Jaime Vendera Review – Raise Your Voice!

This is a book review on Jaime Vendera’s most popular original vocal instruction book Raise Your Voice and an in-depth analysis on Jaime Vendera’s vocal methodology.

I have been following Jaime’s work for many years and have admired what he has accomplished as one of the world most prominent voice teacher. 

Although I have tried Jaime’s vocal methods and decided not to follow his technical path(more on this later), I want to say that I absolutely love Jaime Vendera!

From attending his webinars and trying out his program, I could tell that Jaime is very genuine to support and help students in anyway he can.

Jaime Vendera has a very unique approach to singing that deserves special attention from the singing community.

I realized there are not many in-depth review on Jaime’s methodology on the Internet, so I’ve decided to write this Jaime Vendera Review focusing on his original book Raise Your Voice!

One of the World’s Best Vocal Coaches – Jaime Vendera!

Jaime Vendera is an internationally-renowned vocal coach best-known for his glass-shattering ability of his extremely vocal sound.

He has appeared on show in the U.S. and Asia to demonstrate this eye-opening vocal extremes and how the human voice is capable of.

You might be asking – So Jaime is able to shatter glasses with his voice. That’s why he’s awesome?

I had the same question in the beginning about Jaime Vendera and his true capability as a voice teacher.

After I started looking into his singing programs, I found that Jaime is a great voice teacher who brings out the best in singers. I do not say this lightly!

What’s up with the Glass-shattering Act? What’s it got to do with singing?

First, in order to be successful in anything, you got to be able to attract eyeballs!

The glass-shattering thing is a great marketing trick that’s so effective for promotion of Jaime’s name as a voice teacher.

It has become a trademark of Jaime, and I think it’s brilliant!

Some people think negatively of marketing and sales in the business of teaching singing. I used to be the same way living in the ivory tower until I started living in the real world.

If you have something great to share with people, particularly helping people, you got to find ways to let people know.

Perfecting the artistry and marketing are totally different things. I have seen so many great voice teachers and singers struggle because they despised sales and marketing.

The Glass-shattering Act is a Symbol of Extreme Singing!

Although Jaime’s vocal training system is geared towards training the voice to be able to sing all styles of music, it is probably clear to many people that Jaime is marketing to singers of more extreme styles of music.

I’m not at all an expert in this, but in order to shatter glasses, the voice has to hit extreme high pitches and tune certain frequencies of the voice.

Jaime Vendera is known for pushing the limits of the full voice range to unbelievable heights. 

He has taught singers from bands like TNT, Nitro, I Prevail, Starset, Skyharbor, From Ashes to new, Dream Theater, Journey, Kill Hannah, RA, Future Leaders of the World, XYZ, and Alter Bridge.

Jaime Vendera review

Awesome Vocal Secrets Revealed in Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice is Jamie’s first book on vocal technique with very extensive content. The entire book is 400 pages that are divided into 4 main parts:

  1. Understanding the Voice – this is where Jaime lays down the foundation of vocal technique where he addresses the topic of breath management, vocal breaks, understanding falsetto, extending range through the zipper technique, pitch, style development, etc. 
  2. Vocal Health – It’s quite unique that Jaime is addressing the topic of vocal health this early in the book. This is where Jaime talks about how the way you speak would affect your singing, diet and exercises, medications, and other vocal health factors. Jaime is known for being very knowledgeable in the area of vocal health.
  3. Strengthening the Voice – This is where Jaime is really getting down to business in taking actions and great effort to build a strong and versatile singing voice. Jaime teaches how to develop the falsetto voice and the most important full voice range. This is where things get really intense!
  4. Taking the Next Steps – In this last section of the book, Jaime talks about how to maintain and further your vocal progress down the road. After the core training, this is where he talks about how to approach extreme sounds, as well as how to and present yourself on stage and how to do studio recording sessions.

An In-depth Analysis of the Raise Your Voice Methodology – Does it work?

Before I start analyzing Jaime’s vocal methods, I have to say that I am from the Mix school, which is different from Jaime’s approach to vocal training.

