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Draven Grey Review – Complete Grit & Scream Training Program!

As a classically trained singer, the idea of using grit, scream, and other vocal distortion sounds doesn’t scare me, but fascinates me rather. Unlike many classical singers who think Extreme Singing is harmful, I actually believe there are healthy and safe ways to make those extreme sounds.

I am very excited to see renowned vocal coach Robert Lunte presenting Draven Grey’s Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming – a complete training program for singers to produce extreme sounds for Rock, Heavy Metal, and other heavier styles of singing.

I know Robert’s TVS methodology pretty well as I have gone through his highest-rated complete vocal training program The Four Pillars of SingingRobert has a brilliant system that builds vocal strength into singers very intensely without hurting the singers’ voice.

With the endorsement and co-teaching from Robert Lunte and high-quality training in this course, I can say that Draven Grey’s Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming is one of the most important training course, an absolute must-have, for singers of extreme singing styles.

Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming Review Summary

Product: Extreme Singing

Description: A complete vocal training course that teaches singers how to produce extreme sounds such as grit, scream, rasp, and other vocal distortions.

Price: $149.99 (Listed Price) / $129.99 (Discounted)

Best for: Intermediate to advanced singers who have had basic vocal training looking to learn extreme singing styles such as rock and heavy metal.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars
4 out of 5 Stars

Recommended: Yes

Why I think this Extreme Singing Course is So Important can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. So many singers in rock and heavy metal have thrashed their voices because they don’t know how to make those extreme sounds in the right way. For singers like me, extreme singing is a vocal mystery.

That’s why this Extreme Singing course is so important. Coming from a classical training background, I can tell you that extreme singing was traditionally considered detrimental to vocal health and many voice teachers believe there’s no right way to produce those sounds.

Personally, I believe there are efficient and even healthy ways to produce extreme sounds. When done correctly, extreme sounds can get a lot of emotional effects on the professional stage.

The main vocal instructor and producer of this course, Draven Grey, is very experienced in extreme styles of singing. Over the years, he has experimented greatly with producing grit, screams, and other vocal distortions. 

I’m not a rocker myself, but I think all the rockers out there should be thankful to Draven for this complete training course on Extreme Singing, so people don’t have to experiment and risk hurting their voices.

Who is Draven Grey? Why is Robert Lunte Endorsing Him? 

Draven Grey wears many hats professionally, but let’s start with his partnership with Robert Lunte.

Draven is a professional singer and voice teacher who went through Robert’s vocal training program online and in-person in Seattle. Not only that, Draven also went through the TVS Voice Teacher’s Training program is now certified by Robert to teach his vocal method. 

Unlike other singing schools and methods, Robert gives his certified voice teachers room to add in their own unique vocal method, which is great for an experienced singer and voice teacher like Draven and beneficial for all his voice students.

Another things about Draven is that he can sing, especially with the extreme sounds. He can show you how it’s done and what it sounds like, which makes his teaching a lot more effective than other voice teachers. There are many voice teachers who cannot sing – a strange phenomenon!

The Most Complete Vocal Training for Extreme Singing Styles – An Inside Look!

Draven Grey’s Extreme Singing course is offered through the Udemy platform. The training curriculum is divided into 11 training sections with as many as 80 video lessons.

I particularly love how the training curriculum is structured. Draven takes you step-by-step from the basics all the way to the final execution of the extreme sounds. 

In the first four sections, Draven explains the foundation of extreme singing is still the solid vocal techniques of register bridging, vowel anchoring, cry, and vocal fry. The Grit and Screaming are built on top of those skills trained extensively in Robert’s The Four Pillars of Singing

What’s really cool is that Robert appears as the co-teacher in the first 3 sections of the training, which greatly helps the students in understanding the fundamentals of solid vocal technique and makes this course even more authoritative and safe in the training of extreme singing.

Robert Lunte review

In section 4-6, Draven dives deep into the production of Grit – what it is and how to produce it, in as many as 25 video lessons and training – and that is only on Grit alone. Draven takes you from the basics to the final application of Grit in actual songs.

Robert Lunte review

Going on to section 7-10, Draven introduces Screaming, explains and trains the basics and development of different types of Screaming, and actual application into lyrics and songs. Finally, Draven concludes the entire course in section 11 with a word of encouragement and advice for students to take the next steps in the genre of Extreme Singing.

Extreme Singing Course Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. Foundations of Great Distortion
  3. Developing Proper Breathing
  4. Introduction to Grit
  5. Developing Different Types of Grit
  6. Grit with the Best of Them
  7. Introduction to Screaming
  8. Your Screaming Foundation
  9. Developing Different Types of Screams
  10. Scream with the Best of Them
  11. Wrap Up

Awesome Audio Training Platform

This came as a surprise for me when I saw the audio training platform of Extreme Singing. All the audio training tracks are neatly placed on a training page for students to practice.

