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Adam Mishan Review – Surprisingly Neat Singing Courses!

I have seen vocal coach and singer Adam Mishan’s work on YouTube over the last couple of years. My first impression of him was that he is a young and passionate singer who is striving to make a presence in the online singing world.

After finally looking into his vocal courses and what he’s teaching on Youtube, I have to say that I really like what he’s offering to singing students online. I think his vocal courses are going to help a lot of beginner and intermediate singers.

This is not a review on one particular singing course, but an general overview and analysis on Adam Mishan’s vocal methodology and singing programs.  

Adam Mishan Singing Courses Review Summary

Adam Mishan review

ProductTransform Your Voice

Description: This is Adam Mishan’s cute little introductory singing course that is audio based vocal training with 12 audio tracks that lays the foundation of Breathing for Singing, How the Voice Works, and Vocal Cord Conditioning.

Price: US$49

Best for: Beginners

Product Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars

Recommended: Yes

Adam Mishan review

ProductStop Being Tone Deaf

Description: A neat vocal course that teaches you tips and tricks to train your voice to in tune, which is a challenge for a lot of singer.

Price: US$99.97

Best for: Beginners

Product Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars

Recommended: Yes

Product30 Day to a Better Voice

Description: A complete vocal training course by Adam Mishan that builds a solid foundation over a 30 day intense training program.

Price: US$199.97

Best for: Beginners to Intermediate singer

Product Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars

Recommended: Yes

Why I Like Adam Mishan – this is just personal!

He reminds me of me. That’s it!

Adam Mishan started singing 14 years ago and documented his own progression of vocal training over the years. In the beginning, he really sucked, and he admits it! You could hear his amateur voice in his Youtube video. It was bad!!!

As the years progressed, you could hear the gradual improvements in his voice and when he started to sound good about 7-8 years ago. In 2018-19, he even released hit singles on Youtube that earned him quite a lot of recognition as a professional singer.

The best voice teachers are not the best singers but the ones who struggle the most. It is the valuable experiences of the vocal struggles that is going to help the students, because they understand what the students are facing and have the solutions to their problems.

I was rejected by every graduate music school as a voice major in college. The experiences of my own vocal struggles turn out to be a blessing to all my vocal students now, and I’m grateful for it.

How are Adam’s singing courses? Are they any good? Let’s take a look…

Adam Mishan put out a cute little introductory vocal course called Transforming Your Voice that includes 12 audio tracks that teaches and trains breathing for singing, how the voice works, and vocal cord conditioning. This course lays a great foundation for more advanced vocal training with very safe and gentle vocal exercises.

The audio training tracks of the Transforming Your Voice singing course is very high-quality and the instructions are explained in a very comprehensive way. I think this is a great vocal program for absolute beginners with not much vocal training experience to condition their voices for more advanced training in the future.

Adam Mishan review

Stop Being Tone Deaf is a very interesting course that addresses the issue of singers not being able to match pitch, which is a very serious problem. I used to be less compassionate about this vocal issue because I thought that was just too basic and not too many singers have this problem.

After I took a look at Adam’s Stop Being Tone Deaf, I came to realize that I was probably wrong and singers do have pitch problems. That’s why this course is an attempt to provide the solution to this major vocal problem.

This vocal course is designed to improve singers’ ability to match pitches over a 30 day period. Adam takes you through exercises that connect the ear to the voice so they can work together to match the ideals pitches.

I applaud Adam’s effort and heart to help singers solve this fundamental vocal problem that could be a major stumbling block for their vocal development.

Adam Mishan review

Adam Mishan has another 30-day singing course that is a lot more extensive, intense, and complete, and that is the 30 Days to a Better Voice program. This course is divided into 4-5 day training periods that starts from relieving vocal tension in the body all the way to vowel modification and vocal bridging.

What I like about Adam’s training curriculum is that he has broken down the training routine from the basic technical foundations and build on top of that from day to day – until you finish the whole 30 day training program.

