John Henny Review – Best Vocal Science Course for Singers!

I am so excited to be writing this review as I have been a fan of master voice teacher John Henny’s work for many years now.

For many years, John Henny was one of the original master teachers for the Speech Level Singing organization along with other legendary teachers of our time, like Dean Kaelin, Wendy Parr, etc.

Not only is John a master teacher for singers, he is also one of the best “Teachers of singing teachers.” That’s right! He teaches singing teachers how to teach. I have learned so much from his work over the years as a singer and teacher.

Today I’m going to review his very unique, one-of-a-kind vocal science course for singers – New Science of Singing!

Before you freak out and hit the back button for seeing the word “science,” let me assure you this is NOT your ordinary science class. It is vocal science made easy for singers!

You will understand how singing works so that we get true solid foundation for our singing technique through this really, really special singing course you will not see anywhere else. And yes, it is a singing course training you how to sing!

I’m probably the first one to be reviewing John Henny’s New Science of Singing, so I’m really excited!

If you’re ready, here we go!

New Science of Singing 2.0 Review Summary

ProductNew Science of Singing 2.0

Description: This is a very special online singing program created by master teacher John Henny that approach the training of singers from the perspective of vocal science. It is truly a one-of-a-kind singing program that give singers complete knowledge for their instrument and how to voice works.

Best for: Serious singers of all levels

Price: $399

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5
Product Rating 4 out of 5

Recommended: Yes!

John Henny review

Check Out the Latest 3.0 Version

The Best Vocal Science Singing Course!

From my experience, most singers and teachers have a very vague understanding of Vocal Science. Why? Because they don’t think it’s useful.

The biggest reason why there are so much confusion in the singing industry is that singing teachers rely on abstract imagery to teach. (I know I because I was one of the victims of traditional vocal training.)

The use of imagery is understandable since Vocal Science was not well-developed in the last century, and so singers have to learn by imagination and feeling.

However, Vocal Science has developed in the last 30 years to a degree that most mysteries surrounding the voice has been resolved.

John Henny’s New Science of Singing 2.0 is the pioneering vocal training system that builds a solid foundation for singing technique through the proven knowledge of Vocal Science.

In this course, we are looking at very useful, practical, and easy-to-understand (believe it or not) vocal knowledge that you can apply right away to your singing.

You will gain thorough understanding of how singing works that will clear most confusions you have with the instrument.

What is Offered in this Elite Singing Course for Serious Singers

Let’s take a look at what is inside the New Science of Singing 2.0 training platform.

Here is a complete glance of all the key modules on the training platform:

In each of the training modules, there are video lessons with John explaining the key concepts about the voice. Audio mp3 files of the lessons are also available for streaming or download. The slides used during the lessons are also provided for students as lessons notes.

I have seen a lot of training sites, and some are them are either poorly designed, not well-organized, or confusing to use. Not this one here!

The design of the training platform of John Henny’s New Science of Singing 2.0 is very easy-to-navigate and user-friendly. You know exactly where you need to go as soon as you sign in.

John Henny review

Vocal Training from One of the BEST Voice Teachers in the World!

As a professional singers and voice teachers, I do not say this lightly – In my opinion, John Henny is one of the best voice teachers in the world right now.

John has taught celebrity clients and singers of all levels in his very successful career as a singing teacher. I don’t think his status matches the number of people who know him on the Internet. More singers and students should know about him worldwide.

The biggest value offered in this very awesome singing program is really John himself. His vast knowledge of vocal science and singing technique are hardly matched by any other voice teachers in the world.

The most awesome thing about John’s teaching in this singing program is that he is able to break down supposedly very complicated and difficult Vocal Science of the human voice, and apply them to very practical use for both singers and voice teachers in singing.

John Henny review

Believe it or not, Vocal Science actually becomes really fun through John’s presentations in this course. 

After you have gone through each lesson, there is a certification test waiting for you towards the end of the training. The test will take about an hour with 35 questions. When you pass the test, you will be officially certified in Vocal Science by John Henny.

