Is Superior Singing Method a Scam? An Honest Inside look

Superior Singing Method is an online singing course developed by Singer and Vocal Coach Aaron Anastasi. Most reviews you find on the Internet are very positive and highly-rated, which caught my attention and prompted me to try it myself.

Is the course really that good? Or, is Superior Singing Method a scam? I will offer you an inside look into the program and my most honest review as a professional singer and vocal coach myself.

Superior Singing Method Review Summary

Product: Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method review

Description: Superior Singing Method is an online singing course developed by Singer/Vocal Coach Aaron Anastasia that designed to help beginning to advanced singers to become proficient in the art of singing. Course includes video lessons, audio exercises, and a full-length e-manual(e-book) for the student to use everyday over the course of 8 weeks

Price: Very affordable monthly fees

​Best for: Beginners

Product Rating

Product Rating 2 out of 5
Product Rating 2 out of 5
Product Rating 2 out of 5
Product Rating 2 out of 5
Product Rating 2 out of 5

Recommended: No

What is offered inside Superior Singing Method?

The singing course has 8 modules – each with six videos lessons for you to work on every day of each week. Each lesson comes with audio exercise for you to work on every day.

Module 1 is for week 1, module 2 for week 2, and it goes on for 8 weeks until you complete the entire singing course.

Superior singing method review

Module 1 – Warm-ups 

This starts out the course by teaching you very basic exercises, such as the lip trills. Every single day you get one or two new vocal exercises to do on top of the previous days of week one, and this is the same for all the later modules.

Module 2 – Breath management

Aaron introduces the Italian singing technique of Appoggio, which is basically another word for breath support. 

New exercises are given for you to practice that may or may not help you “breath better” for singing as Appoggio is a rather controversial concept that means different things to different people.

Module 3 – Vocal tone

Aaron identifies the ideal vocal tone by first pointing out how to avoid nasality and gradually work towards developing a fuller tone.

Module 4 – Matching Pitch 

For me personally, this is way too early in the course to be training singers to match pitch, since most singers don’t really have this problem. 

In reality, a singer’s ability to match pitch improves when the technique become more advanced as they have more control over their voice.

Module 5 – Power and Resonance

After going through the six video lessons of the 5th week, I found that the exercises being taught really has nothing to do with building power in the voice, maybe just resonance.

For instance, the lip roll slides aren’t normally used as a strength-building exercise by most vocal coaches.

It is a warm-up exercise that trains muscle coordination and balance of vocal registers.

Module 6 – High notes and Mix voice

Aaron finally gets into training the Mix voice, which is something I think is of utmost importance for vocal training. 

I wish the Mix voice is taught right at the beginning of the course.

superior singing method review

Module 7 – Vocal Agility

trains vocal agility with some very interesting scales that contains notes that jump around. It is very effective for training balance, coordination, and matching pitches.

Module 8 – “Advanced Strengthening and Technique” 

This module has a very vague concept for vocal training. In this module, Aaron teaches the “uh” two-octave-scale exercise.

In my opinion, “uh” is the best exercise for training the voice for balance, coordination, and power in the voice because of the fullness of frequencies and roundness of tone that it brings out.

Bonus modules – addresses on performing on stage, music marketing, and how to sing harmony.

The Pros and Cons of Superior Singing Method

So far, I don’t know if you have noticed that this review is probably not going to be a positive one. I will explain later why. But, let me start with what I do like about Superior Singing Method.

The Pros:

1. Very affordable price of $97 for 8 weeks of training. This is a one-time purchase, no recurring monthly fee. Not bad for a full vocal training program.

2. Very easy to follow curriculum. The 8 modules each with 6 videos and audio exercises are simple and easy to follow for each day.

3. Very complete vocal training that covers every important area of vocal training. Ideal for beginners to start vocal training.

4. It comes with a written 121-page PDF manual in the bonus module that explains extensively Aaron’s teaching method and theory including what he meant by Appoggio and Mix voice. This is a huge plus to this singing course, because his explanations in the video can be too concise and not well-structured.

Superior Singing Method Review

The Cons:

1. Poor Camera Presence.

Aaron, to me, was not very good in front of the camera. It almost sounds like he’s mumbling at times while giving instructions for the students.

It is quite a turn-off to watch him teach because his ability to deliver was still developing.  As a result, it’s really hard to stay focused while watching the videos.

2. Poor teaching instructions.

There are a lot of vocal coaches on the internet that give clear instructions in their videos – very educational and entertaining.

Aaron was definitely not one of them when he was putting this together.

He mumbles in his videos with “unfocused” instructions that suggests little tips here and there, which sounds quite confusing for students.

3. Lack of visual aid.

Superior Singing Method review

The entire singing course centers around Aaron’s video lessons. Since Aaron was not very good with his speech deliveries, it would certainly help if visual aids are included while he teaches. It could be just simple keywords on the screen.

