Roger Love Singing Academy Review – Is it worth the price?

The Roger Love Singing Academy is probably one of the most overlooked online singing program in the market right now. As I was looking into this training program, I was really impressed with the high-quality of vocal instruction given by voice teacher Roger Love.

I have seen and heard Roger and his products online over the years, but I don’t think this singing course is getting the market attention that it deserves. I suspect that it is because Roger Love is already so successful in the entertainment field with all of his high profile clients that his singing products are not marketed fully. But, that’s just my guess!

For you and all the readers of this site, you are in it for a treat, because I’m going to reveal to you the hidden treasure inside this training program – Roger Love Singing Academy, in this complete review.

Roger Love Singing Academy – Review Summary

Product name: Roger Love Singing Academy

Description: A complete online singing program produced by celebrity vocal coach and best-selling author Roger Love.

Price: From $197 USD for the basic package Course One.

Best for: Singers of all levels looking to take their singing skills to intermediate or even advanced level.

Product Ratings

Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5

Recommended: Yes!

Who is Roger Love?

In case you’re wondering who Roger Love is, he is one of the most successful vocal coaches in the world who has coached countless celebrities from Hollywood from superstar actors to Grammy-winning singers and bands.

Some of the household names that Roger has coached includes Collin Farrell, Jeff Bridges, Maroon 5, Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, the Beach Boys, John Mayer, Demi Lovato, Def Leppard, , Chicago, and many, many others.

Roger has also written 3 top-selling books and vocally produced more than 100 million CD worldwide. (Of course this was when CD was still selling.)

Roger is also a regular in major TV network shows including the hit show Glee serving as a celebrity vocal coach.

Enough with Roger Love himself, all we care about is the singing program.

In this Roger Love Singing Academy review, I will revealed all the important aspects in this program for you to decide whether or not this is the program you should invest in.

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Is it Worth the Money? You’d be surprised…

Besides Roger Love’s impressive track record, one of the biggest concerns people have with this program is probably the prices.

That was my concern as well before purchasing this program. However, after trying it out and carefully examining the entire program, I am convinced that this program is worth every penny.

This program comes with 3 courses:

As you can see, Course 1 that lays the technical foundation which is so important to beginners and even the experienced singers is priced at $197, which is on the higher end in the online singing market. The second package with course 1 & 2 is $297, and the full package with all 3 courses is $497.

As soon as I started course 1 with Roger’s video lessons, I knew I was looking at an online singing program of superb teaching quality.

As a professional vocal coach and a singer for over 30 years, I can tell right away if a vocal coach can teach, or if he is just bluffing.

Roger Love is the real deal! 

One of the ways you can tell is that he himself CAN SING! Don’t trust any vocal coach who sounds like crap.

Roger Love has a great singing voice. He sings those high notes beautifully while demonstrating the right sound for you to make.

When you think about the hundreds of dollars it costs to have a private 1-on-1 lesson with Roger, the price of this complete singing program with make much more economical sense.

You are actually saving money through this program, because you get all the secrets of Roger’s teaching and vocal training to the celebrities in a complete package.


What’s so Great about Roger’s Teaching…

I have a beautiful blonde actress friend in Hollywood who once told me how hard it is to make it the Entertainment world.

In order to make in Hollywood, you need to be the best of the best.

Roger Love is undoubtedly one of the best vocal coaches in the world to be able to teach so many big-name celebrities.

One thing I noticed about Roger in his video lessons is that he is a great communicator. He is able to break down very sophisticated vocal concepts and make it so easy-to-learn for the students.

When I was taking the video lessons in Course one, I felt like he is right there beside me giving me a private singing lesson.

His explanations are so clear and he takes you through the exercises personally.

I mean you can see him playing the scales at the piano for you right in front of your eyes, as opposed to just listening to an audio recording of scales.

When you get to the break areas where singers tend to have trouble, he would take a moment to give extra instruction as to how to deal with those difficult notes technically.

You just feel like you are in a voice lesson with a very patient and supportive voice teacher.

Another great things about Roger’s teaching is that he is a protege of legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs. He has great vocal pedagogy, knowledge, and proven methods about singing that qualifies him as one of the greatest vocal coach in the world.

==> Get Vocal Training from Celebrity Vocal Coach Roger Love <==

What’s So Awesome inside the Roger Love Singing Academy

Now, let’s take a look at the singing courses offered at the Roger Love Singing Academy.

Course 1 lays the most important foundation for vocal technique – from diaphragmatic breathing, chest voice, head voice, finding the middle voice, vibrato, dealing with stage fright, and singer’s diet.

The entire course 1 is divided into 5 weeks of lessons and training:

Week 1 – starts with vocal evaluations for both male and female students. Roger then starts the entire training with diaphragmatic breathing.

