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What is Guitar Tricks – Is it good for beginners?

Product:  Guitar TricksGuitar Tricks Free Trial

Description: is an online guitar instruction platform founded by CEO Jon Broderick in 2005 that offers complete online guitar lessons to teach anyone from beginner to advanced level.

Price: $19.95 monthly; $179 annually

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Does deserve a 5-star rating…

I was struggling over the question whether to give it a 5-star rating in this complete Guitar Tricks review.

Not because I don’t think it deserves it. Deep inside my heart I know this guitar learning platform is one of the best, if not THE BEST, online guitar training course on the Internet.

However, I was afraid of putting my foot in my mouth when I see something better in the future.

After giving another careful examination, I realized such possibility is low or close to zero.

I decided to go ahead and give it the highest rating it deserves – a 5 out of 5 stars rating!!!

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Is Guitar Tricks the Best Online Guitar Training Course?

I first encountered Guitar Tricks back in May 2014. My first impression was – You could take guitar lessons on the Internet? How effective could that be?

As soon as I signed up and started taking the course, I was blown away by the highest quality of instructions offered by Guitar Tricks.



Fast forward to this year – Over the past few years that I had moved on to other online learning resources, my wonderful experience with Guitar Tricks comes up in my mind often.

I love quality music courses. I love to learn, and I knew I will return to Guitar Tricks sooner or later. So I decided to sign up again.



This time, I was blown away with the training platform even more. Guitar Trick not only pioneered the concept of online guitar training as early as 2005, they nearly perfected the execution now.

I can honestly say – Guitar Tricks is one of the best, if not THE BEST, online guitar training course on the Internet.

Everything you need for guitar training is right here on this site!

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What’s so Cool and Awesome about Guitar Tricks?

Let’s start with a quick list of what’s offered in the Full Access membership of Guitar Tricks:

  1. More than 11,000 video guitar lessons
  2. More than 800 individual song lessons
  3. Highly interactive support forums with instructors answering questions
  4. Free Guitar Tricks app on both Android and Apple
  5. Free on-site training apps including Jam station, Scale finder, Chord finder, Metronome, Fretboard training, etc.
  6. Over 30 world-class guitarists as your instructors
  7. Well-structured curriculum for beginners and advanced students
  8. Theory lessons, technique training, song lessons, style training, etc.
  9. Weekly updated new song lessons

What really impress me about Guitar Tricks is that not only do they offer great quantity and variety, but the highest quality of teaching materials.

The video lessons are very well-designed and produced.

I think the lessons are carefully scripted, because you don’t hear some bogus instructors mumbling whatever comes to mind during recording.

The instructions are very clear, detailed, and broken down into the most easy-to-learn fashion.

The videos are shot in different angles and sizes to give students better visual reference as to how to practice and play.

That’s critically important because, unlike online singing course that’s based on learning audibly, guitar instructions are highly visual.

Students need to SEE how the instructors use their fingers while playing.

In the Guitar Tricks video lessons, you don’t just SEE this:



But, you get to SEE these…



Of course, visual aids are also very important in video lessons like these…



If you are taking song lessons, music score with notations and lyrics with chord names are conveniently available right below the video.




Most Effective Curriculum for Students of All Levels

I mentioned about the vast amount of lessons ( 11,000+) offered in the course. But you should not be overwhelmed, because they are not just throwing a whole bunch of videos at you and wish you all the best.

Guitar Tricks has a clearly designed curriculum for both beginners and experienced players to follow, so that you never lose your place on the site.




As you can see from the charts above and the one below, not only do you learn techniques and songs, training for all major styles of guitar playing are included in the curriculum.



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In addition, there is an in-depth Artist Studies section where you can learn styles and techniques of guitar legends like  Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, B.B. King, and many more.



Learn from the Best Guitar Coaches in the world!

Guitar Tricks has more than 30 world-class instructors from different musical genres and styles, ready to give you the highest quality lessons on fundamental to advanced theory, technique, and style training to help you become as proficient and advanced as you can be.



Once you have chosen your favorite instructor to learn from, click into it, and the instructor is ready to offer you their wisdom in their area of expertise in guitar playing.



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I thought this was it, but the BEST is yet to come…

Usually for a review of a great online music course like this, I will try to come up some weaknesses of the product to make the review more balanced and objective.

I truly believe honesty is the way to go in the online world.

The single biggest weakness of online singing or instrumental courses is the absence of personal instruction and feedback for the students, which is the strength of traditional private music lessons.

Just when I’m planning to point out this classic weakness of online music courses, I found this on Guitar Tricks:



The Full Access PLUS is an additional service on top of the full membership in which you could get personal attention from live lessons online. Students will receive 3 small group live lessons with a guitar coach every single week.

The cost is $39 per month for Full Access PLUS. It might sounds a little high for some people, but I assure you it is not.

It’s way, way cheaper than a fairly good guitar coach that charges $50 for one single lesson in person.

For Full Access PLUS, students get 3 lessons per week, which average to 12 lessons per month. That’s $3.00 for a live guitar lesson!!!


Come on! There’s gotta be some Cons and Weaknesses….

If I want to find a weakness out of the whole Guitar Tricks training course, I think three sessions a week is too much for an ordinary student with a fairly busy schedule. Who has the time for that?

If you are looking for 1-on-1 coaching, Guitar Tricks also has Full Access PRO that offers you personal online guitar lessons with their certified coach, but the rate is more like traditional private lessons at $30/half hour and $60 for an hour.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything else to say about the negative sides of this course.

Everything is offered!!!


My Final Conclusion with Guitar Tricks

Ever since 2014 when I first tried Guitar Tricks, I have been so impressed with the high caliber of guitar instructions they are offering to guitar students from all over the world.

With a very minimal and affordable price, you could get the highest quality of guitar instructions in the world.

This would not be possible in the old days when you have to spend an average of $50/hour with an fairly decent instructor in person.

Now, you can learn from the best guitar teachers in the world for just $19.95 a month with full access to more than 10,000 guitar lessons 24-7.

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Literally, everything you need with guitar playing is offered on the Guitar Tricks learning platform.

If you know something they are missing or not offering, please comment below and let me know. I am curious about what’s more to offer for a music learning platform like this.

My only regret toward Guitar Tricks is that I wish I had more time to learn from and enjoy the lessons offered on this platform. But, I’m a professional singer. Singing always come first when it comes to practice. That’s just the way it is for me.

As a professional singer, I can tell you that it takes a lot of sacrifice to make a great musician. If you are not willing to make this minimal sacrifice, and I do mean minimal, the chance of you becoming a proficient guitar player is slim.

If you are passionate about or interested in playing the guitar, please do yourself a favor and invest the small amount of money and time to become a great guitar player. You deserve it. Seriously.

If you have anytime you would like to discuss, please comment below and I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you.


All the best,



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