But no. Most of the videos are just Aaron talking through his lessons.

I was a little disappointed after I bought Superior Singing Method, because looking at it from a professional point of view, the quality of this online singing course is debatable.

If you are looking for a complete singing program to build a strong and solid singing voice for power, range extension, and vocal agility, I would recommend Robert Lunte’s The Four Pillars of Singing.

You will really get detail video training and lectures on how the voice really works and the most extensive and intense training routines to build a powerful singing voice to sing whatever style you want.

I have personally gone through this very unique vocal training program. I would recommend it to any one who wants to build a great singing voice. 

And yes, great voices need to be built, believe or not!

In simple terms, you need to build the vocal muscles, much like going to the gym.

I’m afraid with Aaron’s training program, you most likely will end up trying to optimize the voice you already have, not really building anything on the voice.

Is Superior Singing Method a scam? Truth revealed…

With all that’s said, it’s time to make my conclusion after examining this singing program.

I would NOT say it’s a scam. I trust that Aaron has put in a lot of work to create this singing course together back then. So, there’s much value in his hard work.

I would advise Aaron to update and upgrade the quality of Superior Singing Method to match the standard of today.

Reality check…

However, I’m probably the first one to say that Superior Singing Method is a mediocre online singing course in today’s standard. The exercises given for practice wouldn’t necessarily help you accomplish what he wants you to work on.

Superior Singing Method is good for beginners looking to have a kick start into singing, because of the simplicity and easy to execute exercises.

The best thing about this singing program is that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you’re advanced like me, or intermediate looking to progress to advanced, this is definitely not the program for you.

I would recommend Robert Lunte’s online singing program The Four Pillars of Singing as it is the most well-rounded and comprehensive singing product on the internet right now.

If you have any questions or things you want to discuss, please comment below. I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you.


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  1. Rex – I had the same reaction when I saw his sample video, would I want to keep watching this guy?

    Is there an on-line course you would recommend? I am presently teaching in Beijing and prefer an on-line course over receiving CDs and DVDs. Please email me your answer at my private email.

    Thank you – Prof. Lee

    1. Honestly, I don’t think you could benefit much from this program, despite the fact that it has sold really well. I recommend Robert Lunte’s singing program instead. It’s very comprehensive and complete. So much materials and very clear explanations in the video lessons. I think you’ll like it. See my review on his course.

  2. I am very appreciative of your honest review. I always try and dissect reviews before I make a commitment like this and you did a whole article. So thank you again.

  3. Thank you for the review, Rex! Would you recommend singing lessons over an online course for intermediates looking to become more advanced?

    1. It depends on who the teacher is or the quality of the online course. I use online courses all the time. I just bought one last week. I take skype lessons with the best teachers. If you are intermediate already, you should find a master teacher, although they are expensive, or invest in a good online singing program that you can use over and over again.

  4. I’m sceptical about the why I went to a community college a music major in voice I’ll admit that he teaches the proper technical training Breathing, trills, but advance training is all about the appropriate register voice.

  5. Hello Rex, your review is excellent!

    I did buy the course myself and I found that when you compare it with say the Seth Riggs program, Superior Singing Method actually wears you out very early on and it just makes you uncomfortable. And I know it shouldn’t be that way. This program, for the most part, doesn’t feel practical. Now, when you have a complete beginner, I can only imagine what they’re going through with this one.

  6. Hey Rex!
    I was so willing to pursue the superior singing method with the cheesy reviews but after reading your review, I doubt what to do. I need to get into a music school and wanna pursue my career as a vocalist but my voice is potentially weird and not that good. However I believe that it could improve but I’ve tried some vocal coaches here in my town and they were not that good.would you recommend some other online courses etc?

    1. Hi Khushboo,

      I believe every healthy voice can be trained, unless for certain medical reasons. Right now, I think the most well-rounded online singing program is Robert Lunte’s The Four Pillar of Singing. If you cannot find a good voice teacher in your area, I suggest you invest in his program. Read my review. All the best to you!


  7. A sing in a men’s choir and am looking for ways to improve my technique and control. I appreciate the review. Thank you for your help and the time you spent reviewing this popular online course.

  8. Rex! Thank you so much for your honest review. Singing has been my passion for as long as I have been alive! I have never done anything professional like been in a choir or had any proper musical training…but what I have is a love for singing. I was hoping this would help me but honestly I don’t think it will. Thank you for your help!

  9. I took this course back in 2016 and it helped me. But, in all fairness, it was a bit outdated back then and most of the technique I already understood. I play the drums for a long long time (32 years now) and started singing backing vocals (while drumming) around 12 years ago. I took offline vocal lessons 10 years ago and this guy taught me the basic techniques. But he couldn’t help me any further because I didn’t dare to sing. Even when doing backing vocals, I was scared of failing or something. My throat/vocal chords would block.

