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Jamplay Review – One of the Best Guitar Courses!

Jamplay is one of the 2 major online guitar programs with its main competitor, GuitarTricks.

If you are interested in or are passionate in learning to play the guitar, Jamplay is the online guitar program you do not want to miss, because it’s simply one of the best guitar courses out there.

In order to help you make a better decision in whether or not to join Jamplay, I will take you inside the program and take a thorough look at what is really offered at Jamplay.

Jamplay Review Summary

Product:   Jamplay

Description:   One of the major online guitar programs that provides high-quality guitar instructions from the best teachers in the industry.

Price: $19.95/month

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5

Recommended: Yes!

jamplay review

Incredible Number of World-Class Masters and Teachers

The first thing I noticed about Jamplay is the huge number of teachers that are on staff for the students to choose.

Just in the initial Phase 1 Beginner lessons where most students would start, there are 20 different teachers each offering their specialized beginners course. The students can try several of them to see which one suits them the most.

Believe me, choosing THE RIGHT TEACHER is so, so important for learning music. I know that from 20 plus years of learning to be a singer.

Jamplay review

A bad teacher not only stalls your progress in learning – they can actually be harmful to your skill development. I mean, you can be technically WORSE than before you had a teacher.

There are many online music programs out there that are produced by ONE single teacher with their ONE unique method, but with Jamplay, you can switch teachers whenever you like or feel needed to.

You might think switching teachers is not a good idea – not necessarily!

When you don’t know who to learn from, you better try out a lot of teachers – in the beginning. And when you find the right one, follow the one and only for you from then on.

I certainly learned this the hard way. But, that’s another post coming up. Stay tuned…

High-quality Video Lessons with Most Detailed Camera Angles

One of the biggest difference between learning to sing and learning to play intruments is that, with singing, you can’t see your vocal cords, whereas when you learn to play any instrument, the instructor can show you how to play visually.

Jamplay gives you the highest quality video guitar lessons that show you the most detailed camera angles of the instructors playing the guitar, so you can first mimick, then internalize once you have mastered the skills the instructors are teaching you.

It doesn’t get better than that with the current digital technology.

Jamplay review

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The Most Flexible and Resourceful Guitar Learning program

The curriculum at Jamplay is very comprehensive and easy-to-follow. It is divided into 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 – Beginners lessons
  • Phase 2 – Advanced and Genre specific lessons
  • Phase 3 – Learning a song
  • Phase 4 – Songwriting

Just like what I showed you above in Phase 1, you have so many choices of lessons and series to learn from, sometimes it could get overwhelming, which is a good thing because you’re getting your money’s worth.

Phase 2 features every genre of music you can think of – 20 different genres to be exact!

Jamplay review

Other than genres, this phase 2 section also provides specific skill-based lessons. So if there is a particular area of guitar technique you would like to work on, you can go to this section.

jamplay review

Phase 3 is designed for you to learn songs directly. There are literally hundreds of the most popular songs for you to pick. If you don’t like to follow a structured curriculum and would like to “learn by doing,” this is the section for you.

jamplay review

A Surprising Songwriting Course Series in Phase 4

In my opinion, this is the biggest bonus that comes with Jamplay. In phase 4, you have an entire section dedicated to teaching you how to write songs with the guitar.

As usual, you have a number of teachers to learn from – in this section, 9 instructors each with their own lesson series.

jamplay review

Let me emphasize to you that each teacher’s lesson series can be an individual product sold separately on its own, let alone the entire phase 4.

Why? Because a guitar-learning course is different from a songwriting course. Over the years, I have looked at many online music programs. Almost all of them sell songwriting courses separately.

The fact that Jamplay has a whole section provided for songwriting is an incredible amount of value added to this program.

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Most Awesome, Highest-Quality Live Classes

One of the biggest weaknesses of online classes is the lack of live interaction with teachers.

Let’s face it – you need to ask questions and receive feedback from instructors, so you can improve on a consistent basis, instead of just watching the video lessons.

Jamplay has the most awesome and high-quality live classes every single week. When I look at their live schedules, I was shocked at the amount of live classes conducted at Jamplay.

Jamplay review

Other than the Open Discussion classes, they also have live bootcamps that teach different topics of guitar-playing. Students are able to ask questions while the instructor is lecturing and showing you the chops.

These live classes aren’t one of those crappy Google Hangout sessions. The images are totally high-quality with different camera angles DURING the live class. How awesome is that!

Jamplay review

It doesn’t end here – each Live Bootcamp class comes with practice materials, tablatures and JamTracks, for you to practice with.

Let me remind you that these incredible amount of live weekly classes are on top of the regular Phase 1-4 training curriculum.

The huge amount of quality materials offered at Jamplay just blows me away!

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We’re not done yet. Here are the bonus features!

In addition to the amazing amount of content provided for guitar instructions, Jamplay also has some of the coolest bonus features at the learning platform.

  1. Chord Library provides the most complete chord voicing for guitar playing.
  2. Scale Library provides complete scales from diatonic, pentatonic, blues, symmetric, to exotic.
  3. JamTracks – hundreds of mp3 JamTrack that you could practice with.
  4. Metronome – to keep you playing in accurate time and speed.
  5. Guitar Tuner – awesome guitar tuner for you tune your guitar anywhere you are.
  6. Bass Tuner – awesome guitar tuner for you tune your bass guitar.
  7. Chord Namer – to tell you the name of the chord you are using on the fretboard.
  8. Training Games – to train your memorization and music theory in a fun and easy way.
Jamplay review

Finally, how much does it cost? Is it worth it? You kidding me…

I have seen many online music training programs in the market. To be honest, I cannot believe how much they charge at Jamplay – only a measly $19.95 per month!!!

I’m a singer. I cannot find quality voice or instrumental lessons that cheap anywhere. Traditional private music lessons cost around $50-$150 USD per lesson.

With the tremendous amount of value and highest quality of training you get at Jamplay, and I’m giving them a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, $19.95 per month is absolutely NOTHING, because you are practically getting guitar lessons 24 hours/day & 7 day/week.

If you are interested in getting guitar training, Jamplay is THE program for you. If you’re still having doubts and want to compare with programs, I suggest you take a look at GuitarTricks as well. (Read my review)

Best of luck to your training,


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