Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy Review – John Henny Training!

Master Teacher John Henny is one of the most sought-after voice teacher in contemporary music

John Henny is not just a master voice teacher, he is also a master trainer of voice teachers – a TEACHER OF TEACHERS!

This is a review on John Henny’s one-of-a-kind complete training course for voice teachers – Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy!

In my opinion, John Henny’s Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy is currently one of the best online voice teacher training program! And I will attempt to show you why in this official review!

Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy Review Summary

ProductContemporary Voice Teacher Academy

Description: This is a complete training course for voice teachers of all levels produced by master teacher John Henny. This training program provides everything a voice teacher needs to become proficient and effective in teaching and training singers.

Price: $99 per month

Best for: Voice Teachers of all levels / Aspiring Teachers

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5

Recommended: Yes!

John Henny review

One of the Best Teacher of Voice Teachers

I have been a fan and student of John Henny’s singing programs for many years. Although I have never had a voice lesson with him personally, his teaching has had a great impact on me both as a voice teacher and singer.

With a very successful lifelong teaching career, John Henny has taken the singing method now commonly known as Mix to the next level.

Although not a voice scientist himself, he has really dived into the study of vocal science and has mastered it to a degree that he is now presenting vocal-science-made-easier-and simpler for every voice teacher and singer.

John henny review

In order to thrive as a voice teacher, you need passion and a willingness to learn.”

– John Henny

The vocal science training is the most precious core of John’s teaching, because – how many of us really know the reason behind doing the “mum-mum-mums, nay-nay-nays, and all the other vocal exercises?

One famous online voice teacher criticized those exercises as “impractical” which can’t be further from the truth.

After going through John’s training, you will know why you use every vocal exercise with its different combination of vowels and consonants. You will truly master the nuances of vocal training to help your students as well as your own singing.

I have been studying John’s teaching for years. I’m living proof of how John’s training will take your artistry and career to a new level.

Amazing Voice Teacher Training with Unbelievable 16 Training Modules!

This is one of the most extensive and comprehensive voice teacher training program in the market.

There are so much training materials in the program including newly added monthly training and bonus content. I don’t know if it’s possible to cover everything here. But here is an overview of the training curriculum: 

Course Curriculum:

John Henny review
John Henny review

Just by a glance at the course curriculum, you can tell that there are a lot of materials covered in this special training program for voice teachers.

Obviously, I can’t go through everything, but I will show you the important highlights of this course.

Theory and Science are not important for Singing? I disagree…

There are singers and teachers who think that the theory side of singing is not important – “just train the singers with the right exercises, they will become good singers without understanding theory.”

Well, I’m in my 40s now and have seen many singers over the course of my singing career. I can tell you there are a lot of singers, including professional ones, that do not understand how the voice works.

From my personal witness, those are the singers that stop improving and often go astray in their technical craft in their later years.

John Henny’s singing courses, especially this voice teacher training, leans heavily on the proven theory and science of singing, which so important to build that foundation of singing technique.

How else are you going to know if what you’re doing is correct?

My first voice teacher told me back in my college days that having a theoretical basis is so essential for singers. You will be able to fix vocal problems either for yourself or your students.

Through John Henny’s Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy, you will have a complete understanding of how the voice works, and you will become a proficient teacher very quickly.

What awesome is that you will be your own best teacher!

An Inside Look at This Awesome Training Course!

Let’s take an inside look at what’s offered in the training modules.

In each module, there are different lessons with different topics that John gives us training on.

John Henny review

In each of the lessons, there is a video with John teaching the very important vocal concept that builds the foundation of our teaching.

You get to download the exact transcripts and the neatly designed slides that John uses during the lessons.

John Henny review

One of the most precious part of this training program is that you get John himself answering your questions in the comment section of each lesson. This is invaluable as it is really free coaching from a world class voice teacher.

John Henny review

It is not cheap to have a one-on-one lesson with John himself, and he is making himself available for all of us through this platform.

I remember, in the early days of online training for singing back about 15 years ago, I would visit John Henny’s website and drool for his training and instruction, because I didn’t have the money to get his coaching.

And now, this precious jewel of vocal instruction is available for all of us, and it’s even better than before.

I personally joined this training primarily for my own self-training, and then it’s for my students. I am my own best teacher, and you should be too!

The Most Well-Designed Voice Teacher Training Curriculum

Basically, the course starts out with John explaining the very difficult vocal concepts and theories in a very easy-to-understand way.

I actually started to love vocal science because of John Henny, and you will too if you enroll in this program. You no longer have to rely on abstract imagery and vague instruction from voice teachers.

In the middle section starting with module 5, John gives you the Teaching Toolbox for you to guide your voice students and trains you what to listen and watch out for in the different types of problem voices.