    A few years later, I’ve tried a second vocal teacher. Same problem. After a failed karaoke session I decided to give it one more try and took Aaron Anastasi’s lessons. For some reason, this managed to give me enough confidence and I started to sing better. Now even singing lead vocals at some songs (yes, while playing drums). Aaron actually helped me a lot (and I’ve never met the guy). There may be other ones that are better and everything, but I felt like I needed to respond to this one since it actually helped me.

    1. Bart,

      That’s great! Different things work for different people. I’m sure Aaron is a good-hearted teacher set out to help other singers.



    Aaron’s video brought me here, because this looked like an honest review. Glad I found you.

    I’m a 62 year old woman who had some training in my youth. I’m retired now and would really like to pursue doing some small gigs. My major stumbling blocks are smooth transitions between upper and lower registers, going pitchy in between notes I’m worried about hitting and plain old nerves.

    Do you think a DVD course would be enough to overcome these things, or would live online or traditional lessons be better? Not a lot of money to invest, so I want to make the right decision. Thank you for your time.

    1. Debbie,

      Thank you for your effort to pursue good singing! It’s really becoming a lost art. I appreciate people like you. As for your questions, it really depends on which teacher you choose to study with. I believe if you really want to progress as a singer, you need to choose the best ones. The problem is you might not find one in your area. Therefore, the next best option is an online singing course, or take online lessons with a teacher over skype. Personally, I recommend Dean Kaelin or John Henny. You can do a google search on them, but they are very expensive. For online courses, I recommend Robert Lunte’s The Four Pillars of Singing – you can read my review here.

      Best of luck to you and your singing,


      1. Hello Rex,
        Thank you for your well thought out Review and Input. I am a professional Soprano, toured for 10 years, have been Coaching locally for 15 years & have turned out some pretty amazing Singers BUT I’m always curious when people have these “teaching courses”. I appreciate your Review and Thank YOU for taking the time to write an In Depth account. I’ve had Students who bring in some really strange ideas and I work diligently to switch out bad technique for good, healthy Technique.
        Again, Thank You Rex.

        1. Donna,

          Well, you know the Online world. There is a lot of noise on every subject including singing. That’s why this site exists to help singers find the right method for them.


  11. No offense but I’ve seen a few of Lunte’s videos on YouTube. His pitch isn’t the best I’ve heard and in fact went a bit flat on some notes and his range seems rather limited for a “Pro”.

    I’ll keep looking.

    1. Brian,

      I’ve heard him take his belt voice up to a high C, so his range isn’t as limited as you think.

      Although his own singing, like many voice teachers, doesn’t impress a lot of people, his singing program is really well-rounded and comprehensive. He really has a gift in explaining very complicated vocal concept. But, you’re free to choose whatever singing program you like.


      1. Some people are better teachers than practitioners and some are good at both.

        If you have seen/heard him, how would you compare Mr. Lunte’s program to Ken Tamplin?

        1. Shawn,

          I have taken Ken Tamplin’s course before. I think Robert Lunte’s program is so much better designed then Ken Tamplin’s KTVA. You will have a much better user-experience with Robert’s program. Also, Robert’s vocal system is so much more sophisticated and profound. But Ken Tamplin is a much more talented singer than Robert. That’s where the confusion comes in!


          1. Hey, I am not wanting to go against you at all whatsoever, but I want you to know that Ken Tamplin is a singer who actually began as a guitarist since he was under the age of 10 (forget what exact age it was). until he wanted to take his Voice seriously in his mid to late teen years, he was actually pretty bad. now, after training from the best vocal coaches and from the most reliable info for 35 years, he can sing so amazing like an angel but also like a blue devil at the same time (many different styles). he just wants you to know that anyone should know to look for the best and most reliable info you can.

          2. Connor,

            I think Ken is an amazing singer and has a lot to offer to online vocal training community. Like he said, he proved it with his own singing.


  12. Thanks Rex from preventing me from making a mistake. There were some red flags with his presentation (like how he said he could only sell 10,000 copies of his program at this price, and they had sold (something like) 9621 copies so far….but he said this in a prerecorded video.

    Anyway I’ve been trying to ignite my voice for quite some time, tried a few local coaches who weren’t very good (naturally talented singers who expect their students to be the same). I can hit the correct notes, and I can hit high notes, but I always sound strained and I have no dynamics, not natural. It’s either full on belting or nothing.

    I also tried Ken Tamplin’s system and had the same reaction, he’s a great singer but his system is unorganized and not really helpful (and he hits notes in ALL his scales that are way beyond my range).

    Thanks again (and wish you were in Portland I’d hire you in a minute).