Check Out the Latest 3.0 Version

The Most Invaluable Bonus Vocal Course Offered FREE for You!

I have seen bonus courses offered by a lot of the online singing programs that are very mediocre and redundant.

John Henny adds great value to this singing course New Science of Singing 2.0 by finally presenting the 2.0 part – the bonus course on the latest discoveries in Vocal Science!

This bonus course can be sold as a separate course by itself, but John is offering for free here on the training platform.

Again, John breaks down the newest vocal concepts and teaches you how to apply it to actual singing and practice.

John Henny review
John Henny review

Personal Interaction with Master Teacher John Henny

One of the most valuable offer you get from this course is you get to ask John questions directly in the comment sections in each lessons.

It is not cheap to have a one-on-one session with him, but he is offering himself on this platform.

As long as you are a member of the program, you can ask you question directly in the comment sections. John is pretty quick in responding with very professional and helpful insights.

John Henny review

Check Out the Latest 3.0 Version

The Most Authoritative and Reliable Vocal Method

I have been studying John’s work for many years now. I have not had a private lesson with him, because I didn’t have the money before. (Hopefully a private lesson with him soon…)

Fortunately, the second BEST alternatives to receiving private lesson with John are his online courses. I have benefited so much from his teachings, and I’m a professional myself. Just love his stuff!!! 

Listen to me hitting a solid HIGH C using John’s vocal method – just from studying his NEW SCIENCE OF SINGING 2.0 vocal training program.

John Henny Review

What’s unique about John’s vocal method is that he places a lot of emphasis on Formant Tuning, which has something to do with adjusting the resonance space in your mouth and throat in order to amplify the volume and create a beautiful sound.

Formant Tuning is kind of like audio engineers adjusting all the EQs in the sound – he can either increase or decrease the volume of the high, mid, or low frequencies in any sound that’s produced to get a desired color, timbre, or even intensity. 

The Pros and Cons

This is definitely one of my favorite vocal training course. I’m going through the New Science of Singing 2.0 course every single day right now for my own vocal training.

Just like my other reviews, I will try to give you the most balanced and objective review by trying to give you the pros and cons of this product. The cons is really difficult for me to come up with, because I think very highly of this program.

The Pros:

1. The most complete vocal science training for singers.

2. Difficult vocal concepts made-easy!

3. Easy-to-navigate and user-friendly training platform.

4. Highest quality lessons given by John Henny the master teacher.

5. Videos, audio mp3s, and lesson slides provided for students.

6. Gives students complete understanding of how the voice works.

7. Students will be able to be their own teachers after the training.

8. The most awesome bonus course on the latest vocal science discoveries.

9. Personal interaction with John Henny – Ask him questions!

The Cons:

1. The idea of Vocal Science could be intimidating for some.

2. Students might not have patience.

3. Vocal exercises come up later in module VIII.

4. Price could be high for some (though it’s been lowered about 60% recently).

That’s all I have for the cons! Really not much negative sides for me. This is a very superior vocal training program. Trust me – I’m a professional singer and teacher!

Finally, Should You Invest in a Singing Program like this?

Are you kidding me? Of course you should – My answer is YES, YES, and YES!

The New Science of Singing 2.0 course is going to give you the complete knowledge about Vocal Science and how the voice works.

You will be able to teach yourself as well as other how to practice singing.

If you think the price $197 is too high, let me tell you the truth – the original price is $497 for this course – and now with the bonus course added!

If you are serious about singing, it doesn’t matter whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced – this course is for you!!!

Check Out the Latest 3.0 Version

This is one of the most profound and effective vocal training course that’s going to change your life as a singer forever. Sounds like a bold claim? I’m giving this course full endorsement as a professional singer and voice teacher. I just love it!

If you have any questions about John Henny’s New Science of Singing 2.0, comment below. I’ll be happy to discuss with you.

