The Four Pillars of Singing – Reviewed by a Vocal Coach

Robert Lunte appears to me as a somewhat amusing guy with his unique style of delivery in his teaching videos on the internet. It is very entertaining and intriguing to watch him teach.

From my personal experience with this vocal training course and personal encounter with him on live chat, I found Robert to be very knowledgeable and passionate about singing pedagogy and teaching.

After using and practicing this singing course personally, I will offer my special review with Robert Lunte’s online singing course – The Four Pillars of Singing.

The Four Pillars of Singing Review Summary

ProductThe Four Pillars of Singing

Description: The Four Pillars of Singing is a complete online singing course developed by vocal coach Robert Lunte that focuses on improving all the essential areas of singing for students, mainly including coordination training and strength building.

Robert Lunte Review

Price: $199

Best for: Singers of all levels

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Recommended: Yes!!!

One of the Highest-Rated Online Singing Program!

Robert Lunte’s singing program The Four Pillars of Singing has earned a total of over 1600 positive reviews on different platforms such as Udemy, Facebook, The Vocalist Studio site, etc.  

And after going through the training myself, I fully understand why this program has gained so much recognition on the Internet. In my opinion, The Four Pillars of Singing is one of the highest-quality online singing program in the market.

What’s so unique about The Four Pillars of Singing?

There are basically two opposing camps in the singing-teaching industry right now – Mix singing vs. Vocal Strength building.

Mix teaches singers to bridge and connect their vocal registers, and Strength-Building camp trains singers to build powerful vocal muscle like going to the gym.

The Four Pillars of Singing Review

In The Four Pillars of Singing, Robert successfully integrated these 2 methods into one complete training program that makes up for each others weaknesses.

For instance, Robert has an exercise that is very similar to what Speech Level Singing does that is called “Lift up- Pull Back,” designed to help singers to bridge through their breaks from chest to head voice in a soft octave siren.

On the other hand, Robert has intensive training routines designed for building up true belt voice in the upper register with a strong ascending siren.

What’s included in this singing course

Inside The Four Pillars of Singing are 13 modules and 175 video lessons.  All filmed by Robert himself.

The videos can be broken down into 2 major categories:

1. Lectures

Robert explains complex theories in a very simple and comprehensive way.

I’ve noticed one of Robert’s greatest gifts is that he can take very profound and sophisticated theory and break them down to simplicity that everyone can understand.

You will see that Robert uses a lot of “sign languages” to illustrate his points. It’s totally helpful in understanding the abstract concepts of singing.

He also uses visual aids in his lessons with bullet points that show the major ideas in his teachings.

2. Training Routines

One of the biggest strength of this singing program is that there are hundred of training routines for singer to practices, whether it be coordination training or strength building.

The training routines are all recorded by Robert himself.

In other words, he not only shows you how it’s done. He sings every single exercise up and down the scale with you. Hundreds of them.

No vocal coach does that. Usually we start you off with the first scale, then guide you through the rest by playing the piano.

The advantage of this is that he proves to you that it CAN be done. In one of his belt voice training videos, I have heard him hit High Cs and above in full voice.  And Robert is not a tenor, but a baritone.

The only way we can tell if what a vocal coach teaches work is that they can prove it by demonstrating.

A lot of vocal coaches on the internet is all talk. Many of them can’t really hit those high notes in full voice themselves. That’s the truth.

Not in Robert’s case.

The Highest Quality Training Platform – An Inside look

The training platform of The Four Pillars of Singing is one of the  most well-structured and professionally organized online training platform for singing in the world. And I don’t say this loosely.

The quality of the training platform make all the other singing programs look elementary.

Preparing for Your Study & Training Module

When you first log in, you will see first a section that welcomes you and explains to you what’s included in the program. It’s like new student orientation.

Robert Lunte review

When I first started using this program, I didn’t spend too much time here, because I couldn’t wait to get started with the lessons.

Techniques & Myth Busting Module

Robert starts the singing course by first explaining his methods and busting the common myths of singing.

This section is very helpful before the real training begins because it really clears a lot of the confusion from the common myths about singing.

He is very clear and precise in his explanations.

What I love most is his ability to convey abstract singing concepts by breaking them down, explaining every bit of information that he breaks down, and gives a complete picture of the puzzles to the students.

Let’s take a look at one of the video lessons in this section that has helped me a lot in my own training – the Most Difficult Notes:

TVS Methodology Module

The Four Pillars of Singing is an online singing program produced by The Vocalist Studio (TVS) with Robert Lunte as its founder.

In this module, Robert explains his methodology and the training tools that he uses, which centers around the bridging of registers, specialized onsets, vocal modes, siren and onset exercises, and vowel training.

The methodology  and training system of this singing program put together by Robert Lunte is truly unique and original.

The 8 specialized onset training is truly one of a kind with very specific workflows that help a singer solve every vocal program one may encounter. I will explain more is the next section.

Onset Lectures Module

Before I met Robert on the internet, I didn’t know what an onset is, even after years of vocal training.

