Matt Ramsey Review – Master Your Voice Singing Course

When I first saw Matt Ramsey teach singing on Youtube, he immediately caught my attention as an online voice teacher.

With the vast amount of online voice teachers on Youtube, you really have to stand out in some ways for me to watch you for more than 10 seconds. And Matt certainly did that for me!

Usually, when I see someone that young teaching voice, my stereotypical and ADHD mind would “suggest” to me that rookie is just another online voice teacher trying to make some bucks with his shallow understanding of the voice. But that’s totally not the case for Matt Ramsey. 

My first impression of Matt was that he is very confident teaching singing in front of the camera – not the cocky kind of confidence, but he makes you feel that you are in good hands because he knows this great craft of singing and how to teach it.

When I finally looked into his complete vocal training program Master Your Voice, I was blown away by the quality of this singing program produced by a young voice teacher.

In this Matt Ramsey review, I will take you on a rare in-depth look into his Master Your Voice singing course.

Matt Ramsey’s Master Your Voice Review Summary


Description: A complete training program produced by voice teacher Matt Ramsey that includes training on all the essential technical areas of singing. 

Price: $500 USD

Best for:

  • Serious singers who are determined to take their voices to the next level.
  • Singers of all levels.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars

Recommended: Yes

Who is Matt Ramsey? Is He a Legit Voice Teacher? Let’s find out…

Matt Ramsey is a voice teacher who founded the Ramsey Voice Studio in Austin, Texas.

Like me and so many of us who love to sing, Matt went through a period of vocal struggles when he started singing professionally during which his voice would be completely gone by the end of every performance.

Now, if you’re new at this, the experience of vocal struggles makes great voice teachers. I have experienced that first hand.

Generally, you don’t want a voice teacher who is a gifted singer, because they have no idea what you are going through as a voice student right now.

Matt Ramsey later became a certified voice teacher in Speech Level Singing, Institute of Vocal Advancement(IVA), and a member of the National Associations of Teachers of Singing(NATS).

Talk about certifications of vocal training, not just for singing, but for teaching voice which is another set of skills.

Mat Ramsey review

Matt Ramsey – A Master Communicator of Vocal Technique!

Other than the impressive voice teaching credentials under his belt, I think the biggest strength of Matt Ramsey is his communication skills.

Matt is a master in communicating those abstract vocal concepts, break them down into simple terms, and deliver them to his students so they could understand.

The way Matt Ramsey teaches in his vocal lessons is really sometimes voice teachers could all model after.

His attitude is warm and compassionate, his vocal method is solid and extremely effective, and his delivery is extremely clear and comprehensive.

If you are looking for a voice teacher or vocal training program, you need to remember that being great at singing does not equal being great at teaching. Nope!

But, for Matt Ramsey, I have to say that this is the type of voice teacher you want – supportive, technical, knowledgeable, and passionate!

An Inside Look into the awesome Master Your Voice singing course!

Enough is said about voice teacher Matt Ramsey himself. Let’s take an actual look at what’s inside the program. 

This complete singing course covers almost everything you need to master your vocal technique.

The training curriculum is very extensive with 10 major training modules that includes numerous video lectures and audio training tracks on topics like vocal warmup, breath control, vocal agility, vocal power, belting, and many others.

One of the biggest strengths of this training curriculum is that the vocal method is heavily based on muscle coordination and vocal balance. In other words, it’s safe…and very effective!

If you follow the training routines Matt is guiding you through in the course, you will be building solid foundation for your singing skills.

How do I know? I went through the same school of vocal training for 6 years. Trust me, I know!

1. Introduction

Matt Ramsey introduces the course curriculum and explains how to best use this complete vocal training course.

2. Warming Up

Matt Ramsey teaches the correct way of doing the popular Lip Trills and Straw exercises. Students will be learning all the detailed nuances of these very common but often misunderstood vocal warmup.   

3. Breath Control

Matt teaches the correct breathing technique for singing, which is low breathing, and takes the students through various breathing exercises necessary for effective singing.

4. Vocal Tone

Vocal training that builds the solid and full vocal tones in the middle and lower range of the voice. In this module, Matt introduces how to use vocal exercises to practice a real song, taking the students one step closer to song application. 

