Is Superior Singing Method a Scam? An Honest Inside look

Superior Singing Method is an online singing course developed by Singer and Vocal Coach Aaron Anastasi. Most reviews you find on the Internet are very positive and highly-rated, which caught my attention and prompted me to try it myself.

Is the course really that good? Or, is Superior Singing Method a scam? I will offer you an inside look into the program and my most honest review as a professional singer and vocal coach myself.

Superior Singing Method Review Summary

Product: Superior Singing Method

Description: Superior Singing Method is an online singing course developed by Singer/Vocal Coach Aaron Anastasia that designed to help beginning to advanced singers to become proficient in the art of singing. Course includes video lessons, audio exercises, and a full-length e-manual(e-book) for the student to use everyday over the course of 8 weeks.

Superior Singing Method review

Best for: Beginners

Product Rating

Recommended: No!

What is offered inside Superior Singing Method?

The singing course has 8 modules - each with six videos lessons for you to work on every day of each week. Each lesson comes with audio exercise for you to work on every day.

Module 1 is for week 1, module 2 for week 2, and it goes on for 8 weeks until you complete the entire singing course.

Superior singing method review

Module 1 - Warm-ups 

This starts out the course by teaching you very basic exercises, such as the lip trills. Every single day you get one or two new vocal exercises to do on top of the previous days of week one, and this is the same for all the later modules.

Module 2 - Breath management

Aaron introduces the Italian singing technique of Appoggio, which is basically another word for breath support. 

New exercises are given for you to practice that may or may not help you "breath better" for singing as Appoggio is a rather controversial concept that means different things to different people.

Module 3 - Vocal tone

Aaron identifies the ideal vocal tone by first pointing out how to avoid nasality and gradually work towards developing a fuller tone.

Module 4 - Matching Pitch 

For me personally, this is way too early in the course to be training singers to match pitch, since most singers don't really have this problem. 

In reality, a singer's ability to match pitch improves when the technique become more advanced as they have more control over their voice.

Module 5 - Power and Resonance

After going through the six video lessons of the 5th week, I found that the exercises being taught really has nothing to do with building power in the voice, maybe just resonance.

For instance, the lip roll slides aren't normally used as a strength-building exercise by most vocal coaches.

It is a warm-up exercise that trains muscle coordination and balance of vocal registers.

Module 6 - High notes and Mix voice

Aaron finally gets into training the Mix voice, which is something I think is of utmost importance for vocal training. 

I wish the Mix voice is taught right at the beginning of the course.

superior singing method review

Module 7 - Vocal Agility

trains vocal agility with some very interesting scales that contains notes that jump around. It is very effective for training balance, coordination, and matching pitches.

Module 8 - "Advanced Strengthening and Technique" 

This module has a very vague concept for vocal training. In this module, Aaron teaches the "uh" two-octave-scale exercise.

In my opinion, "uh" is the best exercise for training the voice for balance, coordination, and power in the voice because of the fullness of frequencies and roundness of tone that it brings out.

Bonus modules – addresses on performing on stage, music marketing, and how to sing harmony.

The Pros and Cons of Superior Singing Method

So far, I don't know if you have noticed that this review is probably not going to be a positive one. I will explain later why. But, let me start with what I do like about Superior Singing Method.

The Pros:

1. Very affordable price of $97 for 8 weeks of training. This is a one-time purchase, no recurring monthly fee. Not bad for a full vocal training program.

2. Very easy to follow curriculum. The 8 modules each with 6 videos and audio exercises are simple and easy to follow for each day.

3. Very complete vocal training that covers every important area of vocal training. Ideal for beginners to start vocal training.

4. It comes with a written 121-page PDF manual in the bonus module that explains extensively Aaron's teaching method and theory including what he meant by Appoggio and Mix voice. This is a huge plus to this singing course, because his explanations in the video can be too concise and not well-structured.

The Cons:

1. Poor Camera Presence.

Superior Singing Method Review

Aaron, to me, was not very good in front of the camera. It almost sounds like he's mumbling at times while giving instructions for the students.

It is quite a turn-off to watch him teach because his ability to deliver was still developing.  As a result, it's really hard to stay focused while watching the videos.

2. Poor teaching instructions.

There are a lot of vocal coaches on the internet that give clear instructions in their videos - very educational and entertaining.

Aaron was definitely not one of them when he was putting this together.

He mumbles in his videos with "unfocused" instructions that suggests little tips here and there, which sounds quite confusing for students.

3. Lack of visual aid.

Superior Singing Method review

The entire singing course centers around Aaron's video lessons. Since Aaron was not very good with his speech deliveries, it would certainly help if visual aids are included while he teaches. It could be just simple keywords on the screen.

But no. Most of the videos are just Aaron talking through his lessons.

