Why you need vocal training for speaking
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Why You Need Vocal training for speaking

I want to address one of the biggest vocal issue that is overlooked in our daily and professional lives – the training of our speaking voice!

I’m not talking about training for public speaking that focuses on how to catch people’s attention while you speaking on stage or do a sales pitch.

Most training programs for public speaking is about the interpretation and delivery of the message.

I talking about building an actual voice for speaking! Yes, you heard me right!

You need to build a stronger voice for speaking. 

I personally believe that vocal training for the speaking voice is even more important for singing.

Because of modern technology, this is one of the biggest secrets about the professional use of the voice that is overlooked by 99% of people who use their voices at their jobs.

Why is vocal training for speaking so important?

Russell Brunson is the biggest giant in the area of online marketing in recent years.

I have learned so much from his courses and training. But there is one issue that I have observe from Russell’s presentation – his weak voice!

There I said it!

I see very often in his video lessons that he would get really raspy and he would be constantly clearing his voice after teaching for about 15 minutes.

He is the greatest salesman for his SAAS company Clickfunnels, and he is crushing it!

But if he doesn’t do anything to strengthen his voice, he is going to have vocal issues somewhere along this path.

The truth is Russell Brunson is making millions from his great sales pitches, but he doesn’t know how to use his voice.

Imagine how much it would cost him if he loses his voice (millions!!!).

Russell Brunson vocal training for speaking

Remember Bill Clinton? While he was U.S. President in the 90s, the media once reported about him not able to deliver speeches due to vocal issues.

What about people who are teachers, salespeople, preachers, Youtubers, and professionals who use their voices all day at their jobs.

How many teachers have lost their voices due to lack of vocal training?

The fact is vocal training is critical for professionals in all areas and most people don’t even know about it.

We use our voices a lot more for speaking than for singing, and singers are the only ones who values vocal training. 

You need to building a good voice for speaking plain and simple!

The Biggest Secret that might change your professional life…

I have a co-worker who speaks with this rasp because of poor speaking habits. 

It’s really annoying to listen to her sometimes. It sounds very unprofessional, and I don’t wnat that for you. 

The biggest secret about your voice that I’m revealing today is…if you start vocal training for speaking, you will get ahead in your job!

Why…Because nobody is doing it.

People just don’t know better. But now, you do!

When you talk to people with a very soothing and solid voice, people will love to listen to you without even knowing why.

When you make it easier for people to listen to you, they will appreciate your voice without even knowing it. 

They just know that it’s easy to understand what you’re saying to him. Of course, because they are actually listening to you, and you know why!!!

vocal training for speaking

How do I train my voice for speaking? Here is another secret…

Honestly, there aren’t that much good vocal training program for building a voice for speaking.

Most courses for public speaking is about communication and persuasion, not vocal training for the voice itself!

Now I want to reveal another secret about vocal training for speaking – Vocal training, or voice building to be exact, for singing is almost exactly the same for speaking!!!

Why? Because the voice, either for speaking and singing, is 100% produced at the same place – your vocal folds!!!

What singers do to build their voices – the vocal exercises and workouts, you can use almost everything for speaking.

I hate to say this because it sounds biased, but you really should get vocal training from a voice teacher or vocal coach if you want to build a great speaking voice.

Right now, I think the most complete vocal training course for speaking is produced by the great celebrity vocal coach Roger Love called The Perfect Voice (Read my review). 

​Conclusion…This is more important than you think!!!

Vocal Training for your voice is more important in our lives than you think.

If you have a weak voice, how are you supposed to deliver that sales pitch in a convincing tone?

It will actually affect your sales revenue!

If you lose your voice constantly, how are you supposed to teach a class?

You can also use your voice to attract potential partners.

That fact is we use our voice everyday. If we know how to build a good voice and how to use it, the benefits that it could bring us is unlimited.

If you have any questions, please comment below. We can discuss more about training the voice for speaking.

Your pal,


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  1. I am a visual artist who is terrified to speak to a group. I whisper when I speak. I would like to learn to speak so people hear me and I also do not want to pass out every time I have to speak to more than 3 people…

    Any tips on resources to overcome this would be really appreciated! If I ever get to the point where I can speak about my art in front of people I do not want to be in the state I am in now…

    1. Naomi,

      It sounds to me you need to work out your vocal muscles. They might be too weak right now. You need to re-build your voice. Unfortunately, I don’t know any vocal training program for speaking that focuses on voice-building – they are mostly on interpretation and delivery.

      If you don’t mind, I would recommend you use Robert Lunte’s Vocal Training program for singers. He does a lot of vocal strength building routines for singers, which is really what speakers need as well. If you don’t mind training your voice like a singer, your speaking voice can be built that way.


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