John Henny Review – Best Vocal Science Course for Singers!

I am so excited to be writing this review as I have been a fan of master voice teacher John Henny's work for many years now.

For many years, John Henny was one of the original master teachers for the Speech Level Singing organization along with other legendary teachers of our time, like Dean Kaelin, Wendy Parr, etc.

Not only is John a master teacher for singers, he is also one of the best "Teachers of singing teachers." That's right! He teaches singing teachers how to teach. I have learned so much from his work over the years as a singer and teacher.

Today I'm going to review his very unique, one-of-a-kind vocal science course for singers - New Science of Singing 2.0!

Before you freak out and hit the back button for seeing the word "science," let me assure you this is NOT your ordinary science class. It is vocal science made easy for singers!

You will understand how singing works so that we get true solid foundation for our singing technique through this really, really special singing course you will not see anywhere else. And yes, it is a singing course training you how to sing!

I'm probably the first one to be reviewing John Henny's New Science of Singing 2.0, so I'm really excited!

If you're ready, here we go!

New Science of Singing 2.0
 Review Summary

ProductNew Science of Singing 2.0

Description: This is a very special online singing program created by master teacher John Henny that approach the training of singers from the perspective of vocal science. It is truly a one-of-a-kind singing program that give singers complete knowledge for their instrument and how to voice works. John is offering a special price for my readers at 60% off!!!

John Henny review

Best for: Serious singers of all levels

Price: $197 (original price $497)

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The Best Vocal Science Singing Course!

From my experience, most singers and teachers have a very vague understanding of Vocal Science. Why? Because they don't think it's useful.

The biggest reason why there are so much confusion in the singing industry is that singing teachers rely on abstract imagery to teach. (I know I because I was one of the victims of traditional vocal training.)

The use of imagery is understandable since Vocal Science was not well-developed in the last century, and so singers have to learn by imagination and feeling.

However, Vocal Science has developed in the last 30 years to a degree that most mysteries surrounding the voice has been resolved.

John Henny's New Science of Singing 2.0 is the pioneering vocal training system that builds a solid foundation for singing technique through the proven knowledge of Vocal Science.

In this course, we are looking at very useful, practical, and easy-to-understand (believe it or not) vocal knowledge that you can apply right away to your singing.

You will gain thorough understanding of how singing works that will clear most confusions you have with the instrument.

What is Offered in this Elite Singing Course for Serious Singers

Let's take a look at what is inside the New Science of Singing 2.0 training platform.

Here is a complete glance of all the key modules on the training platform:

I. The Science

Breaking down the Science

1. What is the Science?

2. Air

3. Your Resonator

II. Anatomy

John Henny review

Understanding Vocal Anatomy

1. The Vocal Cords

2. The Muscles of Singing

3. Breathing

III. Acoustics

John Henny review

Understanding Vocal Acoustics

1. What is Sound?

2. How Instruments Work?

3. Amplifying Sound

4. Harmonics Part I

5. Harmonics Part II

IV. Resonance

John Henny review

The Magic of Your Vocal Tract

1. Formants, Part I

2. Formants, Part II

3. When Formants meet Harmonics

4. Inertive Reactance

V. Resonance

John Henny review

Understanding Vocal Bridges

1. Vocal Bridges Defined

2. Crossing Your Bridges

VI. Vowels and Consonants

John Henny review

Understanding How Vowels and Consonants Work

1. Consonants

2. Vowels, Part I

3. Vowels, Part II

4. Vowel Modification

5. Consonants and Formants

VII. Spectrum and Analysis

John Henny review

Seeing Your Voice in Action

1. Seeing the Voice in Spectrum Analysis

VIII. Vocal Exercises

John Henny review

Putting everything into practice

1. Exercises Female Voice

2. Exercises Male Voice

(Warming up, extending range, increasing intensity, and finished sounds)

IX. In Conclusion

John henny review

Some final thoughts on the course

In each of the training modules, there are video lessons with John explaining the key concepts about the voice. Audio mp3 files of the lessons are also available for streaming or download. The slides used during the lessons are also provided for students as lessons notes.

I have seen a lot of training sites, and some are them are either poorly designed, not well-organized, or confusing to use. Not this one here!

The design of the training platform of John Henny's New Science of Singing 2.0 is very easy-to-navigate and user-friendly. You know exactly where you need to go as soon as you sign in.

John Henny review

Vocal Training from One of the BEST Voice Teachers in the World!

As a professional singers and voice teachers, I do not say this lightly - In my opinion, John Henny is one of the best voice teachers in the world right now.

John has taught celebrity clients and singers of all levels in his very successful career as a singing teacher. I don't think his status matches the number of people who know him on the Internet. More singers and students should know about him worldwide.

The biggest value offered in this very awesome singing program is really John himself. His vast knowledge of vocal science and singing technique are hardly matched by any other voice teachers in the world.

The most awesome thing about John's teaching in this singing program is that he is able to break down supposedly very complicated and difficult Vocal Science of the human voice, and apply them to very practical use for both singers and voice teachers in singing.

Believe it or not, Vocal Science actually becomes really fun through John's presentations in this course. 

After you have gone through each lesson, there is a certification test waiting for you towards the end of the training. The test will take about an hour with 35 questions. When you pass the test, you will be officially certified in Vocal Science by John Henny.

John Henny review

The Most Invaluable Bonus Vocal Course Offered FREE for You!

I have seen bonus courses offered by a lot of the online singing programs that are very mediocre and redundant.

John Henny adds great value to this singing course New Science of Singing 2.0 by finally presenting the 2.0 part - the bonus course on the latest discoveries in Vocal Science!

This bonus course can be sold as a separate course by itself, but John is offering for free here on the training platform.

Again, John breaks down the newest vocal concepts and teaches you how to apply it to actual singing and practice.

John Henny review