4. Aaron's own singing ability in question.

I have a problem with vocal coaches who aren't excellent singers. I'm not saying you have to sing like Celine Dion to be able to teach singing. But, you have to be good, real good at singing.

Sadly, for me, Aaron's singing just doesn't cut it. The most recent video I could find of him singing is in 2014:

I was a little disappointed after I bought Superior Singing Method, because looking at it from a professional point of view, the quality of this online singing course is debatable.

If you are looking for a complete singing program to build a strong and solid singing voice for power, range extension, and vocal agility, I would recommend Robert Lunte's The Four Pillars of Singing.

You will really get detail video training and lectures on how the voice really works and the most extensive and intense training routines to build a powerful singing voice to sing whatever style you want.

I have personally gone through this very unique vocal training program. I would recommend it to any one who wants to build a great singing voice. 

And yes, great voices need to be built, believe or not!

In simple terms, you need to build the vocal muscles, much like going to the gym.

I'm afraid with Aaron's training program, you most likely will end up trying to optimize the voice you already have, not really building anything on the voice.

The Benefit of the Doubt

At the risk of being too critical, I have offered my most honest review about Superior Singing Method, going against dozens of positive reviews on the internet.

To be fair, I suspect Aaron produced Superior Singing Method a couple of years back when online singing training has just started.

Back then, the standard and expectations were not as high as now, with video and internet technology evolving at an incredibly rapid pace.

I came across a more recent video of Aaron speaking on stage as a success coach. Boy, I was amazed at his transformation. He looks confident on stage. His speech delivery is fluid and convincing.

This is just a different man we're looking at now:

Aaron's come a long way in his personal and professional development. We are all in the process of self-improvement. I want to give Aaron a big thumb's up for his progress.

Is Superior Singing Method a scam? Truth revealed...

With all that's said, it's time to make my conclusion after examining this singing program.

I would NOT say it's a scam. I trust that Aaron has put in a lot of work to create this singing course together back then. So, there's much value in his hard work.

I would advise Aaron to update and upgrade the quality of Superior Singing Method to match the standard of today.

Reality check...

However, I'm probably the first one to say that Superior Singing Method is a mediocre online singing course in today's standard. The exercises given for practice wouldn't necessarily help you accomplish what he wants you to work on.

Superior Singing Method is good for beginners looking to have a kick start into singing, because of the simplicity and easy to execute exercises.

The best thing about this singing program is that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you're advanced like me, or intermediate looking to progress to advanced, this is definitely not the program for you.

I would recommend Robert Lunte's online singing program The Four Pillars of Singing as it is the most well-rounded and comprehensive singing product on the internet right now.

If you have any questions or things you want to discuss, please comment below. I'll be more than happy to discuss with you.



I am a professional singer and vocal coach in Taipei, Taiwan. I have been studying the art of singing for over 20 years. I dedicated my life to helping singers progress and excel in their singing skills, as well as inspire them to reach their fullest potential as performers.

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William Poy Lee - March 24, 2019

Rex – I had the same reaction when I saw his sample video, would I want to keep watching this guy?

Is there an on-line course you would recommend? I am presently teaching in Beijing and prefer an on-line course over receiving CDs and DVDs. Please email me your answer at my private email.

Thank you – Prof. Lee

    Rex - March 25, 2019

    Honestly, I don’t think you could benefit much from this program, despite the fact that it has sold really well. I recommend Robert Lunte’s singing program instead. It’s very comprehensive and complete. So much materials and very clear explanations in the video lessons. I think you’ll like it. See my review on his course.

Mathew - May 9, 2019

I am very appreciative of your honest review. I always try and dissect reviews before I make a commitment like this and you did a whole article. So thank you again.

    Rex - May 18, 2019


    Glad I can help!


Adam Richard - May 19, 2019

Thank you for the review, Rex! Would you recommend singing lessons over an online course for intermediates looking to become more advanced?

    Rex - May 21, 2019

    It depends on who the teacher is or the quality of the online course. I use online courses all the time. I just bought one last week. I take skype lessons with the best teachers. If you are intermediate already, you should find a master teacher, although they are expensive, or invest in a good online singing program that you can use over and over again.

Vocal major - May 21, 2019

I’m sceptical about the program..here why I went to a community college a music major in voice I’ll admit that he teaches the proper technical training Breathing, trills, but advance training is all about the appropriate register voice.

Tony - May 31, 2019

Hello Rex, your review is excellent!

I did buy the course myself and I found that when you compare it with say the Seth Riggs program, Superior Singing Method actually wears you out very early on and it just makes you uncomfortable. And I know it shouldn’t be that way. This program, for the most part, doesn’t feel practical. Now, when you have a complete beginner, I can only imagine what they’re going through with this one.