    1. Hi Matt,

      Yeah, I tried Ken Templin’s system before and saw the same things you mentioned. If you’re more interested in Ken’s school of singing, I would definitely recommend you try Robert Lunte’s singing program. It is very well-organized and comprehensive, and also Robert is a lot more balanced in his teaching. Read this review.. If you are looking for more of a mix or SLS technique, I would recommend Roger Love’s program.

      Hope this helps!


    2. Hey Man, Ken Tamplin is only trying to let you know to look for the most reliable info and ask yourself two very important question. does the vocal coach sing well and demonstrate what they teach, and do they have students who have the same qualities and can show what they were taught actually works. in his course, he is giving you the best and most reliable information he possibly can, from what he has learned from touring with kiss and many other bands in the past. he is showing you what he has learned from the greatest vocal coaches known, and how he can put that info onto his students. all his students show that they have never had negative impacts by him. no body in Superior Singing can outbeat them. sorry, that is what i think about ken. he is an amazing man who is a champion at what he does best.

      1. Connor,

        Ken is amazing as a singer. I’m sure many singers are benefiting from his teaching as well.


  13. This article is absolute NONSENSE. i HAVE TAKEN THE COURSE AND FOUND IT TO EXCELLENT. The BS in this article regarding not using visual aids is overly critical. The author must have VERY POOR LISTENING SKILLS.

    I have completed two months of daily courses my voice is significantly better not just in seeking but in making VOICE OVERS.

    THIS AUTHOR IS A HACK. I feel this course was a very significant aide to my greatly improving my signing and VOICE OVER voice. I find this article not at all valid.

    My only negative is that presenting in a short sleeve shirt was in appropriate because of Vocal Coach Aaron Anastasi’s less than visually pleasing tattoos. However, the content and the daily practice even a person with a mediocre voice (such as my wife) will develop a pleasant singing voice. For the price this is an excellent choice to buy to improve. WARNING. TO IMPROVE YOU CAN NOT BE LAZY AND MISS DAY AFTER DAY and expect great results. So, it is ALL ON YOU. DO THE WORK, YOU WILL IMPROVE USING This COURSE. It is not always fun to do the daily lessons. If you do the lessons you will be very impressed with your improvement. This author has no creditably with me having and currently taking the course. I have no financial affiliation with the program, I ignore the author. I had a very mediocre voice and now get VOICE OVER WORK. This author is at best petty, jealous jerk.

    1. Jeffrey,

      I’m glad Aaron’s program works for you. I’m sure this program has been a blessing to a lot of people. Different things work for different people. If you want to leave comments here, you have to be respectful, constructive, and open for discussion. I was not disrespectful to Aaron in this post – just stating my own perspective on the quality of this production. This will be the only time I will allow your disrespectful comment on this site – just to give people a more balanced view on this singing program. I admire Aaron for his accomplishments! I wish he will continue to be a blessing to many, many people. If you do not like the post, you don’t have to come back and visit this site. If you’re open for discussion in a respectful way, you’re welcome to stay.


      1. Rex,

        On behalf of all the other Jeffreys living on our pale, blue dot of a planet, please accept our apologies. The previous Jeffrey must have only read half of your article before commenting. And the poor fellow has a stuck capslock key. Perhaps he’s simply looking for a bit of sympathy for his keyboard situation.

        We appreciate your honest opinion on the course, your praise of Aaron’s development in his coaching career and your suggestions on alternative options that we can have a look at.


        Jeffrey (a different one; but also a professional voice actor interested in becoming the best I can be)

  14. Hi Rex I am from the Philippines. Thank you for the very honest review. But for people like me who are way below beginners, no idea how to sing and can’t even recognize a note or hit any note right, what is the best online complete idiot’s guide to singing?

    1. Geroni,

      I visited Manila many times and sang there a couple of years ago. Nice to meet you! This may sound contradictive, but Aaron’s Superior Singing Method is actually pretty good for total beginners. Another great choice for total beginners is The 30 Day Singer produced by Guitar Tricks – it’s my favorite beginner course. Hope this helps!


  15. Hey Rex,
    I am a high school aged student who was surfing the web and came across the bundle, I probably wasn’t going to get it as I most likely couldn’t afford it. But to be honest I don’t know if I’m a intermediate or not, because my voice only broke a couple years back I’m not sure when my range with fully settle.
    I think the problem I’m trying to voice is that because I’ve had a bit of training at choral institutions I’m not sure where to place myself on expertise level (because I’m so young). My range is perfect baritone with a very high pure tone falsetto that I cannot vibrato at all, and all I see are tenors getting famous or people with super bass voices.

    I have a singing bursary at my school and my teacher says I am eligible for counter tenor training, but all we do so far is learn songs that I can already do with my current range. Do you have any suggestions on training a higher range in a young voice, because I’m fairly sure that I can hit tenor notes its just in my falsetto and I have a supremely clunky voice when I change from Chest to Falsetto.

