Boldly Belting Review – Best Belt Singing Course!

What can I say – Master voice teacher John Henny has done it again!

I have been anticipating the release of this Belt singing course for quite sometime now, and HERE IT IS – Boldly Belting!

Why do I love this new singing course so much? Because this isn’t just another singing course thats full of fluff and redundant vocal exercises repackaged to be sold to the public.

Boldly Belting is a revolutionary singing course that includes never-before-seen original training method that is very efficient and effective in taking your voice from vocal exercises to actual singing. (More on this later)

If you want to train your voice to hit powerful high notes with FULL VOICE in a training method is extremely safe and efficient, Boldly Belting is the vocal training program for you!

In this review, I will give you an inside look into this very superior and unique singing course. I will also explain to you why I think this singing course is absolutely revolutionary!

     Boldly Belting Review Summary

John Henny's Boldly Belting review

ProductBoldly Belting

Description: This is a complete online singing program designed to train the Belt voice for singers. Master teacher John Henny approaches the belt voice through his expertise on vocal science to train this aggressive vocal style in a safe and efficient training curriculum. 

Price: $147

Best for: Singers of all levels

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 Stars
5 out of 5 Stars
5 out of 5 Stars
5 out of 5 Stars
5 out of 5 Stars

Recommended: Yes

The Controversy of Belt Singing!

Belt singing is a controversial topic in the singing world. Some say it’s extremely unhealthy and harmful, and others advocate that the development of belt voice is paramount to vocal advancement.

The common definition of Belt singing is that it is using modal(speaking) voice throughout the entire vocal range without lessening vocal mass.

Listen to the following passage sang by Sohyang to get a idea of what Belt sounds like:

You see Belt can be really emotionally engaging. I believe it is something every singers need to develop as a vocal skill.

The problem about the Belt voice is that people often start yelling on the top notes. That’s why Belt voice has gotten a bad reputation with a lot of the voice teachers in the mix singing school.

On the other hand, singers who use Mix on high notes are often criticized as sounding weak and soft.

So, what is the solution here? Is there healthy and easy way to do Belt singing? I think John Henny has the answer in Boldly Belting!

Boldly Belting is revolutionary! Let me tell you why…

This is the safest Belt singing course you will ever find in the online singing industry!

Why? Because John Henny is a Mix singing teacher. 

Mix, as many of us know, is a singing method that connect the chest register with the head register to be one single voice through muscle coordination and balance

In other words, there’s not much heavy weight lifting in Mix training, which is why Mix has gotten a bad reputation that it is only for soft singing and not for more aggressive vocal styles.

Well, John Henny is going to bust that myth through this special Belt singing course.

John Henny review

There are several reasons why Boldly Belting is a one-of-a-kind singing course:

First, Mix teachers’ have not been known to teach belt. In fact, Belt has been something many Speech Level Singing and Mix teacher are vehemently opposed to for many years.

Firstly, John Henny is arguably the first mix teacher to develop a complete singing course for Belt – an evil word among the mix singing camp for many years!

Secondly, with John’s background in Mix singing, you will not be using brute force in this training! In simple terms, you won’t be working too hard(muscularly) to get the high notes!

John Henny review

Lastly, John is introducing an original training method for the first time ever in this course – Lyricizes, which is using specially-designed lyrics and songs as vocal exercises to work on the voice.

Lyricizes, as opposed to “exercises” is one of the most brilliant ideas for vocal training I have ever learned. More on this later!

I have been following his works for many years now – John has a unique gift of breaking down very complex vocal concept to be very easy to understand for most voice students like you and me.

An In-depth Look into the Boldly Belting singing course!

What set John apart from other voice teachers is that he is an expert in practical Vocal Science. 

Every vocal training that he designed is based on the most solid vocal science knowledge from the latest research. 

There is a reason and purpose for every vocal exercise he wants you to do. Trust me – if you want to learn how to Belt, which could be dangerous, you want to make sure there’s a little Science behind it to back it up.

John Henny review

The most valuable thing about Vocal Science is that it will enable you to be your own voice teacher! 

With a complete understanding of how the voice really works, you don’t have to rely on any voice teacher to fix your vocal issues. You can fix your own problems through self-analysis.

I have benefited greatly from John’s teaching of Vocal Science over the last few years. John has another complete Vocal Science course just for singers. Read this review to find out more.

Let’s take a glance at the entire training curriculum inside Boldly Belting.

I. Course Introduction

John explains what Boldly Belting is about and how to use this course.

II. Defining Belt

John Henny review

Clearing the confusion of what Belt really is technically, scientifically, and artistically.