Onsets are the beginning of a sound. How you start a sound is critical to your singing, because it determines if you are going to sound good or bad.

Robert developed 8 specialized onsets, each with its very designated function to solve certain vocal problems and train vocal strength.

Each onset exercise is further broken down into workflows. I love how he uses visual aids in his lectures. It makes things really clear as to why he design every exercise and every workflow.

Robert Lunte review

(Robert is a genius. I don’t know how any single person could come up with a training system so complete as this one.)

The Most Complete Training Program for Singing

There are a total of 13 modules in this complete training course for singing.

The rest of the modules include Physical Modes, Acoustic Modes, Vocal Effects, Training Warm-ups, Training Onsets & Sirens, Training Intermediate Demonstrations, Training Advanced Demonstrations, etc.

Everything you ever need to train for singing is covered in this program.

There are so much offered in this program that it’s impossible to go over everything.

One more thing I do want show you about The Four Pillars of Singing is the easy-to-navigate training platform on the site.

Despite the fact that there are tremendous contents on the site, all of the materials are very neatly organized in every lesson. The whole program is extremely well-structured that you never lose your place.

The Best Customer Service Live Chat in the Industry

Despite some of the trash talks on the Internet, I find Robert to be very down-to-earth and caring ( You heard me right) for students and customers.

Robert is very approachable on his website. He answers questions personally on the Live Chat on his website.

Robert Lunte review

How many CEO or founder of a company can you talk to directly on the internet?

Every time I used the Live Chat on the site, I have never had anyone answer it other than Robert himself. That’s how I got to know him.

Robert is very patient and encouraging in answering my questions about his program and singing in general.

He’s very passionate and knowledgeable about singing. Very cool guy!

The coolest thing is – anyone can talk to him through Live Chat. I mean you don’t even have to buy anything. Just go to the website and talk to him NOW!

The Pros and Cons of The Four Pillars of Singing

The highest qualities shown in every aspect of this world class singing program  makes it hard to offer a balanced pros-and-cons list.

But, a review is a review. I will attempt to give you a more balanced perspective:


1. Hundreds of training routines for singers

2. HD Demonstration & Training Videos

3. Strong theory and detailed explanations

4. Most complete training program for singers

5. Affordable price for the highest quality program.

6. One-time payment. Lifetime access to platform.

6. Best customer service. Robert himself answers the Live Chat on his website.


1. Teaching could be too detailed for beginning students.

2. The tremendous teaching materials could be overwhelming to students.

3. People don’t like Robert’s own singing style. He’s a rocker with a unique singing tone. People discredit him as a vocal coach because of his style.

4. No refund policy. All sales are final.

Finally, how much does it cost? A great deal for a great program!

Currently, the basic package for the entire program is just $199 – and yes, I said “just.” This is a complete high-quality vocal program that you can use for a lifetime to train your voice.

Honestly, I think Robert is selling himself short for setting the price this low. This training course is his lifetime’s work. He told me personally he killed himself building it.

Now, you can have lifetime access for a measly 199 bucks. I say measly in comparison to the amount and quality of training content you’ll get.

In case you’re hesitant about the price, go and ask any vocal students how much they have spent in total on vocal training. This price is absolutely DWARFED by the cost of traditional training.

I know because I personally have spent a fortune – still doing it! 

Alright, I understand a lot of us are going through hard times now, especially singers and musicians, but that shouldn’t stop us from training our voices. 

Robert is kind enough to offer an 8-Day Free Vocal Training Course which is the best FREE singing course I have seen. 

Click HERE to sign up for Robert’s FREE course >>

Should you invest in this program? My Final Conclusion

Yes. Yes. And yes!

The Four Pillars of Singing is one of the top, if not THE TOP, vocal training programs on the market right now. To get a program at this scale and level, you need at least 200 bucks for similar products.

It is so complete in which every aspect of singing is being addressed and covered in the lectures and training.

It costs around 150 bucks for one single vocal lesson with a world-class vocal coach, some have even higher rates.  And you pay 199 bucks for lifetime access to The Four Pillars of Singing? That’s really crazy…

If you are thinking about buying a singing course like this but are struggling with spending money, let me have a word with you.

If you have a passion for music, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself to get a high-quality vocal training like this?

If you truly want to be a great singer, this program is for you.

If you are truly passionate about becoming a great singer, you will not hesitate in making a purchase at such a good price. Yes, it’s very, very good price.

I personally pay $400 every month for my own vocal training. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay that kind of money with this program.

Finally, let me help you make a decision by saying – I have already shown you the quality of this program and how affordable it is. If you still would not pay the price and make this little sacrifice, you need to honestly ask yourself if you truly want to be a singer…

It takes great sacrifice to become a great singer. I’ve been there, done that. If you don’t even have the motivation to invest some money to train your voice, it will be pretty tough for you to become a great singer.

If you’re passionate about becoming a great singer, do yourself a favor and try this program. You won’t regret it!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you.