    As a side note it seems that I have near unlimited stamina (maybe due to me being baritone and my speaking voice being well placed), and I’ve never lost my voice in my life. It will only hurt if I improperly sing at the top of my range for to long.
    i.e singing female Mandopop lines for 10 minutes entirely in my falsetto trying to speak words (I don’t speak mandarin just learning it at school.)

    Even though I have toured with my choir YVM (Young Voices of Melbourne) I’m very hesitant to call my self a good singer, so any help of encouragement would be appreciated.
    Signing has always been a passion of mine and even though I don’t particularly want to take it as a career (self doubt in ability), it’s always been something I enjoy and will never stop doing. So even if I don’t become a career musician I still would like to be at a level in singing where I have the confidence in myself to say I’m a good singer.

    If you’ve read this far thank you for hearing me out. 🙂

    1. Jamie,

      It sounds like you have the best qualification to become a good singer – passion! Developing a singing career is extremely difficult and passion is the only thing that is going to carry you through the hard times. So, I would encourage you to pursue singing. But you have to get high-quality training – online or in-person.

      I heard Melborne is a city of art and music. Can you find a good teacher locally? If not, online singing program is the best alternative.

      It is not normal to be easily tired after singing. I can sing an entire vocal recital with over 22 songs without microphone and not lose my voice. It’s not a stamina issue but a technical one. For vocal training, my top 2 recommendations now are John Henny’s Vocal Science course and Robert Lunte’s Four Pillars of Singing. These 2 training programs use 2 completely different approach, check them out to see what you like.


  16. He said in his ad, “some of my students add an octave to their vocal range in one week” wtf. He says he’s a live performing professional singer, but there’s only two videos of him singing years ago.I practiced the course everyday for a month, and only my breathing improved.

    1. Michael,

      A lot of singing programs market like that. It depends on what they mean by “vocal range.” They’re not lying in a sense.

      In my opinion, breathing is not the most important part of singing but what is happening at the vocal fold level. That has a lot to do with vowel tuning which is critically important to great singing! John Henny has the best vocal training course on that. Check it out here!


      1. How do you breathe when singing? I try pushing my diaphragm in and out, like videos on YT day, but I still run out of breathe singing.

        1. Michael,

          I don’t practice breathing too much. For me, if you could control your voice at the vocal fold level, you could use very little air to produce a big sound. I can sing long phrases up to 8 measures in one breath, without even thinking about breathing.


  17. Thanks Rex. I have been interested in singing for over 40 years,
    and this caught my eye, but also thought it was kind of weird that
    I couldn’t find a good example of him singing.
    Anyway, your review was helpful.


    1. Emma,

      I think SSM is still helpful for beginners, and it’s not very expensive. You could still try it, you know.


      1. Good Point. I was veering towards ditching the idea but I remembered the ‘love it or shove it’ guarantee. Plus the price is very agreeable.
        I used to performm in folk clubs when I was younger but me and singing fell out of love.I have been silent for years. I want to try and get a half decent voice back…even if all I do with it is sing in the bath.
        I appreciate your review. I don’t think it’s a scam but will bear in mind your comments on the video quality.

  18. The course helped me stop singing breathy, and my voice cracked less. The results weren’t mind blowing though.. It didn’t make me sing better than my sister who hadn’t taken lessons. Don’t know if its a scam, I lost my CC so can’t get refund.

  19. Hi Rex!

    You didn’t mention low budget people. I live in a metro area with I think it’s 3.5 million people with performing arts auditoriums etc and I’m sure great teachers, only I’m 65 and subsisting on little Social Security income. I’ve been performing guitar and singing songs at coffeehouse “open mics”. I in last 2 or 3 years It is the first I started performing in public. I tend to sing very high (not sure if it’s falsetto or not), yet I strain, yet received standing ovation once and also people approaching me after performing telling me how much they like my music… I also have a bad problem with mucus around my vocal chords and last time after traveling far (no car) I canceled performing. From what I describe, what is a good program? Is being 65 too old to really have a good singing voice. It’s acoustic guitar playing and like folk music I perform. Thanks for your great reviews and comments!

    1. Winfred,

      You might want to try Robert Lunte’s singing program if you want intensive vocal training. If you want to understand the science behind singing and be your own teacher, you should go for John Henny’s vocal science program for singers. I believe you CAN train your voice at your age, actually at any age. I truly believe that.


  20. Hi! For a beginner who just wants to learn how to sing for fun, what online course do you recommend? Thanks!!

    1. Wesley,

      Very expensive, but Ken’s got a very convincing theory for singing that’s different from SLS or Mix. Worth giving it a try if you have the money.


    1. Alison,

      I don’t think it is expensive. It’s less than $100 USD, which is cheaper than a lot of the private voice lesson out there.