III. How Belt Works

John Henny review

Breaking down the science of how Belt really works – which muscles are involved, how it train them, and how to use vocal acoustics to enhance Belt.

IV. Understanding Registration

John Henny review

Explaining what registrations really are, the challenges of crossing registers, and the importance of connecting the registers for the development of the singer. 

V. Vowels

John Henny review

Understanding the importance of the usage of vowel adjustment, which is the secret weapon of connecting register and the foundation of Belt.

VI. Other Concepts

John Henny review

John addresses the topic of breathing and vibrato. He teaches the correct way to approach breathing and develop vibrato.

VII. Warming Up

John Henny review

John introduces the usage of Semi-occluded vocal tract exercises, which include fun things like straw exercises, lip bubbles, etc.

VIII. Lyricizes

John Henny review

Introducing Lyricizes – the highlight of the entire training. John explains what it is and how to use it to train Belt.

IX. Chest Voice Lyricizes

John takes you through Lyricizes to find and strengthen your chest voice.

X. Head Voice

Another module to find and strengthen head voice through specially-designed head voice lyricizes.

XI. Mix Lyricizes

Getting closer to the final Belt training with this Mix Lyricizes training. Establishing a solid mix voice is the foundation of training Belt.

XII. Building Power

John explains how to build vocal power safely and effectively through pressing down and opening up vowels.

XIII. Belt Lyricizes

Finally, John takes you into this intensive Belt training after establishing your Chest, Head, and Mix voice through the use of Lyricizes.

XIV. Course Wrap Up

Summarizing the training and final word of encouragement.

For the First Time in Vocal History – Lyricizes!

This is definitely the highlight of the entire Boldly Belting training – Lyricizes, which is basically using original songs composed mostly for the purpose of vocal training.

Conventional vocal exercises have singers sing the same vowel sound over and over again, up and down the vocal range.

Every vowel exercise, such mum, gee, nuh, etc. has its unique purposes- 

UH as in book tends to round up the sound to bring in the fullest harmonics and resonances. EE as in need encourages a higher tension of cord closure. OO is more friendly for the high notes, and so on.

The strength of conventional vocal exercises could very well be its biggest weakness – the singer could do very well on the exercises but flops when their singing real songs in which vowels are constantly changing all the time.

In Boldly Belting, John Henny introduces Lyricizes – an original training method that bridges the gap between vocal exercises and actual songs.

This is one of the most brilliant practice in vocal training I have ever heard. The songs in Lyricizes are composed with friendly vowels with specific purposes to help singers train their voices.

In Boldly Belting, John utilizes Lyricizes in four major training modules to take you step by step into the training of intense Belt – that includes Chest Voice Lyricizing, Head Voice Lyricizing, Mix Voice Lyricizing, and finally Belt Voice Lyricizing.

Lyricizing is something very new for most singers. But don’t worry, in each training module, John includes very detailed and comprehensive explanation of the vocal exercises and Lyricizes he wants you to practices, smoothly transitioning you into this new training method of Lyricizing.

John Henny review

In each Lyricize, you will be given a video and text explanation of the purpose of each Lyricize (song) and how to correctly practice them in a very detailed fashion, as well as the original lyrics to sing with the demo and practice tracks for both male and females.

Lyricize Training

John Henny review

Explanation and Demo

John Henny Review

Male and Female Tracks

In my opinion, the most valuable par of this entire training is John’s video lesson and explanations – he is an expert in taking very complex vocal concepts, and putting them into simple terms for any singer to understand. 

John is also explaining the purpose of each Lyricize (song) and how to correctly practice them in a very detailed fashion – He’s doing this for every “song” before you actually practice it.

John Henny review

This is an absolutely amazing vocal training course that is one-of-a-kind!

There is so much value offered in Boldly Training. Although John has designed this course to be specializing on Belt training, it is really the whole vocal training package in you look at the training curriculum in its entirety.

The training goes from theory and vocal science to Head Voice, Chest Voice, Mix Voice, Belt Voice intensive training, and many others.

Finally, My Conclusion for Boldly Belting!

I’m a big fan of John Henny’s work NOT FOR NO REASON!

Boldly Belting is a training course that’s going to impact, not just the conventional methodology of approaching Belt singing, but vocal training altogether. 

If Belt has been something that scares or intimidates you, let me assure you that you are in good hands with John Henny.

You’re not going yell and scream in this course. You will be able to cultivate a strong Belt singing voice with beauty, finesse, and power!

Do not miss this most superior vocal training course! I am giving this course a highest 5-star rating!

If you have any questions you would like to discuss, comment below and I’ll be happy to discuss with you.

Your singing pal,


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