Week 2 – Roger teaches the important role that the larynx and vocal cords plays in the singing mechanism. Then he makes an introduction to chest voice, middle voice, and head voice.

Week 3 – Roger goes in-depth with developing chest voice, middle voice, and head voice, and how to transition throughout the vocal range. In my opinion, this is the most important week of training throughout the entire program.

Week 4 – Roger teaches how to develop vibrato in your singing voice. Then the rest of the week focuses on learning and interpreting songs.

Week 5 – Roger lectures on how to deal with stage fright and discuss about the singer’s diet. Then he continues with more song training with a very unique system invented by Roger himself called Love Notes (More on this later).


Love Notes – The Exclusive Song Training System for Students

One of the most awesome features of the Roger Love Singing Academy is the song training system invented by Roger himself called Love Notes.

It’s basically an advanced karaoke system for training professional singers. Instead of just having lyrics and music track, special interpretation and technical notes and symbols are added for the singers.

During playback, you can sing according to the notes shown on the screen in real time while the music is going.

You will know when to take a diaphragmatic breath, when to add vibrato, when to go louder, and the most awesome symbols that shows you if you should sing in your chest, middle, or head voice.

What a brilliant invention for training singers! Love Notes is totally original developed by Roger Love exclusively for the student of this singing program.


Going on to Course 2 – it just keeps getting better and better!

Course 2 is where the training goes into very extensive style and interpretation training.

The lessons go into how to sing all the major styles of music including pop, country, gospel, R & B, and musical theater.

Roger shares his insights into how to apply and implement his methods in all those very different musical style with specific vocal demands.

Every time I take Roger video lessons, I feel like I’m in his studio listening to him share all the singing secrets of all the celebrity singers.

As Roger says, he tries to make the lessons as personal as possible, just like you’re having a private lesson with him, except the hundreds of dollars you have to pay for an in-person voice lesson.

==> Get Complete Vocal Training from Celebrity Vocal Coach Roger Love <==

Let’s take a look at the training contents of Course 2 over week 6-10:

Week 6 – Roger goes more into the building the core vocal technique of breathing, singing chest, middle, and head voice, and how to transition flawlessly in and out of those voices.

Week 7 – Roger goes into developing the vibrato even more. Vibrato is a mystery for beginning singers and some of the more experienced ones who have always struggles with having vibrato. The truth is that those beautiful vibratos can be developed by using specific exercises that Roger is teaching in the lessons.

Week 8 – Roger teaches how to act out a song in singing, which is something I advocate as well – singing is a form of acting. Having worked with Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, and many other Hollywood actors, Roger is the expert in how to act out a song while singing to make your singing appealing to the audience. Also, Roger tackle the style of Rock singing.

Week 9 – Roger lectures on how to prevent losing your voice by going into anatomy and science of singing. Then, Roger discusses how to sing pop and country music, which looks simple on the surface, but is actually very sophisticated and challenging to master.

Week 10 – Roger dives into the secrets of how to audition, which is so, so crucial if you want to develop a career at a professional level. For styles training, Roger shares how to sing some of the most popular music styles – R & B, Gospel, and Musical Theater.


Great Bonus Lessons on Singing and Career Development

In both Course 1 and 2, there are bonus lessons on singing technique, interpretation, health, career development, and many more.

The lists just keep coming…

So far we’ve looked at the video lessons, Love Notes feature, bonus lessons, and I forgot to mention there is a special exercise studio in which Roger personally takes you through an almost half-hour vocal exercise every single day.

What impresses me about the exercise studio is that Roger is singing the exercises with you. Every single one of them. He’s showing you how to do it entirely.

If you’ve seen how vocal coaches from some other singing program just leave you to sing along with the piano scales (how do you know they can do it themselves), you’ll appreciate greatly what Roger is doing here.


The Pros and Cons of the Roger Love Singing Academy

It’s evident that I am giving this online singing program one of the highest ratings on this site.

However, there’s no perfect program.

I will now give you the pros and cons of the Roger Love Singing Academy, so you can  make a decision for yourself if this is for you.


  1. Learn from the favorite vocal coach of Hollywood celebrities.
  2. Learn all the technical and commercial secrets of celebrity singers and actors.
  3. Learn how to develop your chest, middle, and head voice.
  4. Learn to develop one seamless vocal range that give you power, beauty, and control.
  5. Roger Love can sing! He has a great voice and can demonstrate what he teaches. (unlike other coaches in the market)
  6. Video lessons designed in a very personal way just like you’re in a private lesson.
  7. Invaluable lectures on singing. Roger doesn’t mumble but teach real content that works.
  8. Covers all the most important techniques, every major styles of singing, song and interpretation training, and everything you need to know about singing.
  9. Receive song training with Love Notes feature invented by Roger Love.
  10. One-on-one coaching available in the course 3.


