Build A Great Voice.
Sing High Notes.
Win An Audience.

Do you want to sing a high C in full voice?

Want to sing like your favorite singer?

How about impressing your friends and family with your singing?

Better yet, do you want to build followers with your voice?

What if I told you – these are all possible with the right training?

Start Building Your Voice

How I Went from Struggling Vocally to Singing Professionally for 17+ years

Hi, this is Rex.

I started vocal training at the age of 19 with a dream to sing on the professional operatic stage.

After 4 years at a prestigious music school, I lost all my high notes due to improper vocal training methods.

Every music grad school I applied to rejected me.

I returned to Taiwan from the US with a shattered dream.

I continued to search for the right singing method for 20 years after that.

I tried teacher after teacher, singing method after singing method – none of them worked…

Rex Wee

…until I found this little-known singing technique from the “pre-Bel Canto” era.

This singing method transformed my voice with high notes, power, and vocal beauty.

I’m here to show you how you can do the same.

If you’re interested in taking your voice to the next level, keeping reading…

The Voice Building Training System

I searched for the right vocal training method for 20 years through trial and errors, and a ton of money invested.

I travelled to different countries to study with voice teachers in search of “vocal truth.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to do the same, because I have found it.

Rex Wee
San Marco, Venice

The Voice Building Training System is a vocal method that is based on traditional Italian singing technique.

And no, it is not based on Bel Canto (a term overused to impress students).

The Voice Building Training System is a singing method that is based on the pre-Bel Canto era that is able to develop your voice to its fullest potential.

Imagine building a 2-3 octave range with your full voice. 

How about singing any note within your range in full voice, mixed voice, or falsetto at will?

If you are willing to put in the work, the Voice Building Training System can take your voice to a new level.

Build Strong Full Voice

Stop singing high notes with “wimpy mixed voice.” Hit those high notes in legit FULL VOICE with vocal power. You build those vocal muscle to extend your full voice range beyond your wildest imagination.

Become a Vocal Artist

Have complete control over your voice to use vocal colors to express your emotions. You will have true vocal freedom to sing out your innermost emotions through your voice and songs. This is how you win over an audience.

Sing High Notes in Full Voice, Not Mixed Voice!

Many singers believe the only way to sing high notes is by singing mixed voice.

I’m here to tell you – that is a LIE!

You can sing high notes beyond the high C in full voice (some called it “chest voice”).

In fact, anyone can do it if they put in the right effort.

It is hard work that is well worth it:

Start Building Your Voice

You Can Build a Great Singing Voice

Singing is not about being born with a great voice or talent.

Your voice can be strengthened and built.

It’s kind of like bodybuilding for the voice. You can build and strengthen your vocal muscles. 

You can extend your vocal range, hit crazy high notes, and produce beautiful sounds.

What you need is the correct training method and singing technique.

I know because I have used this training system to transform my voice.

My music professor told me that I would never sing this song in my lifetime…

Well, here is me singing the greatest tenor aria of all times, Nessun Dorma:

Build An Audience With Your Voice

Imagine being able to sing any song you like, and do it well, or even better with your own style.

You can have this kind of vocal freedom with the right training.

Although technique is important, I believe singing is about conveying emotions.

If you cannot sing like an artist, it wouldn’t matter if you have the best voice in the world.

Singing is one of the best ways to express yourself as a human being.

When you do that, you feel a sense of fulfillment as a singer and a human being…That’s the best feeling!

The right vocal training will free and release the artist inside you, not trap them.

The Voice Building Vocal System is the training to do that. 

Take Your Singing to the Professional Stage

Most singers underestimate the potential of their singing voice.

When your voice is completely freed up, and there’s a way to do it, you can do great things with your singing. 

You can start having success on the professional stage and live out your life’s purpose as a singer.

When you finally break out of your own limiting beliefs as a singer, the possibilities are endless.

With the Internet, the traditional gatekeepers of the music industries are gone.

You can literally start a music career online whenever you want.


What Students are Saying

After training with Rex, students and clients are seeing massive improvements in a very short period of time.

Rex is a wonderful teacher! Having studied with many teachers across the world, working with Rex has truly allowed me to push my limits. We’ve unlocked parts of my voice that has held me back for years.
Ivan Lu
I truly recommend Rex. He is by far one of the best singing coaches in the world. His coaching is the only thing that gave me the singing improvement and confidence to continue to pursue my music artist career.
Bobby Liu
Singer/College student

Start Making Money with Your Voice

When you are able to express your authentic self as an artist, people will start to follow you.

You can begin a career as an independent artist, or, like me, sing professionally for a singing group.

This is possible with a proven blueprint for your development as a singer.

If singing is your calling, do not wait to invest in your own development as an artist.

Start Building Your Voice