  21. Hi Rex.
    Can you tell me when the review was done?
    I bought SSM a few weeks ago and I think it’s has been updated since you made the review.
    For examle Aaron i s bald headed in all the videos that belong to the Superior Singing Methods modules.
    In your screenshot from Module 1 – Lesson 1 he (still ?) has hair on his head and the video seems to be 4:59 minutes long.
    When I play Module 1 – Lesson 1 it is 11:52 minutes long and Aaron has no hair.

    But in the extra materials videos he still has hair so I think those videos are older.

    Maybe it’s time look att course again and uppdate the review. As you pointed out he presentations seems to be better in the newer videos.

    1. Tiit,

      This review is from 2 years ago. I will be posting an updated version of this review in a week. Thanks for dropping by!


  22. Hi

    I just completed SSM’s 8 week course in time to sing at a local amateur New Year Concert. It really helped me, mainly because of the rigidly structured daily exercise plan. If you do 30 minutes a day vocal exercises 48 times in 2 months, you are going to improve, no matter what course you follow.

    Now I am keen to do more singing, I am going to try your recommended course. I want to sing mainly blues songs in a band, so which of the courses would fit best for that? I always play guitar at the same time. If it is relevant, I am 69 and have never sung much before now.

    Regards and thanks for sharing your opinions on these courses.


    1. Neil,

      Great insight on vocal training! I’m sure SSM can help people as well. Different courses have different strengths. We just need to try them out to see what works the best for us.


  23. Hello,

    I’m an eighteen year old small-time choir singer. Although I know I’m not qualified to rate myself I’d say I’m something like an advanced amateur. I really like singing and I’d like to take mine into another level; I would love it if you could give me some advice on these situations that concern me:

    I got some breathing problems (health issue) that often cause my throat to be dry and this frustrases me a ton because I can see the effect it has on my voice. Do you know of a way to breath in through the mouth without drying your entire singing aparthus (wether during singing or not)?

    I usually play bass or baritone but I can’t quite get the lows to resound loudly enough to add up to the polifony; is it possible that I’m dealing with a natural restraint or can I improve my volume in a significant way with better technique?

    Also, I think my voice may actually be that of a tenor, but then again I’m not really sure because sometimes at random, when, say, in the shower, I can reproduce High tenor notes but when vocalising or doing specific music I really struggle (not with the baritone highs but with the tenor highs). So, is there a chance that I could be a tenor and only struggle with the highs because my chords are not used to them or is my register just too short at present or… what?

    I’m so sorry for the disproportionate length of this comment; just one last question 🙂 If your chords are constantly being dried by cold air inhaled through the mouth most days and nights, is it possible that in the long run the damage is permanent?

    Btw, if you read the entirety of my comment, good Sir, I can’t thank you enough, and whatever advice you can give me regarding vocal technique or vocal health will be much appreciated.

    Regards from México,


    1. Pepelopo,

      I am quite unconventional when it comes to breathing. For me, breathing is more about exhaling rather than inhaling during singing. You don’t have to force yourself to breathe because it is a very natural reflex. The most I’d do is a “surprise” breath, like if you’re suddenly shocked by something, and your lungs fill up in less than a second. I am able to sing at least 4 measures or 16 beats in one short breath like that. The reason your throat dries up is because you are trying too hard to inhale. Relax a little bit. Think about the phrase you’re singing rather than how much breath you are taking in. Focus on other things than breathing, then the breathing will come.

      If you are a tenor, you should be able to sing up to at least A above middle C in full voice. If you can do that naturally, you are probably a baritone or bass, though some baritone and bass can sing that high too.

      For most people, I don’t believe there is a natural physical restraint, only a technical one, under normal circumstances. You can improve your volume with better vocal training. My top recommendation is this singing program. If you are passionate about singing, you should start training your voice properly.


  24. The guy only has one video of himself singing. That’s very suspicious. Would you buy guitar lessons from a dude who cant play the guitar? You shouldn’t buy singing lessons from a guy who can’t sing.

  25. I thought that I was purchasing a one-time beginner’s lesson and have just discovered a second charge on my measly bank account.
    Ya tricked me! or I didn’t read the fine print!!
    I’m living on Social Security and a part time job at 72 years old.
    I CAN NOT afford for you to be removing $39 per month.

    PLEASE refund that amount due to my complete misunderstanding of the circumstances.

    PLEASE be in touch via the above email address, giving me the appropriate number to call to request this refund. For heaven’s sake, this is FOOD money.

    Linda Marshall

    1. Linda,

      I’m sorry to hear that. But this is an independent website, not a site for this particular singing course. You should write them an email to get a refund.