You might be thinking – what’s the big deal? Fair enough, audio training tracks are common for online singing courses. But, what I really like about the audio training platform of Extreme Singing is the simplicity.

Once you login to the audio training page, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You click on the audio tracks and follow along with Draven’s instructions. Simple enough!

I really like the quality of the audio lessons. Since it’s only audio, Draven is able to demonstrate the vocals even clearer than the awesome video lessons in the main course. You get to hear the nuances of the grit and screams demonstrated by Draven, which is very effective for students to emulate the vocal sounds.

Robert Lunte review

Okay, for the sake of nitpicking, what I don’t like about this course…

Over the years, Robert has become an online friend of mine in my quest for superior vocal training, and recently, Draven too. However, for the integrity of this review (as I do with almost every review), I will present to you the little things that I think could be improved about this course. I know Robert and Draven are cool with this. 

First, Robert Lunte is one of the best vocal instructors in explaining complex vocal concepts into simple terms that I think it’s hard for Draven to match the high calibre of Robert’s teaching

Of course, every vocal instructor has different strengths. In front of the camera, Draven is like your next door neighbor trying to explain to you how singing works in a casual and non-intimidating way. It feels like he’s just chatting with you.

Not everyone learns the same way. [If] you wanna dive in head first… find the distortion you want to learn first and go for it.

Draven Grey review
Draven Grey

Singer/Producer of Extreme Singing course

For me personally, a stronger style of camera presentation helps me remember the lessons better. But that’s just me!

Second, I feel that the video lessons could be scripted word-for-word for Draven. Some online instructors, like Russell Brunson, prefer teaching without a script because it would add authenticity to the teaching. Robert Lunte doesn’t teach with a script either. But, not everyone can execute it effectively. I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work for me personally. 

However, I believe Draven is at least following a lesson outline while he’s teaching. And also, what Draven is teaching in the 80 video lessons is just invaluable. I’m fascinated by the secrets he’s revealing about extreme singing. He will save you many years of trial and error trying the learn this by yourself.

“Excellent technical explanations, a great variety of approaches. Honest , thorough and clear delivery of the material by the tutor. I would definitely recommend this to all those that they want to explore safely this type of singing.” 

Konstantinos M. 


Third, I feel that more visual aids about the key points and important concepts could help in the effectiveness of the video lessons. That’s about all I have about the “Cons” of this singing course.

One last thing- extreme singing could be dangerous if you are not careful. The common weakness of an online singing program like this is the lack of personal feedback from a real voice teacher. I would recommend that you schedule at least one live skype lesson with Draven to guide you through the course.

The Pros and Cons of Extreme Singing at a glance

After all the analysis and observation of Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming, let’s sum it up with the Pros and Cons of this awesome singing course at a glance:


  • Most complete vocal training on extreme sounds.
  • Most effective methodology endorsed and supported by Robert Lunte.
  • Draven Grey can demonstrate extreme sounds for students to emulate.
  • Draven’s expert secrets on extreme singing revealed.
  • As much as 80 vocal lessons with awesome audio training and PDFs.
  • Affordable one-time payment without monthly recurring fee.
  • Step-by-step training from basics to final song application.


  • Not enough visual aid in the video lessons.
  • Draven’s camera presentation could be a little “chatty.”  
  • Not everyone is suited for extreme style of singing.
  • Lack of live feedback from a voice teacher.

My Conclusion for Draven Grey’s Extreme Singing course

There is a certain level of mystery revolving around the topic of extreme style of singing. Draven Grey’s Extreme Singing course really solves the vocal mystery. Through this course, you will learn the mechanic and technique to safely produce those extreme sounds in the most effective and efficient way.

So, yes, if you are a fan and student of extreme styles of singing like Rock and Heavy Metal, I highly recommend Draven Grey’s Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming. With the price of one single voice lesson with a master voice teacher, you get to keep this rare complete training course for a lifetime. The good news is that this course is almost always on sale for a $20 dollar discount!

Yes, extreme singing could be dangerous. That’s the exact reason why you need to invest in this special vocal training course to learn this in the safest way. Don’t go through all the trials and errors Draven went through. Let him show you directly!

If you have any question, comment below and I’ll be happy to discuss with you. 

To great singing,


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  1. I am amazed there are not more posts and comments for this course in here. Draven Grey is the sleeper hit on this entire website. There seems to be some alignment with Robert Lunte, I guess they work together or something but Draven stands on his own. I have melisa cross’s program and it is only ok. Draven takes vocal distortion to a whole new level. He is a real teacher. this course is great.

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