technique, you can sing for hours without losing your voice. Literally!

The Biggest Challenge about Singing the Vowels Right

The most difficult part about learning the Vowel Technique is that it is counter-intuitive.

Almost every singer wants to spread the vowel when they sing, especially in the high notes. It’s the singer’s nature.

We get excited in the high notes and get into yell mode, which is detrimental to healthy singing.

The quickest way to crack a high note is to spread the vowels, because it activates the swallowing muscles that closes the airway, and you’re trying to sing.

Keeping the vowels round and dark takes a lot of practice and persistence. Once you get a hang of it, singing becomes effortless and easy.

This is one of the greatest secret to great singing!

There is only so much words can do in teaching singing technique. If you are interested in attaining vocal freedom, Robert Lunte has a great singing program that goes extensively into vowel training.

If you have any questions about the Vowel Technique, comment below and I’ll be happy to discuss with you.

Your pal,


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