  26. I came to comment based on some frequent ads I saw on YouTube. As someone who has a master’s degree in music education – upon watching this ad, I immediately knew this was a scam. How is it that ‘matching pitch’ is considered module 4?! It is important to know that people can sing in tune with relatively little training. t teach kindergarten children to match pitch before any sophisticated vocal technique – it is so obvious this person has no idea what they are talking about. Why would anyone teach technique of singing before the ability to match pitch – it goes again hundreds of years of vocal research and technique. Additionally, teaching singing technique for people is very individual, as each person carries with them unique challenges. Watching these videos not only gives you a very shallow understanding of singing, but will will most likely harm your voice, as these techniques do not apply to each person.

    1. Ryan,

      I don’t agree with you that pitch matching should come first in vocal training unless the person has serious pitch problems. Most of the pitch problems are due to the fact that the singer cannot control their voice to hit the desired pitch. It’s a problem with singing skills, not with the ears. Of course, there are people who do have inherent pitch problems, then they need focused training on that.


  27. THIS IS A SCAM!!! I bought the course and they signed me up for an extra $40 a month charge that I had no idea about. I have a Masters Degree in Finance so I have some idea about stuff and I was pretty careful when I signed up. Then, I tried to cancel and its IMPOSSIBLE!!! The website only has an e-mail address to contact them (no phone #) and they NEVER REPLY TO E-MAIL. I’ve sent over 100 e-mails over a week – nothing in return. Their website says money back guarantee (LIE) will reply to e-mail within one day usually hours (TOTAL LIE) Now I have to call my Bank about this fraud. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SCAM!!!!

    1. Chris,

      You probably signed up for a 2-payment option for $39 each without knowing. I’m sure they have the notice in fine print, and you probably just missed it. Sorry about them not responding at the support desk. They used to be pretty good about responding before.


  28. Hello,

    I am a freshman in high school who wants to audition for a concert women’s choir next year and I don’t know what to do! I have horrible pitch and suck at holding my harmonies because I am an alto. And I don’t know what to do! Through middle school, I refused to do any sort of choir or vocal training of any sort. I know now since I’ve been doing musical theatre for a couple of years I want to get better at singing so I can maybe get bigger roles in the future. I don’t know if I should take lessons from a teacher or do online classes. Any advice?

    1. Kiriana,

      It sounds like you have a passion for singing, which is extremely important for vocal training. I would recommend you take a look at Robert Lunte’s singing program The Four Pillars of Singing. It might be a little pricey for you because you’re still a student. But, if you can afford it, you should go for it. It really is a training course for serious singers. Maybe you could also take an online lesson with Robert himself. It’s not too expensive, I believe.

      All the best,


  29. Hi Rex. Thank you so much for you honest review. I am 62 now and started singing at the age of 5, in Children’s Theater in the Round, with Queenie Smith. I have sang semi professionally on an off for all the years in between. I had a very strong, pure tone in the tenor/alto ranges.

    2 years ago a neighborhood development Corp clear it and burnt about 100 acres of very big trees. The constant smoke felt like it was searing my throat and vocal cords, even though I wore a mask most of the time. I developed asthma, and barely speak, let alone sing.

    I came up with my own ideas of getting my breath and voice back, and have done pretty well. It is not, however anywhere near what it was.

    I’ve been looking at the Superior Singing Method, thinking about taking me from the beginning and remembering everything I forgot about doing it “right.”
    I’m sure I don’t remember everything I learned over the years.

    I’d be very interested in if you thing this program would be helpful. I’m not looking to become famous (anymore -LOL ). I do miss winning the majority of any Karoyke contest I enter, and the surprised looks I see on everyone’s face. But, I do really miss being able to manipulate and play with my voice, knowing it sounds wonderful.

    Please let me know what you think, or if you think there are any other reasonable programs that might work better.

    1. Nettie,

      For an experienced singer like you, you need something more intense to train your voice back and to strengthen it. I think the best one for that is Robert Lunte’s singing course The Four Pillars of Singing. It sounds like you need to train muscular strength for the vocal muscles.


  30. Hi Rex

    You say that it’s a good program for beginners. I would classify myself as somewhere in between beginner and semi-intermediate – I’ve never taken any complete courses, but worked shortly with a coach and done some vocal exercises on the internet for some time.

    Is it a waste of money to buy this program? Or am I better off just starting with the other programs you mention by John Henny and Robert Lunte?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Emil,

      Yes, I think, for you, you need a more intense singing program like Robert Lunte or John Henny’s course. Hope this helps!


  31. HI Rex

    I appreciate your review. I was considering purchasing this course but now I have my doubts. Just to be clear, singing wise, I would definitely rank myself a beginner of the beginners. However, I am an intermediate harmonica player playing mostly blues and some jazz. Since most harmonica players also sing, I’ve been wanting to develop my voice just to be decent enough to not embarrass myself at an open mic night. I have no delusions about being a great vocalist, I just want to be good enough to pull something off to compliment my harmonica playing. Do you have recommendations for someone who is a rank beginner? Thanks in advance for responding.

