Welcome, Singers!

About Rex Wee

Hi, this is Rex.

I’m the founder of BathroomSingingCrew.com.

This site is designed as a safe harbor to help singers who are struggling technically and professionally.

Why…you may ask.

I know how it feels to suck at something you love so much.

It is a hidden pain that only the singer(you) and God knows.

I have been a professional singer for over 16 years.

I have studied the art of singing for over 27 years since my freshman year in college.

I have failed so many times in the pursuit of great singing techniques.

In the end, my failures turned me into a good voice teacher and vocal coach.

Failures also made me a stronger professional singer.

I have a heart to help singers who struggled as I have in this lonely journey.

I have encountered and seen almost every vocal issue as I have.

High note problems, cracking, not enough breath, vocal health, stage fright…

I’ve been through them all.

Everything I have learned as a singer, I am able to test it on the professional stage over the years.

I have designed this site to help your development as a singer and musician.

I will give you sound and professional advice in your pursuit of musical success.

Welcome to my site, and I look forward to knowing you more!

If you have any questions about this site, you can reach me at rex@bathroomsingingcrew.com.

Best wishes,