To great singing,


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  1. I want to but a singin course 2.0
    I live singing please respond to this email without link
    To but
    Best regards
    From Poland
    I want to know how to sing with higher pitch and resonance and easily to defeat bridges in voice and to have more Power and air and to learn to breath with diaphragm

    1. Sebastian,

      I am not sure what you are asking, but John’s program is great for connecting your vocal range and crossing your vocal bridges. What is unique about this program is that it explains very thoroughly how the voice works before he takes you to the vocal exercises. Hope this helps!


    1. Hi Creighton,

      There are tons of free stuff on Youtube. But I would recommend you start with Robert Lunte’s free videos. Like John Henny, he’s very clear in his explanations.


  2. Hi Rex,

    First of all thanks a lot for creating such a extensive sight for reviews. It’s been very useful.

    I have a quick question on your New Science of Singing 2.0 Review. When I checked the landing web page for this program I could not help noticing that it was rather poorly designed in terms of userfriendliness. Some links are not working. It is not possible to sign up unless you actually make a purchase. Those are some isues that make me have a cold feet. Judging by your review tough one should dive in without hesitation.

    Is this program really presenting a userfriendly and top notch production?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Tugyan,

      I’m not sure what links you’re talking about. I just check all the links on the page and they all work.


  3. Hi Rex, thank you for the comprehensive review. It’s embarrassing to admit that I can’t sing in tune at all. Is it true that ANYONE can sing? If so, is this course for real beginners who can’t even sing Do-Re-Mi properly? Thanks a lot!

    1. Zoe,

      I have never met someone who is truly tone deaf, only people who cannot control their voice to match the ideal pitch. Yes, I believe wholeheartedly that any voice can be trained.

      For you I recommend 30 Day Singer singing program – it’s the best beginner singing course I’ve seen.


  4. Hi Rex, thanks for the review. I’d just like to get your opinion on something. I am a professional musician currently singing about 4-5 nights a week and I’d like to improve my understanding of how the voice works, and how to improve my tone and stylistic diversity.

    Would you recommend this course, or the four pillars of singing for someone in my position?

    1. Ze,

      This is definitely the course for you. John Henny is THE “Vocal Science Teacher” for singers. When you hear him explain these really complex vocal science concepts, everything becomes so clear and simple- when it’s not! John is the best in this area for us singer. As for stylistic diversity, you need to find another singing course that focuses on stylistic development – it is a whole other major subject of singing.

      Hope this helps!


  5. Hi Rex, thanks for the review. I’m from New Zealand & am wondering what the actual cost in NZ dollars would be. Is the price of Johns course in American dollars?

  6. Hello, Rex,

    I sing for a worship team now and have sung in choirs in the past, but I really don’t understand anything about vocal science, the voice, etc. I want to improve and learn more, and I thankfully have the funds for this program.

    After reading about Vocal Science 2.0, I have also read your review for The Four Pillars of Singing, and I wanted to ask, which would you recommend over the other? I am not exactly looking to become a vocal teacher, but I would like to understand more about my voice and understand to harmonize better.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Dennis,

      Both programs are great. If you are looking to fully understand the science behind the voice, go for John Henny. If you are looking for very intensive vocal training and you only need a basic understanding of the voice, go for Robert Lunte.


      1. Rex,

        Thank you so much for your recommendations! This helped me so much!

        All the best always,

  7. I love your reviews!Thanks for taking the time for helping us all. Im Looking to save some money. Is it worth it to buy singing success cds or singing for the stars by Seth Riggs (I can get them used for cheap on amazon or eBay).Are they easy to follow exercises? Also are they to old school?

    1. Josh,

      I have both of them. It depends on where you are in your vocal training stages. If you’re a beginner, then yes, get them. But if you have had some training before and are looking to take your voice to the next level, then I would encourage you to invest in John Henny’s Vocal Science course. It goes way deeper than the other two programs.


