Make Singing Click Review – Linor Oren’s Flagship Training

Linor Oren is a voice teacher and vocal coach on YouTube for many years.

She has a solid background in classical singing, and she has mastered contemporary singing styles as well.

Her flagship singing course Make Singing Click has helped singers around the world.

If you are wondering if Linor’s course is for you, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about this course in this post.

If you’re ready, let’s dive right in…

Make Singing Click Review Summary

Product: Make Singing Click

Description: Make Singing Click is a complete vocal training course by Vocal Coach/Singer Linor Oren, designed to help strengthen the voice and extend the vocal range of singers.

Price: $247

Best for: Beginner to Intermediate Singers

Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5

Recommended: Yes!

Is Linor Oren the Real Deal? Yes, Here Why..

The first thing to look for in a voice teacher is- can the teacher sing?

Think about it – how can the teacher teach something they can’t even do themselves?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of vocal coaches who are mediocre singers, and many of them are big-time teachers.

Linor Oren can sing. Listen to her voice in this amazing performance:

Linor is able to sing not just classical, but contemporary styles as well.

That is a very good sign, because it shows that her technique is applicable to different musical styles.

The next question is – can Linor teach? 

Great singers are not always great teachers, because teaching and singing are 2 different sets of skills.

Being able to sing is just the first thing to verify in a voice teacher. 

If the voice teacher cannot sing, you move on to another one. Plain and simple.

Let’s take a detailed look at the training curriculum of Make Singing Click.

Effective Singing Methods and Well-Rounded Training

Make Singing Click is a very different singing course than other programs.

Here are the main reasons that make this course stand out from other courses:

1. Starting with passion and feeling of the singer.

Most singing courses jump right into technique training right away. 

Not this course. 

Linor has a unique approach to vocal training – she starts with mental and psychological training of a singer.


Every person has an inherent vocal ability they can utilize right at the get-go. 

This approach ensures that the singer will not get bogged down by the analytical aspects of singing right at the beginning.

Linor’s approach could be a very efficient way to train singers, without being too technical at first.

2. In-depth Vocal Knowledge

Passion is a good place to start with training the singer.

However, Linor does ease the singer into understanding vocal science.

It is very important that the singer has basic knowledge of how the voice works.

In the end, the singer needs to be their own teacher.

Linor presents the anatomy and the mechanism of vocal production in an easy-to-understand way.

Linor Oren

3. Effective technical training for superior singing.

Voice teachers can teach very different and conflicting vocal methods.

Therefore, it is very important to examine whether the teacher is teaching healthy technique.

The vocal technique that Linor is teaching is very solid, effective, and safe.

She proves it in her own singing. 

For example, there are 4 different approaches to breathing and support: push out, pull in, push down, or do nothing with the abdomen while singing.

The most effective method is deep breathing and supporting low, bearing down for support.

This is what Linor teaches in the course:

4. Helpful Bonus Training Modules

Linor is offering very beneficial bonus training in Make Singing Click.

There is a section on basic Alexander technique which can be another course by itself.

Alexander technique is used by music schools to train singers to alleviate unnecessary tension through the adjustment of postures.

Linor Oren

In addition, there is training on stage performance, pitch training, auditioning, etc.

The bonus training makes this singing course more well-rounded to help singers develop their singing voice.

Personal Feedback and Assistance

The best thing about this course is that you can submit 2 videos with your questions or singing.

Linor will then personally answer your questions directly.

Personal feedback is extremely helpful to a singer’s progress.

You can always leave your questions as comments under each lesson, and Linor will answer them as well.

Linor Oren

What I Don’t Like About This Course…

Make Singing Click is a very high-quality vocal training program.

Of course, there’s no perfect program.

Here are a few things that I think this course could improve upon:

1. Lessons can be more brief and scripted.

Linor teaches very solid vocal concepts and techniques in the lessons.

She presents the lesson in a way that feels like she is giving a private lesson with you.

However, I do think the lessons can be streamlined by having a word-for-word script.

The lessons could be a little long for busy students.

2. No audio exercise tracks.

The majority of the training is included in the lectures and lessons.

So if you want to practice, you need to go over the lesson again.

If audio exercises are included, students could practice along with it directly.

Now, What Do You Think?

Overall, I think Linor is a very qualified voice teacher and coach whom you can trust.

This course is great for beginners and intermediate singers who are looking to improve to a more advanced level.

After reading this review, what do you think about this course?

Does it fit your needs as a singer? Let me know in the comments.

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