5. Vocal Agility

Matt unlocks the top notes of the vocal range with head voice training through the use of effective vocal exercises. Students will learn how to sing high notes by relieving vocal strain and adding relaxation to the vocal muscles.

6. Hitting High Notes with Power

After the high notes are freed up, this training module builds power into the upper range of the voice through more aggressive vocal exercises. Matt also teaches you how to master popular songs by Jeff Buckley and Adele. 

7. Belting

After the last 2 training modules on high notes, Matt takes you further into Belting, which is even more aggressive and powerful vocal tone, without losing vocal balance and coordinaiton.

8. Singing without Strain

After the Belting training modules, Matt further trains your voice to sing without excess strain, solidifying the full voice tone of your entire vocal range.

9. Vocal Effects

Matt takes the students through extensive legato and vibrato training, which is the most essential part of articulation and interpretation of songs. This module also includes advanced crescendo exercises.

10. Your Complete Vocal Warmup

This is very special module in which Matt concludes the entire training program with a completely vocal warmup training for both male and female singers. Matt takes you through an extensive 30-minute warmup routine for you to practice every day for consistent vocal progress.

What I’m really glad to see is the extensive Belt training that this course provides, which is something that’s been neglected by so many voice teachers from Speech Level Singing for many years, but not this one right here.

Matt Ramsey is taking students through an entire module of intensive Belt training after he lays the solid technical foundation in the first 6 modules.

If you’re not familiar with Belting – it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Just recently I messed around with belting for a while and my throat started to hurt for weeks because I was experimenting going too heavy with my voice.

But, in this Master Your Voice singing course, you are receiving safe, effective, and at the same time, intensive Belt training, which I think is great, because Belt is such an important vocal tone that all singers should study and develop

Matt Ramsey review

Okay…What I don’t like about Master Your Voice

However much I happen to like a singing product I’m reviewing, I usually also present some of the negative things that I see, so you can have a balanced view and make a better decision on whether or not to invest in this singing program.

I must say it is extremely difficult for this singing course, but I will try…

First, there’s not too much training on style development for singers in this program. It is understandable because “technique first, style later” is the correct order of vocal training.

Also, style development is such a huge topic that needs to have an entire training course developed for itself. 

One thing I really like about Master Your Voice is that Matt includes video lessons in module 4-9 that teaches you how to sing popular songs by Rihanna, Shawn Mendes, James Arthur, Sarah McLachlan, Jeff Buckley, Adele, Audioslave, Beyonce, Sam Smith, Pink, and John Legend, by teaching you what technique to use to tackle the difficult passages in those songs.

Matt Ramsey review

Second, the price could be high for people who are looking for more “casual” vocal training. I asked Matt Ramsey over email why he sets the price at $500.

He was kind enough to reply that he designed this course for singers who are serious about taking their voices to the next level.

For someone who has spent so much money on vocal training, I personally think that not singing course is too expensive as long as it gets you results.

And after reviewing this course, I can honestly say that Matt Ramsey’s Master Your Voice will do just that!!!

The Pros and Cons at a glance…

This has been a very thorough review on Master Your Voice. Let me sum it up with giving you all the Pros and Cons at a glance:


  • 10 extensive training modules on essential vocal issues.
  • Most safe, reliable, and effective vocal methodology.
  • More than 60 HD video lessons and audio training tracks.
  • Taught by master voice teacher Matt Ramsey himself.
  • Designed for serious singers determined to take their voices to the next level.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Payment plans available.
  • 30-Day “5-Note” Gain Guarantee.


  • Not much style development training.
  • Price can be high for people who are not as serious.

Finally, My Conclusion about Master Your Voice…

Should you invest in Matt Ramsey’s Singing Course Master Your Voice? That would be a hard question to answer. It really depends on your situation.

If you are determined to train your voice and became a great singer, then YES, THIS IS THE SINGING COURSE FOR YOU!!!

Believe me – if you are willing to make this important investment to train your voice, you will USE IT and get most results out of this course!!! Because…you give your best effort to make every penny count.

On the other hand, if you are just singing for fun and want to see if you could get a quick fix, then no – this singing course is not for you! It’s too much to invest for just a fun hobby.

If you have any questions, comment below. I’ll be happy to discuss with you!