According to Adam, most online singing courses have a lot of training contents on the platform, but it is easy to get overwhelmed or disoriented and don’t know where to start. In 30 Days to a Better Voice, Adam has designed the training curriculum into daily 15-min training for you to practice 3 to 4 times a day for an entire month.

Adam Mishan review

Now, what I don’t like about Adam’s singing course…

There are no perfect singing program, and when it comes to singing, no voice teacher has all the answers. I think Adam’s singing courses are neatly produced with very high quality, but there are a few things I do not like about his singing courses, particularly the 30 Day to a Better Voice program.

1. Too much emphasis on relieving vocal and body tension.

In this singing course, Adam spends the first 15 day of training trying to get rid of tension in the tongue, shoulder, neck, etc. Relieving those tension is fine but I think too much emphasis is placed on this issue.

I rarely do exercises with my students just to relieve tension. I take them through vowel modification or more intensive strength building exercises after warmup, because if you do the right vocal exercises to produce good sound right away, the relief of tension is almost automatic because you are activating the right muscles and letting go of the wrong muscles.

2. Vowel modification should be introduced earlier in the program. 

Vowel modification is the key to crossing vocal bridge to get you to the high register very quickly. You don’t need to wait 15 days or more to get to that. You can do it in the first lesson and achieve instant result.

Every voice teacher has different approaches. I have encountered voice teachers who uses similar methodology, and I respect Adam’s view and approach on vocal training. I just don’t believe it’s the most effective one.

3. Not much vocal strength building routines in the program.

Let me first define what I mean by vocal strength building – building vocal muscles, like “vocal weight training.” Many voice teachers don’t believe in this, especially people from the Mix singing camp and Speech Level Singing, because they think it is harmful to be putting too much weight on the vocal cords.

I don’t know if Adam is one of those teachers who don’t believe in this, but I certainly don’t see too much vocal weight training in this training curriculum of the 30 Day to a Better Voice program.

I know from experience that you absolute need “vocal weight training” in order to grow your Full Voice. Vocal weight training can make your Full Voice higher, fuller, and more powerful.

For this kind of intense vocal training, vocal coach Robert Lunte has developed the most complete vocal training program – The Four Pillars of Singing, that not only trains Vocal Coordination, which what Adam does really well, but intensive and most-effective Vocal Strength Building curriculum and training routine that truly build up a complete full voice in the singers.

4. Not much personal feedback platform for students.

The biggest weakness of online singing courses is particularly the lack of personal feedback from the voice teacher. Singing is a very technical craft that is very difficult to learn from lectures.

From all the review I have done so far, singing courses are starting to have monthly group coaching sessions, webinars, or video feedback for the benefit of the students. In Adam’s singing courses, he has yet to design such a platform for direct feedback for students.

Pros and Cons for Adam Mishan’s Singing Courses 

Now I have talked about what I really like and what I think could be improved about Adam Mishan’s singing courses. Let’s take a look at the overall Pros and Cons for Adam Mishan’s singing programs:


  • Training curriculum is carefully designed and easy to follow.
  • High quality video lessons with comprehensive vocal instructions.
  • Vocal methodology is safe and beneficial to students.
  • Adam is a very qualified and experienced vocal coach and professional singer. Students are in good hands. 


  • Too much emphasis on relieving tension in the training.
  • Vowel modification training could be emphasized more to be more effective.
  • Lack of “vocal weight training” or strength building routines.
  • No personal feedback platform for students.


As a voice teacher and a vocal coach, I think Adam Mishan has an advantage for teaching because of the vocal struggles he went through over the years.

You can tell from the way he carefully designed the training curriculum in his singing programs to suit the students’ need that he really understand the challenges that the students are facing.

Generallly speaking, if you are a beginner or a struggling intermediate singers looking for breakthrough, I think Adam Mishan’s singing courses are great for you because his lessons are very easy to follow.

However, if you are looking to train your belt voice in a very intense way, there are other courses and voice teachers that are more specialized in this area, such as Ken Tamplin, Jaime Vendera, and Robert Lunte’s singing program.

That’s all I have for now!

If you have any question, comment below and I’ll be happy to discuss with you.

To great singing,


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