You will be able to start fixing voices in a very efficient way. You will know why great voice teachers use certain vocal exercises. A good voice teacher will not choose exercises randomly but without a specific purpose.

The latter part of the training includes Advanced Teaching for professional singers, Vocal Health, Coaching Materials, etc.

What’s really cool about this training is that you actually get to see John in action teaching real students for you learn how to conduct an actual voice lesson.

John Henny review

One of the best parts of the Teacher Academy is the quizzes at the end of the lessons and the Certification Test towards the end of the course. It helps you retain those valuable knowledge and tools through the testing method.

John Henny review

The coolest thing is – you actually get certified by John himself! (if you pass, of course)

But the most important benefit is not really the certification but acquiring the actual knowledge of vocal science and the right theory of singing technique.

If you have ever taught vocal lessons before, it could be a little daunting and intimidating to be teaching an actual student.

Through this Teacher’s Training, you will gain the confidence you need to conduct professional voice lessons and charge a good price for your services to the students.

John Henny review

Continuous Monthly Training Exclusively for Members!

Other than the regular training modules that build the foundation and mastery of your vocal teaching, John conducts monthly live training exclusively for members only.

In these monthly training, you will be able to interact with and ask questions with John in real time.

John Henny review

We’re not close to finished yet…Bonus Lessons Now!

I don’t know when I can finish this review – there are so much more coming, so bear with me.

At the end of the training course, there are bonus courses that includes the most important subject of business development as voice teachers:

John Henny review

Other bonus lessons include John’s masterclass, quick teaching tips, how to teach over Skype, and many more.

That’s about it for all the important highlights of the Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy(CVTA).

Oh, but we’re not done yet…

Enroll Now, you get 2 more Complete Training Program FREE!!!

The reason why I love John Henny is that he does not put out mediocre products to disguise as bonuses to make the offer look good to you.

If you enroll in this voice teacher program, you get an entire training program of Piano for Voice Teachers absolutely free. Note that this is not a module, but an entirely separately course as a gift to you!

John Henny review
John Henny review

These are just the highlights of the Piano Course for Voice Teachers. There are 6-7 modules in this special piano program. I can’t show you everything. That would make this review too long.

Because I still have to show you one last thing that comes with the Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy – CVTA Elite!

The Awesome CVTA Elite Forum for FREE!

Okay, this is the last thing I will share about what CVTA is offering, or else, this long review is never going to end.

Right now, John is offering this free platform where you can submit the recording of the voice lessons you conducted for him to critique and review.

Also, in CVTA Elite, John is offering to teach one of your students!!!

Yes, you heard me right. John will give your students a free lesson, so you could watch how he teaches and learn from him. Don’t believe me? I’ll have John himself tell you this himself:

Okay, we’re not done yet. One last thing I would like to mention to you is that John is giving you free private consultation and coaching for your business development as a voice teacher inside CVTA – this is through email correspondence.

I mean…WOW!

Personal Business Coaching, Free Private Lesson, John’s Critique on Your Voice Lessons, and many more – this is mind blowing!!!

Seriously, this is as good as it gets for a program like this. Seriously, I don’t think anyone else is doing this. Thanks, John!

What else do you need as a voice teacher? If you are not a voice teacher yet, this program is exactly what you need to become one.

The thing that surprises me about this program is that not enough singers and voice teachers know about a great program like this.

That’s why I decided to be the first one to review the Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy program, so more people will know.

Everything you need to teach students or yourself how to sing is provided in this training program.

Finally, My Conclusion about the Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy…

This is one of the best quality(if not the best) Voice Teacher Training program online right now.

If you are considering to become a voice teacher, this is the ultimate training program for you.

You might be a little concerned about the monthly membership fee of $99/month. But, let me tell you – it is going to go up, so enroll now to get your monthly fee locked in.

So, should you invest in a program like this? If you are serious about the education and training of singers and your own singing, you won’t find a course like this anywhere else, so take action now!

If you are looking for a complete singing course for singers, John has a wonderful singing program for training singers from the perspective of Vocal Science. Check out my review on John Henny’s New Science of Singing 2.0.

If you have any question about this review, comment below and I’ll be happy to discuss with you.

To great singing,


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  1. Hi Rex, as someone who wants to become an excellent singer but also a great vocal coach, do I get all I need in this subscription alone, or do I need to buy his singing course (new science of singing 2.0) as well?
    Thank you in advance.

    P.S. Also I’d recommend that you look into Eric Arcenaux’s newer course Breathing Bootcamp for singers, I believe he’s got so much better in his camera presence since elite 1.

    1. Jaroslav,

      I think John Henny’s Teacher training will be more than enough for you even as a singer. For me personally, I studied the science behind teaching voice to benefit my own singing as well as my students. You will learn how to teach others and yourself as well. Thanks for the info on Eric’s breathing course!


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