  32. Are there any really good courses that are completely free? I don’t really have any extra money and neither does the rest of my family. We’re pretty poor so if you could help me I would appreciate it SO MUCH. And please tell me about how long the courses are. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

    1. Curt,

      I haven’t reviewed a singing program designed for children yet, but you have given me the inspiration to do that. For children, I think 30 Day Singer would be great for kids since the instructions are very clear and concise, and the curriculum is challenging enough at the same time. Maybe you can look into it.


  33. Hi Rex,
    Thanks a lot for this thorough review on this program I had just discovered in an add on Youtube and was about to try.
    I am not a professional (I don’t earn money with singing) but I am quite experienced at it and I am looking at courses for advanced singers and especially for singing musicals. I will definitely look at the links you inserted in your article.
    If you have any other recommendation to help me improve my voice for singing musicals, I will be happy to look at them.

    1. Sandra,

      Maybe you can check out John Henny’s vocal science course for singers. It’s the best practical vocal science course you can apply to singing. Here is the review.


  34. Dear Rex,

    Thank you for the review. Is there an online course or website that you would suggest for adults to learn singing?



    1. Angeles,

      Yes, there are a lot of reviews for singing courses on this site. Check out the review list on the top of this page for “#1 Rated Singing Courses.”


  35. This company is a scam. The singing methods do work but they keep charging me and I cannot get in touch with anyone. I’ve tried emailing and calling. I’ve also seen these same issues from other reviewers, even on BBB. It was supposed to be 2 payments of $40 but they are charging me $40 every other week. Just thought people should know.

    1. Ben,

      Sorry to hear that. I think there’s something wrong with their system. I don’t think they are out there to scam people on purpose as I have purchased this course before, and it did not happen back then.


    1. Arii,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Is the email not valid or there’s just no reply?

      This is an independent site. We are not affiliated with SSM.


  36. After watching the online presentation I was prompted to order the training. It has now been 6 weeks and it

    I’ve not received anything at all and have been charged 2 or 3 times for the course on my credit card. This is a scam! I had to cancel my card to get them to stop charging me for a product I never received.

  37. I have the same. Two payments only and but they are taking this out every month. I am very, very, very careful and this is the first time this has every happened. No response to cancellation. Within 24 hours is not true. No number to call.This is terrible for people who cannot afford this. Fraudulent, dishonest, no regard for anything.Very disappointing. Under contact law this is illegal.

    1. Andrew,

      Something is definitely wrong in their sales system. I don’t think they are out there trying to scam people, because I have bought this course years ago, and I didn’t have that problem. Call your credit card company to stop the payments.


  38. Registering for this course for me was a complete waste of time and money. I failed to cancel in time and besides being charged for the initial amount, I AM STILL BEING CHARGED $37 EVERY MONTH! I tried getting on to my account and was not able to do it. I have never taken the course and don’t know how to get out of this mess!

    1. Marian,

      I’m sorry to hear that. You should call your credit card company to stop the payment.


  39. I need the phone number to CEO Corp office. I am very dissatisfied with this product and am being charged more then once.I put in my login name and password and it’s as if I never made one can’t get in.I can not find a number,so I. An talk with someone.

    1. Juliette,

      Sorry to hear that. This is an independent site. We’re not affiliated with SSM. You can contact your credit card company to solve this matter.


  40. Is there anyway I can contact superior singing method. I paid for it and received nothing online or in my email and I’m totally ticked

    1. Laurie,

      I’m sorry to hear that. If their support desk is not replying, maybe try contacting your credit card company.


  41. I signed up for the course on offer for $60 dollars, paid in two payments. Four payments later I am going through the same payment issues as mentioned above. I have been onto my bank to stop and hopefully recover the payments. It may not have started as a scam, but when we’re all stating we have contacted the support services and received no response, you have to presume it is a deliberate action. This is theft.

    1. Allan,

      I keep hearing this from their customers. I’m sorry to hear that. I think the best way is to contact your credit card company to deal with this issue.


  42. I ordered superior singing in March, I have been billed twice for it and Have Not Received, nor have I heard from them after 3 e-mails. Don’t waist your money.

  43. Well done. I agree with you entirely. This was a very sloppy program in my opinion, as Aaron is an inexperienced speaker, and his singing ability is definitely in question. You also have to watch out for unauthorized charges – they billed me several times, which was a hassle.

    1. Adam,

      Thanks for your input! People have talked about problems with their support desk and billing here. I’m not sure what’s going on with them now.


  44. Hello Rex, I signed up with Superior Singing Method for what I thought was a trial period. I just discovered they have been charging $37 out of my checking account for months. I have nothing from them and never used the program. Do you know how I can contact them?

    1. Ken,

      I’m sorry to hear that. They have switched platforms. I have not been keeping up with where they are now. Sorry about that!


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