  1. Although justified by great content, price could be high for some people.
  2. Video Quality is not HD. I suspect it was shot in SD a while back.
  3. Lack of visual aid in the video lessons.
  4. Lack of strength-building training which is typical of the Speech Level Singing school.
  5. Lecture and training are mixed together in the lesson, not efficient for experienced singers to find specific exercises.
  6. Site design is not very visually appealing.

My Final Conclusion about the Roger Love Singing Academy

We’ve covered a lot in this review of the Roger Love Singing Academy.

I just want to say that there’s beauty in the simplicity in Roger’s teaching in this singing program.

Just listening to him teach in the video lesson is worth every penny, because, as a vocal coach myself, I can tell you Roger offers great singing method that works and will take your singing to the next level.

==> Join the Roger Love Singing Academy and Become a Great Singer!!! <==

In fact, I myself uses the same singing technique that sustains me on the professional stage for many, many years.

I’m living proof that what he teaches really works, because I’ve used it for many years taught by my own teacher.

Will I recommend the Roger Love Singing Academy to beginners and all levels of singers? YES.

He’s not only covering all the important techniques, but he’s telling you what he does with his celebrity clients backstage.

If you are concerned with the price, you can try this online singing program with no risk for 30 days.

If you have any questions about this singing program, comment below. I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you.

To Great Singing,


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  1. Do we get a certificate after completion? Also, are the techniques only pop music related or can we use it for other genres as well? Like Indian music? Also, can you tell me a little more about course 3? Thanks! Great review by the way.

    1. Tannish,

      No, you won’t get a certificate – I don’t think you need one. What’s important is that you get great results from the course.

      And, yes, you can definitely use this technique to sing any styles of music, because the technique is the most versatile one in the world. How do I know? Because I use the exact same technique in my professional singing – I can sing pop and pure opera!

      Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about Course 3, because I only took the course up to course 2. Sorry! But I know that you get 1-on-1 feedback from Roger himself, which is awesome.

      Good luck with your singing!

  2. Hey Rex , I just found your site and I’m glad I’ve found my go-to review site now. I can smell your honesty from miles away my friend when you gave your honest opinion on superior singing method which now has turned to be the most agressive marketing compared to other online vocal programs . And almost all review sites claim superior singing method is the number one recommendation. I know they will be paid for saying that. That’s why I’m so happy to find you.

    Well I have a question and I feel you are the most eligible person to answer it regarding your successful professional singing career.

    I’ve gone through all your reviews on singing and guitar and I may consider buying them as soon as I complete this course(Singing Success) I’m working on currently. Okay my question is .. Does Singing Success/Any Speech level Singing Method Suitable for training thin voices? A little background about myself, I’m a male with no breaks in range (C3-C6) however I lack power and volume when singing songs in general. Even my speaking voice seems to be light and girlish for a 22 year old guy.
    So I decided to buy an online course (I live in remote area) and bought singing success. But this program tells me to stay light and right instead of strong and wrong. Now I understand SLS mantra is Light is right . Will I achieve power and volume as time passes by or should I get a heavier program like Ken Tamplin or Robert Lunte’s?

    1. Nithin,

      If you have a thin voice, I think SLS or Singing Success is okay, but you will need an instructor to guide you through the nuances of the technique that will give you a fuller tone.

      I do NOT recommend Ken Templin’s method because it’s a little bit too harsh on the voice. It’s a little dangerous.

      I highly recommend Robert Lunte’s program because he’s more well-rounded with connection and belting at the same time. See my review.


  3. Hi Rex! Hope you can help me. Probably the most important thing I want to learn from a singing course is to extend my range, specifically, sing higher notes. My current range is C2 to F#4 (strained!). I can sing fairly well, really don’t have problems other than not being able to reach higher notes. If I could increase my range to A#4 or B4 I’d be very happy, and could then do many songs currently impossible for me (I’ve sung in bands before, looking at returning). I don’t see anything about “extending vocal range” in the Roger Love courses (unless I missed it). Do recommend any other course where I can get help with my issue? Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Fernando,

      Your problem is typical of most male singers. It is normal to be straining at F4 and above for most guys.

      Roger’s course trains the singer to develop the middle voice or mix voice to connect the chest voice and head voice. You probably don’t understand his methodology completely.

      If developing the high mix voice is not for you, another somewhat different approach will be Robert Lunte’s vocal methods. He trains the belt voice directly through strength and muscle building. Read this review to see if that’s what you’re looking for.