To great singing,


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  1. Hi Rex,

    I’ve just been comparing the TVS four pillars of singing and this course. Some background on myself, I am a fulltime musician that sings about 4-5 nights a week. My style of singing ranges between pop, RnB, soul, and a little bit of rock music. Which course would you think I would prefer?

    1. Jack,

      It sounds like you are into singing styles that require more finesse and balance in your voice. I would recommend Matt Ramsey’s course. But enrollment is almost closing in a few hours from now. If you want to join, you need to hurry.


      1. Lol… I have Lunte’s program the TVS pillars. Robert’s a wizard. That, and a kind, talented, and disarming goof. Zero buyer’s remorse.

  2. Hi Rex,

    Thanks for all your reviews they are really helping me to decide but I wanted to ask you about this course and the John Henny New Science course….I’ve been singing for sometime in choir and as a guitarist. I want to improve my voice but wanted to know which one you’d recommend between the two

    1. Mark,

      The 2 courses are both very high quality singing programs. As for right now, Matt’s course is closed for enrollment until June. John Henny is an expert in practical vocal science that would actually help singers teach themselves. Hope this helps!


  3. Hi Rex, thank you so much for making your blog. It is helping me so much, I am so passionate about music and want to become a successful music artist by creating amazing music. Thank you for all that you do!

          1. Sorry for replying again, but I got too curious and purchased the Vocal Nebula course ahead of time, and I tell you it is amazing! I’m not even half-way through and I feel I spent my money way better than with the previous courses I purchased, which were: Ken Tamplin’s courses, the Singing Success courses, Kevin Richards courses, John Henney’s course, and Robert Lunte’s course.
            The author has no impressive accolades or credentials as a teacher, I think, because he seems to be just a guy who is obsessed with singing and learning to sing better, but man, he did his homework. Very well researched in classic and modern literature!
            The author of the course, Joe Naab, also adds material over time – so it is a long-time investment too.
            Especially for the current price, it is a must review for you 🙂

          2. Toni,

            I will check it out. I’m looking at the site right now, and it looks pretty good. Thanks for your recommendation!


  4. Hi Rex,
    I’ve been looking around for online courses and lessons on learning how to sing. And i am just overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. I read many of your reviews. I have narrowed it down to the Robert Lunte and Roger Love. Can you please tell me what would be the best way to start for a complete beginner. Keep in mind that I really want to learn extensively, not just something that will get me into only the basics.

    1. Rasheeq,

      If you are a beginner looking for more intense vocal training, I would recommend you go for Robert Lunte’s singing program. He has a gift of breaking down very complex vocal concepts into simple terms so that beginners could understand. Hope this helps!


  5. Rex – This is an awesome site, just came across it tonight!

    Any chance you can do a review on Ken Tamplin’s programs? Also, on the Intermediate / Advanced category, are you able to share quick thoughts on other programs that have not been reviewed?

    If more appropriate to respond via private channel, you’ve got my email from this comment.


  6. Hi Rex,

    This is an awesome website but i think it should be disclosed that you receive commission on refered customers.
    I was surpriced why on a webiste like this there is no review of Ken Tamplins course but this has probably to do with the fact that Ken is not paying commission ?

    People who are looking for an objective advice should know that you can get one of the best if not the best course for 299$ that’s the full course + all the amazing pro packs ( i like the embellisments very much). It’s a no nonsense course that gets you singing immediatly and you see amazing results within one or two months. I can testify to that myself. Besides that there are so many other things in that course that it will probably take you at least 2 years to go through all of it if you are a beginner and even as an advanced singer it will be very valuable.


    1. Avis,

      I do have an affiliate disclaimer at the bottom of each page. If that’s not clear enough, I will consider putting it in the text. I want to do a review on Ken Tamplin’s course for a long time. It’s just that the course is very expensive just to purchase it to review, in all honesty. If you would share your access with me (, I’m willing to write a review post for Ken’s course. I have reviewed many courses that don’t pay commission. I don’t mind it at all.


  7. Does this singing course still exist? I understand that it’s not always open for applicants, but I can’t find where to go or what I would do if I were to wait for whenever it may open for new applicants, if it even will.

    1. Payton,

      Matt opens up his singing course about twice or thrice a year. You can join his newsletter or email list on his website to get his announcements. That way, you won’t miss it.


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