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Welcome to Bathroom Singing Crew!

With a funny name like that, you might be thinking – “What the heck is this about?” BathroomSingingCrew.com exists to help singers find solutions to their problems and provide emotional support from someone who has been there, done that – ME!!!

I hope you can be as comfortable and enjoyable here as if you’re singing alone in the bathroom.

The bathroom is where most people feel secure and comfortable singing…This is your ideal singing bathroom!

I welcome you once again!

My story with singing…

My name is Rex. I am a professional singer in the Christian music genre. I have a Bachelor of Music degree from UC Irvine with an emphasis in vocal performance. At age 43, I finally will be getting my Master of Music from the top music school in Taiwan in January 2019. Better late than never!

Although my background is classical singing, I have nothing good to say about the way singing is taught at the classical music schools. In fact, I waited 20 years to get my masters, because the teaching for singing is incorrect and harmful at most classical music schools.

I was the victim of classical music teaching back in 1998. My singing was so bad that not even my own school wanted me for graduate school.

Was it my fault that my singing was horrible back then? I worked pretty hard and was very serious with my studies. In the end, I could not help but come up with the conclusion that I JUST DIDN’T HAVE THE TALENT!

Now after 20 years of searching and exploring, I finally realized that it wasn’t me – it was them!

There are so many bad singing teachers out there. I would say roughly and loosely 9 out of 10 voice teachers don’t know what they are doing.

I know how you feel…

I know how it feels to love singing but SUCK big time at it! I know how it feels to spend a fortune of money on college tuition, only to find out that what you have been learning for years have been wrong.

It’s not easy to choose to be a singer. In the 90s when the internet was just starting, I had to fight with my family over my decision to become a singer with the expensive phone calls from L.A. to Taiwan.

I’m here to share with you how I overcome all the problems and struggles- technically, emotionally, and mentally.

I will share with you everything you need to know about singing and all the issues related to it, so you can become an accomplished singer with happiness, success, and peace in your life.

My Mission

I”m here to provide a home and haven for singers who are looking for answers and support. We want to provide quality content that will actually help people to become better singers.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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  1. I love to sing. I have friends who insisted I sing in their weddings, which I did. I hate the actual sound of my voice. I also cannot find the style I should sing, based on the sound of my voice. Can you help?

    1. Hi Meeka,

      Thanks for your comment! Voice training takes a little time, effort, and dedication on your part to improve your singing voice. The good news is it doesn’t take as long as piano or the violin if you have proper training. As much as I like to help, I currently do not have a singing course of my own, maybe sometimes in the future. In the meantime, I recommend you check out Robert Lunte’s online singing course “The Four Pillars of Singing.” It’s one of the best online singing courses, if not, the best out there. Read this review. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi! I’m excited I found your site.

    I’m actually a pro singer making a living with my voice and other music-related work.

    I started out as an opera trained singer but my passion at the time mostly was in writing my own songs, so I transitioned into pop and jazz.

    Years later I can sing a wide variety of styles pretty well, but I feel like I want to get back to opera, and also that I’m still singing at maybe 60-70% of my capacity.

    Do you believe that it possible to combine techniques? Or that focusing on opera makes it impossible to keep singing big pop? Anyway you have quite a few great resources on your site so I’m not quite sure where to start exploring because I’m not a beginner. I want to strengthen my voice and take it as far as I can but I’m currently based in Japan so I’m going to focus on self study for at least a year.

    If you google Elizaveta you can find lots of recordings and videos of me singing.

    Would love your thoughts! Thank you.

    1. Elly,

      Great to have you here! I personally sing classical and contemporary music at the same time at a professional level in Taiwan. Yes, I believe you can do both, but I must admit it’s more difficult for female singers because of the difference in vocal range between classical pieces and pop songs. But it’s definitely possible! I actually encourage singers to study different styles of music. It’s a great test to see if your vocal technique is legit and good enough to cover different styles.

      As for self-study, I think all learning is really self-teaching, whether or not you have a teacher. If you want to be your own voice teacher, you need to look into John Henny’s vocal science course. If you go through that course, you will have a thorough understanding of how the voice really works and how you should train your own voice. Read my review!

      All the best to you! Let me know if you need other suggestions!


  3. Rex,
    Hi I am a guitar player and song writer on an amateur intermediate level at this point and would like to learn to sing to be able to ultimately sing with/ ?front my band. We do original and cover blues/classic rock music with forays into styles as diverse as jazz and metal. What vocal course would you suggest for me as a beginner in this mode.

  4. Dear Rex,

    I’m an 17 year old student, who got started with singing recently. I would consider myself being at a beginner’s to intermediate level and looking forward to improving rapidly.
    Though i don’t actually know on which level I really am currently.
    Do you know, how I could find a suiting vocal course for me?
    Best regards,


  5. Rex,

    I have loved reading your reviews of different singing programs. I am in the middle of recording my first Christian singer/song/writer record. I have played guitar and sung for many years, but have struggled with singing, especially in the past ten years. Most of the songs I wrote in my early 20’s I cannot sing without dropping the key 2 or 3 steps and often my neck is tight when I sing and it is not enjoyable. I am 35 and do not have the range I had then and singing often is difficult but I still thoroughly enjoy it. I want to do an online course before vocal tracking to hopefully improve within the next two months. I was very close to purchasing SSM until I saw your great reviews for TVS. I would rather save the money and go with SSM at least for now and what appeals to me about it is he targets those who do not have a great voice, and I have never liked my voice. Or do you think at think point it my career I should invest in TVS? Thanks for any thoughts you can share!