  8. Hi Rex, just wonder that which would you recommend to me compare to John Henny’s Vocal Science course and Four Pillars of Singing course? I have taken Singing Success courses before and I would like to strengthen and bring my singing voice to next level thanks

    1. Patrick,

      It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to continue to work on your mix voice to an advanced level, then John Henny’s course will be good for you. If you want to build a strong belt voice for rock and more extreme styles, then Robert’s course will be good for you.



  9. Hi Rex,

    I have not had any singing lessons before. Is starting with The Science of Singing too premature?

  10. Hi Rex,

    I’ve read in one of your responses to a question regarding this course that if your into Strengthening mix voice/SLS then this course is good.
    Do you mean to say that it’s only good for people that train mix voice but don’t train belting?
    Because I’ve been reading what you’ve been writing recently regarding the difference between mix voice and full voice and according to what your saying, if this course is only beneficial for mix voice training then that wouldn’t be good according to what you write about full voice being better

    1. Menachem,

      At 45 years of age, I am continuing to evolve as a voice teacher and singer. I have a deeper understanding on Mix, falsetto, and full voice now that I’m training with Jaime Vendera every week.

      I’m not saying Mix is not good. I have sung Mix for 10 years, and it has done wonders to my voice in terms of amplifying my voice to the fullest with very little effort. It is great for control and coordination, but if you want to grow your full voice bigger and higher, you have to use other methods such as Ken Tamplin and Robert Lunte.

      John Henny is one of the top experts in practical vocal science. If you want to get the most power and beauty out of your Mix voice, this course is great for you. But if you want to build vocal muscles, this is probably not for you!

      I hope I’m making this clear. I’m in a learning process myself, so my thinking about how the voice works is constantly evolving. Hopefully, the new things I’ve learned will build on top of what I’ve learned before. Sorry if what I’m saying sounds a little confusing to you. We can continue to discuss this if you have more questions.


      1. Rex,
        So if I understand you correctly, if I wanna build belt/chest voice strength then this isn’t for me?
        See, the main reason why I was thinking of learning this course was just to get a better knowledge of the vocal science behind the voice.
        I actually plan on going through Robert’s course of the four pillars of singing.
        But if this is going to confuse me and not help me understand the voice better, or (better said) if this will contradict what Robert teaches, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

        So, simply put, all I wanna really know is if I can go through this course without mixing me up with Roberts training.(or other trainings as well)

        1. Menachem,

          I don’t think this course will mix your up with Robert’s course, because John is teaching how to use “Formant Tuning”(adjusting your resonance space) to amplify and optimize your voice – something that is not covered in Robert’s course. With John’s course, you will understand how to voice works from a scientific point of view and apply it to your voice.

          Of course, 2 different teachers are going to have different opinions about the voice. That’s something that we as singers need to analyze and process ourselves. We need to find a way to incorporate their different methodology into training our voices. In the end, we need to be our own voice teacher.

          Also, it is easier to focus on one course at a time. I have gone through both of these courses and they have helped me tremendously. But, I did it one at a time, not at the same time.

          So, I don’t recommend you do both courses at the same time. Focus on one course for six months, then move on to the other one when you’re ready.

          Hope this helps!


          1. Rex,
            Thank u so much for your time!!
            It was much appreciated!!!
            I definitely will heed to your words and will do one at a time.
            And thanks for everything that you do on this website. It really goes a long way and it’s been really helpful in general.
            I have a strong passion in singing and on working on my voice and this website has really been a great help in that!!
            God bless you in all that you do and may you continue to help us all with good health and prosperity.