      Let me know if you need other recommendations for vocal training.


  4. Dear Rex! Thanks for the review! Your website has been a great help to me! My quick questions are: Roger’s presentation is great, but his idea about breathing from nose when singing is not practical and natural to me! And the scale range of his suggested exercises for singers is not wide enough to make a challenge I suppose. What do you think? Thank you!

    1. Samuel,

      There are different breathing methods for singing. I don’t breath through the nose myself. I use a “surprise breath” that fills up the lung in an instance. I think that is the most efficient way for inhalation. Hope this helps!


      1. Do you mean to inhale with noses and mouth at the same time during the surprise breath when singing? And do you teaching singing in Taiwan? Thank you Rex!

        1. Samuel,

          The surpise breath is done mainly through the mouth, but it doesn’t quite dry out the throat if you’re doing it right. I do teach singing in Taiwan, but for now, my time is pretty occupied by work and family.


          1. Hi Rex,

            Regarding the surprise breath, does Robert lunte teach in his vocal training how to do it?
            And if not, who would?

            I recall my voice teacher (which I don’t go to anymore bc it’s sooo expensive) telling me about breathing through the mouth only and without drying out the throat but i never developed it properly so if u could guide me in this it would be really helpful!!
            Thanks in advance!

          2. Mendy,

            I don’t think Robert teaches the surprise breath. It is actually very simple. You can do it immediately by doing a surprised expression. Air automatically fills up. Breathing through the nose is too slow and inefficient for me personally.


          3. Dear Rex,
            Roger advocated the Low Larynx when Singing! It’s very difficult and not practical to me to control and think about the position of the larynx when singing ! What do you think? Thank you very much!

          4. Samuel,

            I think at least maintain a neutral larynx. You don’t want the larynx rising while singing. It’s a sign of tension, unless you are doing it intentionally.


          5. Thanks you Rex! May you please review the vocal courses by Chris Liepe? I think he’s special and may worth your time to do that! Thank you very much!

  5. Hi Rex,
    Thanks for your amazing review on Rogers program.
    My concern is that, since this program has 3 courses and the price’s are higher than other programs online, do you think course 1 of Rogers program is enough to start my singing journey?? Please also advise the duration to see results in my voice if I practiced 5 days in a week(assumption) for 1 hr—


    1. Ephrem,

      Yes, I think course 1 is enough to start you off. If you can dedicate one hour every day, you are considered very dedicated since everyone is so busy nowadays.


  6. Hi Rex!
    Thank you for your review. Should I start training with Roger’s course and then move on to traditional voice lessons (with a professional sjnger) or should I start the traditional voice lessons online and then move on to face to face lessons with the same teacher?

    1. Wasif,

      It depends on who the teacher is and what your budget is. If your budget is limited, I suggest you use a great online singing course. Then if you like the program and would like to go deeper into the training, you could schedule an online lesson with the master voice teacher who produced the singing program.


  7. Hi Rex,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Can you help me choose between Roger Love’s program and TVS? I have no desire to sing professionally but I do want to sing exceptionally. I’m committed to practicing daily. I briefly used Roger Love’s voice exercises for speakers from his book, many years ago so I am familiar with them. I have a lot of respect for his methods. I like the idea that TVS builds muscle and seems a bit more visual. However, I also appreciate simplicity and Love’s program seems to have that. I also like the idea of LoveNotes practice. I’m a little worried I’ll get lost in the TVS curriculum. I’m not concerned with price as they are fairly comparable. I’m also considering 30 Day Singer because it is specifically for beginners. I’m not a fan of subscriptions but I recognize that getting a fast foundation could have benefits. I just know I want more than they ultimately offer. Could you please share your thoughts?

    1. Kelly,

      If you are looking for simplicity and don’t want to think too much, then I would recommend 30 Day Singer. Although it has a lot of materials, but the structure for training is very simple. You just follow the lesson day by day, and when you’re done, start with the next course on the platform. On the other hand, if you are serious about vocal training and would not mind invest effort, time, and money, you probably should go for Robert Lunte.


  8. What a great website!
    I have a question: I’m currently working on Singing Success, Mastering Vibrato and Mastering Mix by Brett Manning.
    Would Roger Love’s program add anything to these programs?
    I’m still having a little bit of trouble smoothing out the break between chest and middle. Then again, I’ve only been working on the program for little over a month. Would Roger Love’s program, or any other program add some help regarding that?
    Also, what program would complement Brett Manning the most?
    Thanks for a great review!

    1. Liza,

      The best program to complement Brett’s courses are John Henny’s New Science of Singing Course. It’s really gets into the science of how the voice works. You will get a full understanding of how to work the voice from a science point of view.


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