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How to Train the Voice for Singing – Finding the “right” way

This year has been a revolutionary year for me as a vocalist.

As some of you know, I have been singing professionally for more than 15 years, and I have been training my voice for about 27 years since college.

I thought when it comes to vocal training that I already know it all. 

I have studied SLS, Mix, Classical singing methods, Pop singing, and all the major schools of singing methodologies.

At 45 years of age, I cannot possibly learn anything new or even improve anymore.

I mean I know the way to train the voice for singing, and there’s nothing left for me to learn…Right? 

However, one teacher proved me wrong – Jaime Vendera!

I am having a major breakthrough in my singing and vocal training, because I started training with this man every single week in 2020.

I will show you what kind of breakthrough Jaime has brought to me in just a moment, so read on…

The Aria Every Tenor Dreams of Singing in Their Lifetime…And I sang it!!!

In case, you don’t know what it is – it’s Puccini’s Nessun Dorma from the opera Turandot.

It is the most famous tenor aria in the history of mankind, and chances are, you’ve probably heard Pavarotti sang it before.

If you still don’t know which song I’m talking about, here it is:

As “great” as I am as a professional singer(cough, cough…), I never could sing that aria EVER…

I probably have tried singing it hundreds of time, but I never could finish singing it, because I would be stuck on the high notes, meaning they would either not come out or crack!!!

I even tried singing it in my dreams. I still couldn’t sing it…until 3 months ago.

I found myself able to wing through the aria Nessun Dorma, and then I started hitting all the high notes with a little tightness in my throat.

It’s not before long when I started nailing almost every single note in that big aria. 

I’m no Pavarotti, and I don’t intend to be. Just the mere fact that I am able to sing the entire song in front of an audience is a dream I never thought would come true.

But, there it is.

What happened? How did I all of a sudden start to sing a big song I never could sing before and sound pretty good?

The answer is…the right vocal training!

I have been wrong for so many years about how to train the voice…

I have been trained in the SLS and Mix tradition for many years, and I think like a Mix singing teacher while I teach and sing.

SLS and Mix singing teachers basically just optimize the voice you already have through muscular balance and vowel modification training.

What Jaime Vendera convinced me this year is that the voice has to be built and strengthened, kind of like a body builder building muscles.

We need to build vocal muscles in order to have a good instrument to sing with.

While we build muscles, we isolate the muscle groups we want to strengthen. Imagine using a dumbbell to work out the triceps – vocal training should be like that with the vocal muscles. 

I mean, I could never sing Nessun Dorma ever in my life, but see what happened after the right training – a new voice has been built!!!

How do you find the right vocal training for you?

There are a lot of stubborn, obnoxious, and ignorant voice teachers, including the most famous ones, who thinks they know it all. I would advise that you think twice between you train with them. 

They could be very good, but I guarantee you that are very wrong in some areas.

If you are looking to train your voice to become a good singer, I would advise that you try some of the singing programs recommended on this site.

I cannot really tell you which ones are right for you, because there are so many different ways to train the voice – I can only tell you which ones I think is the best.

Jaime Vendera practically invented his very effective training method.

And Robert Lunte developed this very sophisticated and detailed singing program called The Four Pillars of Singing that has helped countless numbers of singers around the world to develop a great voice!

Roger Love has a very different approach to vocal training as well.

You need to take invest some time and money to try them out and see which one works for you.

The great tenor Luciano Pavarotti said that stick with the one singing method that works for you, so even he acknowledge that different methods work for different people.

This post is nothing serious. Just thought I’d document and share with you what I learned most recently that I thought might shed some light in your journey to become a great singer!

Hope this helps!

Leave a message below if you want discuss anything.

Happy Singing,


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  1. Amazing job singing that epic song! I can imagine how great it must feel to sing those strong, loud notes freely after years and years of having to rely on SLS-solutions which, I think you’d agree, do not produce the same epic results.

    “You need to invest some time and money to try them [different singing courses] out and see which one works for you.”
    True enough, but If you want to sing Nessun Dorma (or any other piece that needs the same kind of power), SLS teachings will not cut it, that means, it will not work either for me nor for anyone else in the whole world ^^
    But that goes for any singing method which encourages the singer to transition into head voice as soon as it gets tough. Those methods do only really well with some pop and r&b I think. Learning to sing truly powerful though, will automatically give you the tools to sing those light genres also (as a bonus so to say).
    In that regard I’m not sure about Lunte’s course but definitely don’t waste your time and money with Roger Love (who is an SLS kind of teacher) unless you want to sing lightly only. He may be the best teacher in all the world, but that does not change the fact, that you need the right technique to sing with true strength and authority.

    1. Toni,

      Thanks for your input! Really appreciate it!

      I have learned over the years to respect and appreciate different schools of singing methods, instead of bashing voice teachers that are different from me – We already have a lot of those on Youtube, which is an attitude I do not agree with. I have learned so much from the Mix And SLS methodology, and I do know that it works well from a lot of singers, so I still think it is one of the major legit singing schools in the world. When I was singing Mix, I could sing really loud, high, and powerful. It’s just that I love operatic singing and SLS could not get my full voice higher pass a high Bb, so I have to change my approach after so many years, and it worked.

      I’m really sharing my most recent vocal journey here. Hope you can get something out of it.


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