  11. Hi Rex:
    Thank you for your thoughtful review. I was contemplating investing in Cheryle Porter but there are some things about this that are highly attractive as well. I saw that you recommended 30 day singer to another so now I’m feeling concerned. You see, I have not been formally trained in any arena, but I have been in gospel choirs etc. much of my life. I also, did Superior Singing method a year ago. (I know…not the best customer service according to reviewers (I had no problems) but it was a wonderful bargain for me. I absolutely feel that course gave me a good solid foundation and plugged some important holes in my technique, although the lessons were a bit dry). My singing abilities increased exponentially, my range effortlessly expanded and my confidence grew as a result. I don’t know what truly constitutes a “beginner” and I don’t view myself as having zero knowledge given my experience and having completed that course etc.. Is this 2.0 Vocal Science appropriate for someone like me or will it all be over my head? Cheryle Porters looks very fun, but I’ll take a deeper understanding of my vocal instrument over being entertained any day. (Please send your response to my email as well in case I don’t see the post)

  12. (Mimi continued)
    *30 Day Singer seems so inexpensive. Is it completely done in 30 days or is 30 days when you just begin to see improvement in your vocals?
    *Should I just do that for 30 days and then take the vocal science 2.0 or would that be redundant given what I shared in my prior post? ) (I completed Superior Singing method and have been in gospel choirs all my life)
    *Is there a marked difference with the new understanding when doing the vocal science 2.0 course the way there is with 30 day singing?
    * How long does it generally take to complete the course with John Henny? Do you notice differences with his course within the first month or does it take longer? (No..I’m not in a hurry, just curious)

    Thank you and sorry for splitting my own message into two….but I thought of more so I had to ask….LOL. Thank you again for your reviews and responses.

    1. Mimi,

      Thanks for your comments! If you have been in gospel choirs all your life, then you are definitely not a beginner. I think you could seek a deeper understanding of your voice and how it works with John’s New Science of Singing. He is one of my favorite voice teachers in the world, and I only have very few. He has a great talent for explaining very abstract vocal concepts to make them very easy to understand for singers. The course includes solid vocal training with audio exercises as well.

      All of the courses that you mentioned have different strengths. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you need inspiration, then I think Cheryl is great for you and your solid vocal training. But I feel that her teaching style is not for people like me who don’t like too much excitement during vocal training. However, she is a legit vocal coach and she has a lot to offer for vocal training communities.

      30 Day Singer is really great for singers of all levels. It is designed for you to follow their daily training over a 30 day period with a new lesson a day. Once you complete, you can repeat the training routine, or move on to another vocal training course inside their program, and these are all included in their membership.

      Hope this helps!


  13. Hello Rex:

    Thank you so very much for your responses. I left out that one of the areas I’ve been building upon most is vocal strength, and vocal exercises have made a huge difference in that regard. If I’m going to do an immediate financial sacrifice, my immediate consideration is likely going to be Vocal Science 2.0. Until seeing what you’ve written, that program wasn’t even on my radar. Also, I meant to ask, just because I am curious….

    * Is Cheryl Porter all online or does one need certain technical abilities, its not clear from the ads. I actually wrote the company and didn’t get a response (for example, my computer doesn’t have a disk drive so I wanted to know the format.)

    *I believe 30 day singer is all online. Am I correct in understanding that it is a month to month commitment and I can cancel anytime?

    *Vocal Science 2.0, until reading your review I hadn’t even looked at it. After reading your review, I already know I need this course in my life. The only question left for me is “when” to do it…. before, after or during the other courses. In your opinion, is it so “meaty” that I should do it alone or would it be beneficial to go through the course while using one of the others (I still have a lot of time on my hands)

    Thank you again!


    1. Mimi,

      I don’t think you should do more than one singing program at a time. You could get really confused. You need to choose one and focus on it for a period of time to see if it works for your voice. You can cancel 30 Day Singer anytime. Chery Porter has her own training platform that you get log in to get all the training. The New Science of Singing is very rich in content that gives you a full understanding of the voice that you could apply to your singing. Pick one and focus on it. Put in the work and you will see results.


  14. How long does it take to reach module VIII? Up to that point, is there any application, or just knowledge?

    It looks like the price is now $299. Maybe I’ll wait for a sale!

    1. MS,

      I’m not sure what you mean by how long. You work at your own pace. There are vocal exercises for practice and training in the program. The price is $299. I forgot to update the price in the post. Sorry about that. This program was originally $497 when it first came out. I don’t know when he will give a sale any time soon in the future.


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