I have tried Jaime’s method before and decided it was not for me.

Jaime Vendera Review

So, why am I writing this very positive review of Jaime’s teachings? The fact that Jaime’s method didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for other singers. 

In fact, Jaime has trained many incredible singers who are very active on the professional stage.

I believe in respecting voice teachers and singers from other vocal schools of singing methods. Just like what Jaime says – “Nobody has all the answer.”  We should all stay humble instead of bashing each other because of our differences.

Now, let’s get into Jaime’s methodology!

The Highlight of Jaime Vendera’s Vocal Methods

I think it would be fair to say that the core of Jaime’s teaching is Building Vocal Muscles. This is huge in Jaime’s philosophy of teaching singing.

He believes in strengthening the voice in all areas, whether it is your falsetto, full voice, or extreme sounds.

One of the main things that differentiate Jaime’s vocal training from others is his training on extending the full voice range, meaning you don’t switch to falsetto or mix in the upper register.

You just take the “real” voice and sail through your vocal break by developing muscular strength.

This is almost entirely different from the Mix school in which singers are trained to transition through the vocal break by vowel modification and muscular coordination. In simple terms, you have to “thin out” or drop some vocal weight in order to transition to the mix or head voice.

When I heard Jaime talking about this in his training, I was rather skeptical about this approach and thought it was dangerous to take that much vocal weight up high.

But, in the Raise Your Voice exercises training that come with the book, I heard Jaime demonstrate an octave siren and took his full voice up to a high D5 – and he is a BASS!!!

I could not believe my ears when I first heard that high D. It was solid and it was hard! No switching or change in vocal quality. It sounded like he took the natural speaking voice through the roof!

Jaime showed me something I thought was humanly impossible! But…he did it!

Not Just a Book, but a Training Course for Singers!

Other than the amazing content included in this 400-page vocal instructional book, there are awesome bonuses that comes with the book.

After you buy a copy of Raise Your Voice, Jaime is providing vocal exercises files, messageboard for technique discussion, and hours of instructional videos to guide you through the methods taught in the book.

Jaime Vendera Review

From my experience, unless you are a professional or advanced singer, it is almost impossible to learn singing by reading a book.

In Raise Your Voice, Jaime is providing a full vocal training course for the price of one single book. Really awesome value he’s providing!

It was in one of the audio demonstration files that I heard him hit a high D pass tenor high C with a solid full voice that completely blew my mind.

My Utmost Respect for Jaime Vendera!

I am in no way affiliated with Jaime Vendera or his organization. I don’t even follow his singing program because it doesn’t work for me vocally.

I’m writing this post to let you know that Jaime Vendera has an awesome vocal program that has helped many, many singers acquire tremendous results.

I don’t know Jaime personally, but the reason that I love Jaime Vendera is that he taught me a very valuable lesson as a professional voice teacher – Respect for other teachers!

If you’ve been online with the singing community, you know what I’m talking about.

Jaime is good friends with Brett Manning and John Henny who is from the Mix school of singing. He proved to me that we could all get along with the right attitude of respect for each other – something people need to learn in the online singing community.

Whose singing program should I follow? Jaime’s or others’…

Most voice teachers claim to train and teach singers vocal technique for all styles, but in reality, every teacher has their own musical style of specialty. 

I would say Jaime definitely leans more towards rock, heavy metal, and other styles of extreme singing. 

If you are looking for other alternative choices of vocal training that more geared towards pop or pop rock, and other styles of singing, I would recommend Robert Lunte’s Four Pillars of Singing!

Robert and Jaime are good friends. They both take more of an approach of “muscle building” for voice training. Robert even calls singers “vocal athletes”!

The difference between Jaime and Robert is that Robert is very detailed in his explanation of his methodology and training routines, whereas Jaime likes to keep things simple for students.

Robert Lunte’s singing program is arguably the most complete and well-rounded vocal training product in the market right now. Check out my review!

Hope this article is helpful to you finding the best training course for singing! 

Comment below if you have anything you would like to discuss. I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you!

To Great Singing,


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