    1. Andrew,

      SSM is okay for beginners, but if you are serious about vocal training, you should go for the TVS singing course The Four Pillars of Singing. It is more intensive and comprehensive at the same time. For me perosnally, SSM is more like an intro singing course.


  6. I love your voice its amazing I always wanted to become a great singer but my talent is 0 i’m only 17 and iv’e learned that its not just your born with it its you have to get better I just want to be a good singer

    1. Savanah,

      I believe any voice can be trained to be a great one. The key is to pick the right vocal training. We have a couple of top rated singing programs we recommend on this site. You should check them out. Why don’t you start with The 30 Day Singer?


  7. Rex,

    I really enjoy your website – especially your very thorough reviews of various voice courses. Have you ever tried vocalcoach.com? It is a completely audio-based course, which I imagine makes it less appealing than video courses. But it does appear to be a thorough program at a good price.

    Thanks for being such a great resource!

  8. Hi Rex,

    Thank you for reviewing all of these online singing courses!

    I have been singing since I was 10 and I’m in my early 60’s. Over the years, I’ve sung styles from classical to pop. Currently, I’ve been singing mostly as a cantor in the Catholic church, which is mostly light head voice with limited range.

    I actually tend to be weighted more naturally to chest voice and have to work to keep my head voice strong and clear.

    I am keenly interesting in Mix and have had some success using exercises I have found on the internet (Seth Riggs based) but need more help with mix. My main concern is that I want to keep my pure head voice strong for singing at church as well. I also like singing power ballads that take some real strength, but again, I am always worried I will lose that pure head voice.

    In short, I want to do it all and not lose any of it for one style over another. But I am the most interested in learning about and mastering mix.

    What online course/teacher do you recommend the most for me?

    Thank you!

  9. Hi Rex,
    Thanks for your great website. It was a pleasure reading your reviews. I signed up for Robert Lunte’s 4 Pillars of singing because of your recommendation. I am just starting right now. There is a bit of a startup learning curve there but i can already see that’s worth the trouble. Similar to Ken Tamplin also Robert is more on the heavy side.

    Because of your background and all, i would like to ask what you consider a good training if one wants to develop the Pavarotti sound for as far as that is possible of course 🙂

    I like to sing pop, country, gospel, blues and some Bocelli songs but i love some Classic songs as well and I think Pavarotti really has the best voice. I would like to train that and also do the other stuff i like.
    Also i like the voice of Dean Martin, Elvis and Michael Bubble and if you have advice for that that would be also appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Avis,

      If you want to train your voice to be Bocelli, Pavarotti, Bubble, and all the rich and powerful voices, then you should go with Robert Lunte, Jaime Vendera, and Ken Tamplin, because they are experts in building a powerful voice and range extension, whereas Mix is really optimizing the voice you already have. So, I think you are on the right track to be training with Robert.

      Happy singing,


  10. Hi Rex,
    Thank you and great to try your warm up routines.
    Robert and Ken etc are good but they are both more rock guys than classical. I tried to find also a singing program which teaches classical but couldn’t find anything. Did you come across anything in your extensive research ?

    BTW I found Tito Schipa vocalises on youtube
    Unfortenatly there are only 10 of them.

    Thank you

    1. Avis,

      Yeah, I know. There aren’t a lot of classical singing courses online, because the market is smaller for classical singing. Thanks for sharing Schipa’s vocalises! Such legendary tenor from the last century!


  11. Hi Rex

    Again and again i find some gems on your site.
    Especially the reviews for singing programs are very valuable.
    Although i still have not found the ideal lessons for me.
    Wondering why you are favoring the “4 Pillars”.
    I have purchased the program, i do not like it at all.
    personal yes, but the site organization and the presentation is unappealing to me.
    Have you seen the TTC – how to sing yet?
    And your opinion about Mike Goodrich and his programs?

    thanks again for all your infos an your openness!

    1. Rainer,

      I like The Four Pillar because of its systematic approach to build vocal strength as well as coordination training. Most courses are one or the other, but both are very important. I think you should try the training routines that Robert has designed. It’s very beneficial to building a solid voice.

      What is the TTC? I haven’t seen it. I will take a look at Mike’s program. Thanks for the recommendation!


      1. Hi Rex

        TTC is The Teaching CompanyThey have lots of courses in different fields.
        Music is a huge part with obviously great teachers.
        I have seen only parts of the first lesson and i was impressed.
        Maybe you can have a look into their program and write another of your excellent reviews?

        I appreciate your views into different courses very much!

        TTC – How to sing
        obviously name has changed:


        just as an idea for your expertise!

  12. Hello Rex,

    I appreciate your in depth reviews on piano apps.

    I am hoping to affiliate market digital piano learning apps (piano marvel, skoove, etc) on my website findyourmelody.com. Before I do so, I wanted to get a sense for how viable the opportunity is. Would you be open to answering several questions? (15 min phone call would be best if you have time, but email could work too)


  13. Hi Rex
    I love your site. It is so great. I’ve read through your reviews and will now buy 30 day singer. Previously I’ve tried https://www.joinsingr.com/ (by Justin Burk) and I think it was good. But very hard for me to know being an amateur singer. When I listen to Justin sing it sounds ok I guess. Not really my kind of music (I am more into coutry). But anyhow, if you do a review of Singr in the future please let me know.

  14. Hi Rex,

    This site is Great resource! Thank you for creating it 🙂

    I noticed when I clicked through The Four Pillars of Singing Course link to purchase the course, it is only $199. This site has the price of it for $299.

    Thanks again,

    1. Sean,

      Yeah, Robert lowered his price significantly because of the pandemic.

      Thanks for pointing that out! I need to change it.


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