To great singing,



I am a professional singer and vocal coach in Taipei, Taiwan. I have been studying the art of singing for over 20 years. I dedicated my life to helping singers progress and excel in their singing skills, as well as inspire them to reach their fullest potential as performers.

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Rex - April 17, 2019


The trainers are often not better performers and the trainees, because they spend all their time helping people, instead of doing it themselves. I have had some teachers who are not better singers than me, but they are more knowledgeable in vocal training and pedagogy. I don’t know about his personal problems, but I have tried the singing course, and it’s very impressive, comprehensive, and well-rounded. It’s one of the best online singing course I’ve seen.


Nithin - May 4, 2019

Well this is the logic that lots of vocal coaches are using inorder to cover up their bad singing. Rex I’m gonna ask you one thing and you just make sure you have the answer for it. If a vocal coach is an expert in a certain vocal technique/pedagogy, and claims to teach you and give you wonderful results , yet why would he not be able to transform himself into a better singer? If he has the knowledge and wisdom to transform anyone why couldn’t he transform himself into something great?

You see a vocal coach must be a great singer too . He should sing!!

There are two types of vocal coaches all over the world .
1)One who helps you make sounds.
2) one who teaches you singing.

    Rex - May 4, 2019


    I see where you’re coming from. And you have a very sound argument. I do agree that vocal coach should sing well before they teach other people, if we are living in a perfect world. But, from my own experiences, I know a lot of great teachers that are not better singers than me, yet they are more knowledgeable and knows how to communicate the very abstract concept and complicated vocal methods in a very comprehensive way. In fact, that is exactly their specialty. On the other hand, I know a lot of great singers who are horrible teachers. Do you think Pavarotti would had been a great vocal coach? I certainly don’t think so, because he was inexperienced in teaching singing.

    However, I do think a good vocal coach has to be at least a proficient singer themselves.

    Just something for you to think about.


    Robert - July 31, 2019

    I do sing… and so do my students… here are productions of me and my students “stepping up”.


    “… transform myself into a better singer… “… LOL. I have done exactly that. I can cite numerous techniques that are now in the TVS training program and the stories of discovery behind it… that transformed me into a better singer by training the techniques. I train my own techniques and most certainly have made huge leaps forward in strength and coordination from it. That is a common way that the course develops. I work on new ideas, train it, get better from it and then put it in the course and pass it on to my students. This can only happen by remaining humble and open-minded to new ideas.


    Coach Robert

      Rex - August 2, 2019

      Thanks for stopping by, Robert! It’s an honor to have you here.

nithin - May 16, 2019

But you said you were a SLS guy then how do you recommend this product as your top recommendation.

    Rex - May 18, 2019


    SLS is very hard to teach. It’s almost impossible to teach over an online course like Singing Success, etc., because there are a lot of nuances in vowel adjustment, formant tuning, and other very subtle maneuvers. You really need a good trainer beside you to work on your voice directly if you want to advance. Because of its sophistication, different SLS teachers understand the method differently, which really adds to the confusion. I wouldn’t recommend an SLS online program unless you are working with a very, very good teacher at the same time.

    On the other hand, Robert’s program is very comprehensive. He is very clear and thorough in his explanation of his vocal concepts. I don’t agree with everything he teaches, but most parts of the program I could endorse. It’s really something you could train on your own.


      May - June 21, 2019

      Rex is “pillars” or “superiori” online course better for beginners?

        Rex - June 21, 2019


        Of course, it’s the most well-rounded singing course I know on the market.


          Rex - June 21, 2019


          I meant the Robert Lunte’s course is good for all levels of singers.


    Lane - February 2, 2020

    Nithin is a troll Rex. He isn’t here to comment on singing programs. Likely not a real customer.

May - June 21, 2019

Is this program good for beginners? Or is the other program “superior online” better for beginners?

Johanna - June 21, 2019

Hi Rex,

Thank you so much for the reviews, helped me a lot! First I searched for reviews regarding the Superior Singing Method, but after having read your reviews, I’ll go for Robert Lunte’s program.
However, it’s almost 200 USD again, not $99. I’m not sure whether I should wait a bit until the price drops again, or it was just a one-time thing. I’m broke at the moment, but I really want to work on my voice.

I would really appreciate your advice on my issue.


    Rex - August 2, 2019


    Sorry for this late reply! If you don’t have the budget to own the whole program, I would suggest that you invest in one private online lesson with Robert. Just talk to him on https://thevocaliststudio.com/. He is always on live chat, which is really cool because you don’t get to talk to the producers of any singing program. He’s the only one that does that. His lessons are not super expensive from what I remember. I think it’s around $70 for a full lesson. Do that once every 3-6 month. I did that with a master teacher when I was broke back then. It worked really well because the exercises they give are usually very effective. And when you have the budget, invest in the full program – it’s really good! I love how he explains the vocal concept in very comprehensive forms. Hope this helps!

    Robert J. Lunte - December 9, 2019

    The price will not be coming down Johanna. I am happy to answer questions you have. Feel free to contact me on my contact page here: https://thevocaliststudio.com/contact/